$300 Dining Room

In the early years of being a stay-at-home mom, I often found myself in a pickle as I stayed at home caring for my young baby boys, but staring into my home and its empty canvas. You may not have known this about me, or maybe you have — for those who know me personally, I did once attend art school, pursuing to become an interior designer. Life happened, pregnancy got me, and school unfortunately did not fall through. During my long days at home, I’d stare at my walls, and blank canvas of our current home and imagine all the beautiful pieces of furniture that are out there. Of course, reality strikes, and says “With what money honey?!”Β 

We are are not made of money. Some of us are blessed to live in a household where the husband and wife can live conformably and have extra expenses for home decor from amazing decorative retailers. Some, may not. I’m blessed enough to be able to stay at home, and also have a job that allows me to purchase household decor and accessories, but money is tight when it comes down to bigger household decorative expenses…..So I had to get creative in furnishing my home.

Over the course of moving, and jumping from apartment to a 5 bedroom, 3 bedroom, and back to 3 bedroom, furniture and moving expenses can go out the window. From upgrading space, to downgrading, I had to play it right for our wallets, and our time. In the past, I was able to put in the time and elbow grease to actually flip pieces of furniture I found on Craigslist. (My oh so favorite place to shop for everything home decor and furniture.)

When we scaled down to a smaller home, it was easy for my to get rid of furniture and let go of them, as I knew those were DIY projects that were only pieces of furniture to hold our time at the current house. At this time, it was easier to part ways with my low budget furniture as the money and time spent painting it, was well worth while.

Investing in new furniture as you go.

As years went on moving city to city, and my children growing older, I found myself purchasing furniture off Craigslist that were a little more expensive. I was looking towards highly quality items, as in the past, there weren’t so great. The years also grew financially, as we were able to afford a little more. (Not so West Elm, but possibly World Market used*)

My taste also changed over the years, sometimes it was totally worth to spend the $90-$100 for that china cabinet, as I knew it was something I loved, and wanted to be in our collection of home furniture. If you loved buying used, it’s always cheaper. BUT always know, it’s always a hit or miss on Craigslist. You’re not always going to find exactly what you’re looking for.


In my last home, my husband’s childhood friend started a business of making wooden tables and benches. He would take custom orders from start ups in San Francisco, and also created his own Etsy site. I contacted him, and he made us our know dining room table. At a lower price, it left the table unpainted, for me to paint myself. This was the start to my $300 and under dining room.

Once we had moved to Sacramento, I had a blank room, with only a dining table. I was so off, and didn’t fit our home, I headed straight to my computer to hut for pieces to compliment the room.

What You See in my dining room:

Dining Table (Gift) = $200

Discounted handmade dining table, given to me and my husband.

Chairs (Goodwill Outlet) = $12

I purchased the pair of chairs for $12, and painted + distressed it myself.

Buffet Table (Craigslist) = $50

+ New Knobs $8

This was a. already painted buffet table, which my son and I distressed, and I added new knobs to add my style. The knobs only cost me $4 each!

TOTAL: $270

Now, if you total up everything above, that brings my dining room area at $270!!!! With a few upgrades, elbow grease, I’ve managed to decorate my dining are with secondhand items, and a lucky chance of scoring an affordable dining table, all with networking.

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Stay tuned as I have some fun exciting products to share, to make your living room space, a lot more comfortable, and cozy!!! Couple included!!!!

World Market Must Have

Guys!! My local World Market is closing!!! I was killing time one afternoon while my son was at karate, and I over heard my local radio station that my Cost Plus World Market is closing. They’re going through their liquidation sale!! Once I heard that, I zoomed right over to the shopping center!!!!

For those who are unfamiliar with World Market, it’s basically the affordable shopping market to find unique and authentic global eclectic decor. From discovering handmade rugs, mid-century modern furniture, with styles from industrial, Moroccan, Indian, Vintage, plenty of patterns, and also selling items from furniture, lighting, rugs, curtains, tabletop, kitchen, to wines and snacks. One major item I’ve been eyeing for awhile is their Galvanized Cake Stand.


Cost Plus World Market

Galvanized Cake Stand ($9.99-$17.99)

Sizes: 10″, 12″, 8″

I was able to score the 8″ stand for $7, and the 10″ for $9, on clearance for 30%!!!!! Now, I obviously don’t need these stands for any occasion in particular, but I do see it used currently as my kitchen islands, storage area for fruits, and granola bars. Check out a few more inspiration I’ve been swooning over…


Above Pic: Shop Magolia Market

I love the idea of using it as a plant stand.

When guests are around I definitely use the stands to serve small treats and toppings/garnishes.

I may use my new galvanized cake stands to store a few small plates, and glass bottles.

What are your favorite uses for cake stands? What about galvanized items? The industrial/ rustic feel of these carries, brings out the country girl in me…Just like how the Pioneer Woman line. Comment below! What are your favorite cake stand styling techniques?