Weekend Thrift Store Haul

After 5 days of working, my Friday’s usually are made up of a “quick,” stop to my local thrift store. When I say quick, I mean I have about an hour and half to myself between getting off work, and picking up my kindergartener from school. Last Friday, I decided to check out a Goodwill in West Sacramento. This location was a little bit in the “hood,” but having a mod podge of retailers and restaurants next door such as a Mexican taqueria, an ‘I Love Teriyaki,’ spot, and the DollarTree, I felt, just a tad — safe.

As I walked into the thrift store, I knew the exact items I was looking for. Brass, vases, candlesticks. Seriously, thats all I look for. Candlesticks have definitely been an obsession of mine for the past couple of months, and vases have just started to love due to the fact of Spring, and having fresh florals in the home as decorative piece is always nice.

I was able to score an IKEA vase called the SOCKERART (Retailing at $9.99), and purchased it for $3.19!!!

I also got a cool vintage syrup dispenser for $0.69!! It was mission the lid, but I really liked the clear vintage look, along with the size, approximately being 4″ tall.

After I had rinsed all my kitchenware, I took a moment in researching some info on my tiny syrup dispenser. It had so happen that my nice vintage cut glass creamer or syrup dispenser was from the early 1900’s, and can run for about $25. (WHAAAH?) Now, of course, you’d think:  “Tiffany, why aren’t you reselling these pieces?” See, if I wanted to make a profit out of my finds, I honestly, would have already done it. But……My focus are on my blog, and making my own personal brand (through TiffanysTidings.) 

One more item I scored at the thrift store was a brand new unopened Dixit board game. I so excited when I spotted Dixit. To sum it fairly quickly, it’s the visual version of Apples To Apples. This card game was introduced to my family as a gift from my sister-in-law. With cards with pictures, you shape the stories it tells…. Dixit is perfect for adults, children, family and friends. Anyone with whom you share a love for stories.

Curious about Dixit? Read more about the game HERE.


A picture if worth a thousand words!

I got the board game for $4.19! And Amazon has it for $24.97!!! (Heeyoo!!)

After my awesome scores from Friday, I ended up finding some down time on a Sunday afternoon. Leaving the husband and kids behind at home, mommy was able to get some THRIFT time. I went to a different Goodwill in Sacramento, which happens to be my go-to thrift store. Here is where I landed the motherload!!!

I scored more candle sticks, gold picture frames, a cool UrbanOutfitters inspired (vintage) mug for $0.24, and a great condition LIFE board game!!! The family and I have been really into board games/card games lately, so any way purchasing them at a discounted price helps, and checking the thrift store for board games is THUMBS UP by this mama!!

If you’re a fan of thrifting and enjoy my thrift store hauls, be sure to check out my THRIFTING Page of my blog! It’s the one place of my blog where all my thrift store posts are at!!

I honestly can’t wait for the weekend! More thrifting, more savings!

Nugget Market

Since my move to Sacramento, there has been a change in grocery store retailers. We were so used to Safeway, Luckys, and Raley’s back in the Bay Are, but here in Sacramento, they offer Bel Air, which is part of the Raley’s Family Fine Stores (Raleys Bel Air Nob Hill Foods.) One other new grocery market I noticed in the Sacramento area was Nugget Market.

Nuggget Markets is a family-owned and – operated company dedicated to providing guests an extraordinary grocery experience. Founded in 1926 by Mack and William Stille, Nugget Markets has been committed to providing an extensive selection of quality products.

My local Nugget Market, West Sacramento, CA.


Nugget Market

2000 Town Center Plaza

West Sacramento, CA 95691

Nugget Markets has nine locations in and around Sacramento Valley as well as three locations in Marin County, and has recently joined the Sonoma Valley community by acquiring Sonoma Market and Glen Ellen Village Market.

Nugget Market is clean, consists of a friendly staff and always have the best and freshest products!  Yes, you pay a bit more then the average grocery store like Safeway, but the can definitely taste the difference!

What I purchased…..

So I wasn’t able to do a full on grocery run. Due to paying a bit more then the average grocery store, Nugget’s prices were very steep. What you see in the above picture is about $70 dollars worth of groceries. (Yikes! I know!) BUT you CAN definitely taste the difference! We’ve already ate all our pears, oranges, half way through our granola and finished our wheatbread loaf!!

My Nugget Market Grocery Haul:

  • 6 Organic Pears
  • 4 Organic Oranges
  • Bunch of Bananas
  • 1 Wheat Loaf
  • Old SoulCo. Beans Brazil Fazenda Alta Vista (Milk Chocolate Pean Citrus)
  • 1 Bottle Of Terra Doro Zinfandel Red Wine
  • Sweet Home Farm Granola
  • Bear Naked Vanilla Almond Granola
  • Cascadian Farm Organic Honey Almond & Chia Granola
  • Tate’s Bake Shop White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

Overall, Nugget Market is absolutely a place to check out for groceries. Their prices aren’t necessarily cheap, but they ARE very reasonable…less expensive than Whole Foods…but more expensive than Safeway.The high quality of ingredients is very well rounded; cheeses, beer, wine, produce, pastas, baking supplies.

There is something for everyone!

To my future visits Nugget Market, focus on all artisanal.


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