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The past couple of weekends I’ve been returning back to the Warehouse Artist Lofts in Downtown Sacramento. Located in the Historic R District, this area provides food, speciality shops, and more. My first visit along R St. was to Fox & Goose, a Sacramento favorite for weekend brunches. After that, a casual family photoshoot was taken around the neighborhood as we were looking for a specific mural. If you’ve been following my Sacramento Living page, I’ve been obsessing over all the Sacramento murals new and old. I had started a post, and will continue to add more, once I get more time to edit. Check out my first SAC Urban Art post HERE.


Within the Warehouse Artist Lofts, is the Public Market, located on the ground floor. Just a building away from Fox & Goose, the WAL Public market provides excellent food, art, clothing, music, and collectables. Anything artisanal, you got it.

WAL Public Market

Shop. Eat. Explore.

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@WAL Public Market


Food at WPM to try:

Metro Kitchen+Drinkery {Love every day}

Metro kitchen is the perfect place for a light and healthy meal! Their menu provides right sized portion meals, for a balanced diet. Healthy, clean. Perfect. Def a must try when in WALPublic Market!!

What I ordered: 

The Fluffy egg & avocado toast with earl grey tea. Perfect for the rainy morning. The eggs were steamed to perfection as they were so fluffy, and paired well with the avocados.


These are my silly boys. Forgive me for their “deer caught in headlights,” smile.

Fish Face Poke Bar

What the boys ordered:

My husband got the Poke Of The Day: Which I honestly can’t remember which in particular he ordered, but it did have green & white onions, seaweed, sesame seeds, and his selection of proteins and sauces.

Proteins you can pick from are:

Ahi Tuna, Octopus, Shrimp, Ora Kind Salmon, to mussels and tofu/cucumber.

For the kids (If they don’t like fish)

Spam rolls – Similar to a spam musubi we all order at L&L’s Hawaiian BBQ, this is a pre-made spam roll cut long ways, ready to eat once you wrap it with the nori (seaweed).

Miso soup. -Served in a hot flask, you have to pour it into the bowl ready with chopped nori, and spices (Furikake). Dry Japanese seasoning which is meant to be sprinkled on top of cooked rice, vegetables, and fish. It typically consists of a mixture of dried and ground fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar, and salt.


Kids: Ramune (Carbonated soft drink originally sold in Japan.)


Silk Road Mint Sodas

The PEAR flavor was bomb.

I have to check my local grocer if they carry this brand, because it’s mouth watering GOOD!!!!!

Cool fact: They’re LOCAL from Roseville, CA!

WAL Public Market is filled with cool stores like Kicksville Vinyl & Vintage! From old school vintage vinyl, to a great selection of vintage houseware, and furniture. As a couple who greatly appreciates these items, we could honestly be in Kicksville for hours, if we didn’t have the kids. My husband can listen to vinyl for hours, searching the crates, and looking through vinyl, as I vintage house shop. Handsdown, we’ll be back again to shop here.


Kicksville Vinyl & Vintage

PH: 916.706.0536

Ste 140

1104 R St.

Sacramento, CA



Check out their Facebook Page too!!



Are you from the Sacramento area? Comment below! There is so much to discover in this city! I’ve been here for about 10 months, and I still just have scratched the surface of all the cool neighborhoods, and shops!!!

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Rustic Decor

I love decorating. Interior decorating, staging, styling a party, decorating my patio, to the extremes of organizing my garage in a decorative manner. Now, I love all styles of art, and themes of special occasions, but one theme and interest I gravitate towards is the rustic style.

What is rustic style:

(this can be applied to interior decorating and event styling):

Simplicity, rustic style highlights natural beauty and a rugged, resilient spirit.

-Rough Logs


-Bare planks

-Organic textures and shapes


-Natural warmth

Rustic style feels honest and pure. Simple, and natural. Because they celebrate the art of repurposing, they provide a wonderful showcase for creativity. In a world where so much is virtual, rustic style is boldly, and raw.

If you love rustic…. You were happiest playing in the mud as a kid. Pigtails, treehouse lounging, and camping were your thing! You can’t bring yourself to throw away packing crates or burlap sacks. You sleep in your mans old flannel shirts.


Here’s a lovely decorative piece I’ve incorporated in MsDebraMaye’s Wedding Vow Renewal:

Textures: Metal & Organic Twine

Added mix: Fresh Babies Breath

Processed Moldiv

Rustic weddings are heartwarming, sweet, diverse, creative and so much more.. Just like vintage style weddings, rustic weddings are filled with textures, natural organics. Not only that, there are so many different varieties of some fabulous rustic weddings including:

Glamorous, vintage, handmade, DIY, retro, beach, shabby chic and many more.

Some more key elements that were integrated in the rustic theme were glamorous, vintage, handmade, and DIY. All key elements were definitely shown in the handmade ring bearer’s pillow I made. At first, I thought, oh! Easy! Burlap! But Debra Maye requested for a silk like ivory material. Here’s what I was able to purchased from my local crafts store in the left over scraps/ remnant basket. Checking out fabric from the remnant selection is one of the key places to check out for any crafter!

noun: a small remaining quantity of something.

I am absolutely no seamstress, but I was able to get buy. It wasn’t perfect, but my stitching skills are somewhat there. I was able to find some fabulous elegant bridal lace, as well as pairing it was a beautiful silk flower and ribbon to hold the couples rings. This was my first time undergoing a ring bearer pillow. Not bad right?

Follow me on my YouTube channel to see more of the finished pieces I was able to do for Msdebramaye’s wedding! I’ll be posting firsthand footage of her special day from, this mornings set-up, to vlog footage right before walking down the aisle!


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