Teddy Graham Hearts

Valentine’s is coming up, and while my kids are in the middle of basketball playoffs, martial arts, and are invited to birthday parties over the weekend, this mama has no time to do some extreme time consuming craft, or bake-good treat. Although, the creative juices in me want to, I have to be real with myself with the time I have.

So after a quick search on my pal Pinterest, I stumbled upon this cute Teddy Bear Graham Cookies Conversation Heart treat.

Pinterest Inspired By:

Teddy Bear Graham Cookies Holding Conversation Hearts

 By: Hello, Wonderful 

and also seen on…

Valentine’s Day Teddy Grahams

By: The Decorated Cookie

What You’ll Need:

  • Teddy Grahams (Honey flavored, or any of your favorite)
  • Conversation Heart Candies
  • Decorating Icing

Using ready made teddy bear cookies and conversation hearts makes this diy treat so easy to make, I could just make my kindergartener do it all. Seriously, no extra work for us working moms!!

Directions (it’s pretty simple):

  1. Add frosting/icing to the belly of each Teddy Graham and stick the conversation heart.
  2. You’re done! (Set to dry)

They are so cute!! With low effort too!!! Pack these cute adorable teddy’s in your childs lunch, or use them as a cupcake topper! I’ll probably make them as a cute Valentine’s Fay favor if time allows.

What’s your favorite Valentine’s treat?!

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Snowman Soup

This Pinterest holiday craft was inspired by Susan from OhMy! Creative. Her Snowman Soup Gift Recipe is so easy and affordable, it’s a perfect homemade gift for students, sports teams, neighbors, and co-workers. Add this simple treat to add to any stocking this Christmas, or as a little sweet treat to any holiday gift!

If you’ve been following my previous crafts and git ideas, I’m a huge fan of Daiso Japan and DollarTree. Shopping at these retailers, make my craft projects affordable, before blowing all my money at Michael’s. It hit’s it from a frugal direction, and is budget friendly. I’m a class mom for two classrooms! So making a holiday treat for 30 kids per class, has to be inexpensive, but also cute, adorable, and meaningful. Many of my craft supplies come from dollar spots, aside form Michael’s Craft Store.

Daiso (Japanese Dollar Store which everything is $1.50) is quite popular here in the Bay Area. The Bay is definitely a melting-pot for many cultures, so having an array pf cool shops that provide supplies from Asia is quite awesome!

One of my favorite Daiso products that help me create this Snowman Soup treat is their plastic zip-lock bags They have a number of sizes to select from perfect for DIY gift projects such as this!

Continue reading more below for supplies to create your Snowman Soup treat!


Supplied Needed:

Hot Chocolate (Individual Pack)

Mini Marshmallows

Mini Candy Canes

Zip Lock Bags

Decorative Holiday Scrapbook Paper

Printer Paper or Vellum




Hot Cocoa + Ingredients from Target

(Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Packs/ Mini Marshmallows/ Mini Candy Canes)

Zip Lock Bags from Daiso Japan

Holiday Scrapbook Paper CLEARANCE from Michael’s Craft Store


Here’s an IG pic of my completed Snowman Soups! Pre-packed, and ready to go!! 60 total folks! Two classes. Class mom for both! I”m sure the kids will enjoy this sweet treat over the winter break! If you haven’t followed me yet, please do my user name: @tiffanystidings

Let’s connect!! Hit follow, and be sure to like!! Usually, you’ll be able to see projects and current buys and haul of my favorites, or…Perhaps my current read or coffee I’m drinking!


Pack Up

Posted via Instagram

Packing up class treats and teacher holiday gifts before winter break!

What class treats did you provide for your kids class/ daycare? I love coming into the classroom every holiday season with a special treat for the kids to leave the classroom with! Back when I was a child I always envied the mother’s of my classmate in which they would come in and bring special treats. I thought those mom’s were the coolest! Now, as an adult with two children of my own, it’s definitely a blessing to be able to do the things I always dreamed of as a child.

Happy December!!! Stay tuned for more holiday gift ideas!


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