Pinecone Pineapple

Here’s a great summer project that will take your kids outside on a hunt, then spend the a crafternoon making fun pinecone pineapples!! I mean, who doesn’t like pineapples? It’s an easy craft they can do this summer! Put on your suntan lotion, grab your sunglasses  and head to your local park or walk around neighborhood, having your kids collect pinecones!



Here’s what you’ll need:

– Pinecones

(If you don’t have any pinecones in your area, they sell pinecones at craft stores. Some, holiday scented in cinnamon.)

– Yellow Acrylic Paint

– Paint Brush/Sponge

– Green Construction Paper

– Scissors

– Small straw/ or any tool that will help you curl up the construction paper.

– Tape


1.) Once you’ve collected the pinecones, I’d suggest cleaning them. If you’re like me and hate little creepy crawler bugs, take your pine cones and toss it into the oven at 350 degrees for about 10-15minutes. Wait to cool down.

If you don’t really care for some dirt, feel free to skip step 1.

2.) Get your yellow paint and paint brush and coat the pinecone. Don’t feel like you have to coat the inside of the pinecone. All you need to do is just paint the outside tips of the pinecone.

This step can be done with any child as old as 1. Have your children get messy while painting!!

3.) Set aside the painted pinecones to dry.


4.) With the green construction paper, cut out grass like strips. I eye-balled my cuts, but feel free to draw it out first, if you like the guide.

This step can be dome with any older children who have good hand and eye coordination.

5.) Using a small straw or tiny cylinder like pen, (I used a CapriSun straw), start curling in the tips of the leaves.

Make sure you add different heights to each leaf!!



6.) Curl in the leaves. Roll it outward, so that your curls are facing outward other than facing each other.

7.) Grab a piece of scotch tape and secure the bottom of the green construction paper.

8.) Insert the green paper to the top of the dried pinecone.

You may need to play around with it, and really stick in the green rolled up leaf, since every pinecone is shapped differently at the top.


And there you go! Perfect pinecone pineapples for to enjoy on a summer crafter-noon!

Want to see more fruit themed summer crafts? Submit a comment and let me know!

Watermelon Paper Craft


Each week, I really try to incorporate 2-3 crafts with my kids. There is no specific day or time I do the craft, but just as long as I do my research beginning of the week, and have all the supplies readily available (at arms reach), and then squeeze it in at the perfect opportunity. Usually, I’ll mention that we’ll be doing a craft at some point of the day during breakfast, and I basically see what the reaction is with my boys. Majority of the time, they are always down, or bring up something they want to do.

This week, we focused our week on fruits. The heat is definitely heating up here in the Bay Area, and fruits have become such a staple to keep up cool and refreshed. Watermelons are one of my favorite fruits, so what better way to enjoy a watermelon craft!

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Paper plates

– Scissors

– Black marker

– Crayons/Markers/Paint

– Bakers twine or ribbon (to make the watermelon into a fun garland!)

– Tape


1.) Have your child cut down the middle of paper plate, to have 2 halves.

This simple task will kick start your preschooler to use his/her little hands to develop their fine motor skills by learning the proper way to cut paper.

2.) Using your selected color medium, have your child color the outside rim of the plate green. That will be the rind of the watermelon.

3.) Color the rest of plate red.

4.) Take your black colored marker and add in the “seeds.”

After that, you have your completed watermelon. If you want to take it to a decorative option to display your watermelon, cut the watermelon into slices, and tape bakers twine to the back of each slice!!


This garland will then become a nice decorative garland piece to hang around the house!

What’s great about this craft, is it’s super easy, supplies are some what staples to have around the house, and also you create many different avenues for simple math problems. Easy right?! Have a wonderful summer! And check back again for another fruit themed summer kids craft!



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