Easy Seasonal Stationary

In my last post, I shared a cute abstract wintery Christmas tree craft. If you haven’t checked it out yet please do! I’ve also linked them down below, so be sure to check it out! Towards the end of the post, I had some extra winter tree’s, and ended up gluing them on envelopes I plan to send out this month. And with that very idea I came up with, “Season With Style.” This is the theme I’ll go for this month of December.

Season with style, will be a theme of using any extra remnants of holiday supplies (from gift tags, ribbon, gift wrap, Amazon boxes) craft projects, and so forth. Think of it as a challenge, but make it fun! This is something I’ll try to do and practice all month, and share with you each project I end up “upcycling” or creating.

Recapping back to my last festive craft, I had extra Christmas trees from the art project, and managed to repurpose it, taking it further and creating something new, and beyond on what I had expected to make.


This Season with style theme, will hopefully become a practice I can, or we all can continue entering the new year. 2017, we all want to be better, more create, and well, basically feed the soul. Let’s not be wasteful, and get creative.

Elevate to the next level…And make art!

Check out my latest post on Winter Trees!

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Warm & Cozy Decor

Let’s face it friends. Fall is so much better than summer. You can pile on the plaid, go all out on the throw pillows — and don’t forget the mugs! Mugs, on mugs, on mugs!!!! The years comfiest decor season is here, and I want to share with you the best ways to do it up. BIG and on a budget.


I’ve noticed I don’t provide enough style ideas on my blog, so I want to start now! Here are a few Fall Decorating Ideas (Collected from Pinterest/HGTV/HouseBeautiful/ and some of my favorite YouTube Budget Stylists) The list below is my spin-off of interior styling to make it work on a budget, and not to break your wallet before the Holidays! Let’s get started:

  1. Swap In Seasonal Greenery
    The branches pick up warm colors of the space. Go outside, and collect leaves with your kids, create a fun and cool fall leaf garland!
  2. Build Up The Fire
    A fireplace, is def a focal point to any room. Warm it up at night, with throw blankets & lots and lots of piled on pillows
  3. Add A Cozy Throw
    Throw blankets are a massive MUST HAVE during the fall season. Check out your local Ross/Marshall’s/TJMaxx for discounted and awesome cozy throws!
  4. Hang A Wreath
    HomeGoods or DIY!!!!!! That wreath already starts at the door, letting anyone know walking by, you’re ready for fall!!
  5. Style Your Porch
    Restyle your outdoor space. Out with the summer patio look, and in with the “mountain range/Tahoe retreat.” Check out Craigslist for patio furniture local neighbors are getting rig of. Or KMart/WalMart to Target — Check out their summer clearance, and restyle main pieces of patio furniture adding in warm weathered textures, and prints!
  6. Tablescape
    Your dinning room should have that statement piece. My current dinning table has wooden candlestick holders (Threshold Target Brand) purchased from Goodwill! Style them with a long table runner, warm candles, and some pumpkins!
  7. Attention Nook
    Aside from your dinning area, don’t forget to add the cozy love to your breakfast nook. Fall is about gathering together. Be sure to give additional table scape details to that breakfast nook. From Placemats, to autumn neutral florals (From Trader Joes) in a thrifted vase!
  8. Bath Mat
    Most people wouldn’t think about redecorating the bathrooms. But I do!! From the bath mat, towels, to the decorative pieces to use in the powder room. Continue on the look of fall ALL throughout the your home!
  9. Layer LOTS of Rugs
    Too many carpets? There’s no such thing. It’s an open invitation to put your feet up.
  10. Reading Corner
    Fall is the time I read the most books! Designate an area for quite reading. Curl up with a glass of wine and you won’t miss the warm weather quite so much.
  11. Let There Be Light
    Plug in some extra lamps!! This is something new I’ve been learning. With the shorter days, you’ll want to add brighter lighting to your favorite spaces. Nothing better than that soft glow sprinkled around your living space.
  12. Rethink The Dining Room
    For a more relaxed feel, add pillows to stiff-backed chairs. I’ve purchased 2 chairs from the Goodwill Outlet for ($12 for the pair!) After repainting them,my DIY mind, wants to repaint them just for the cold season! (Possibly a splash of plum or a dark peacock green jade.)


Check out more of my interior styling ideas for the season!


Have you been transforming your home for the wall winter season? Comment below or tag my on IG for your fall decorating trends!


Autumn Details

Welcome back readers!!!! We’re now entering the season of fall as the first leaf falls to the ground –indicating it’s fall (autumn if you may). If you’ve been following me on IG, you’ve probably noticed I’ve already started pushing out my fall decorations. If not, please do follow on IG! There, you can see what’s currently going on, and usually a good indicator on what’s to come on an upcoming post. Sometimes, I get inspired by you guys! Yes YOU!! I get a few followers who comment, and always ask, “where did you I get that piece?” “How much?” “You made that?!” Yes! All those questions, come to me, and make me want to create a blog post covering all your questions!!


If you’ve been following me for a while, autumn decorating is one of my favorites throughout the entire year! The orange spices, colorful hues, mustard yellows, and warm glow to decorative pieces give such cool and calm energy to the home. Also, my favorite feeling…Warm and cozy. Currently, in Sacramento, the temperature is still hot and toasty, but that wont stop me from decorating!!!! As some people love to easily jump into Halloween decor, I like to ease in autumn. Pumpkins, toasty faux leaves, cool metals, and yarn tapestries are what I have. This year, I’ve incorporated many of my gold accents as well.

You can check out my post on decorating with Gold Accents HERE.


Last year, I wrote a post on being Frugal in Fall. This post, is quite similar, but just an updated version on how I’ve been styling my new home here in Sunny Sacramento. (If you’re new to my blog, welcome! You can catch up with my move to Sac HERE.)

Now, I’m a huge thrift store shopper, garage sale extraordinaire, an avid Craigslist shopper, and flea market goer. Antiques, vintage, secondhand, sold-as-is, and clearance are my main shopping goals before I go full retail. You can call me fabulously frugal. If you walk into my house, I promise you every since piece, item, furniture, picture frame, shelf, all once came with an awesome price, and pretty cool story at finding it. It’s literally my hobby, and job as the head of the home decorating team of my household.

Let’s start off my goals at approaching to shop for the fall season.

  • Walk Into Target
    Yes, you read it. Check out Target. Or World Market. Wherever a festive display of home decorating pieces are neatly and specifically arranged to make you buy. CAUTION: You may have to hold yourself back from purchasing all the cute items. BUT you don’t want to. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading my blog post at this moment.
    Walking into Target or Cost Plus World Market, is to gather inspiration. See items, up front, how they styled it (Props to all the visual merchandisers out there!!! I was once one, looong ago…) See the small vignette styled pieces. Also, take a close look at the prices. Those prices are what we’re trying to avoid.
  • Price Check
    Once you’ve gathered inspiration, go directly to the clearance/sale section. It’s usually at the back end of the store, or at the end of every aisle. See if there are any pieces from last year’s collection, or inventory they may be trying to get rid of.

Above picture:

Here are a list of items int he picture above – on where I purchased my autumn accessories.

(TOP Picture) Bronze metal pumpkin candle holder, Savers Thrift Store $2.99, faux pumpkin, Flea Market $0.99

(BOTTOM Left Photo) Leaf Candy Dish, Savers Thrift Store, $1.99, Outdoor Glass Gold Lantern, Target, Clearance $9.99 (Originally $19.99), Gold Tray, Target $11.99 (Originally $17.99)  

(BOTTOM Right Photo) Pumpkin candy jar, Savers $3.99, faux pumpkin, Flea Market $0.99

Folks, total everything up, that’s about $30 dollars! Minus, my gold Threshold trey, which I’ve had the past 4 years. Strictly, all fall decorations were a total of $20!! Cover 3 different areas in my home.


This photo above is a vignette I’ve created on the top of an IKEA china cabinet I have near my dining area. I styled 2 wooden crates stacked on top of each other, paired with 3 birchwood branches. Both the crates, and birch wood branches were purchased on Craigslist!!!!! YES!! Craigslist! A common source where I purchase a lot of my best finds. Even the IKEA china cabinet it sits on was from Craigslist!!

  • What To Search 
    A fews years back I was into event styling. I’d help style, and assists a wedding planning in San Francisco over the weekends as well as being hired independently through close family and friends for their parties. With not much of huge budget, I’d source out to Craigslist and search for what I was looking for in particular. (i.e: Wedding Decor, Rustic pieces, crates, escort card holder you name it!!!!) From there I’d find countless brides, getting rid of their wedding stuff!! After that, the rest is history, and over the years, I’ve collected many,many pieces, which have become my festive/seasonal decorating.
  • Strangers Trash
    Oh honey, that’s where you’re wrong. It all depends on what you’re looking for. How is it that I’ve managed to collect so much through all these years? All secondhand, from people who no longed needed it, and just styled in new ways!!

So before you end up buying the entire home decor collection at Target, check your local thrift stores, garage sales, or Craigslist. You’ll never know what you’ll find! Happy hunting, and happy decorating!! Stay tuned for more decorating tips, and ideas this month all about fall!!!


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Autumn decor is back!!!

Summer Essentials + Tips

A couple of posts back, I wrote about my weekday Sports Mom Essentials. Now, that’s it mid-may, the summer is now creeping up, and the spring fresh breeze weather is getting a lot toastier, it’s time to share my summer \ look for the sports mom, or mom on the go for summer. If you enjoy being outside with the family, and love being under the sun, take note of all the weekend essentials!!

Summer Essentials:

What To Wear:

  1. Striped Short Sleeve T-Shirt Dress
    T-Shirt dresses have been totally trending right now!! They can be easily dressed up or down! Super comfortable, breathable, and perfect for any size, short or tall!
  2. Low Top Sneakers
    Chuck Taylors/Sperry Top Sider/Vans, just to name a few…I’m currently sporting my New Balances 501
    I’m currently eyeing a pair of navy colored canvas Sperry’s at the moment.
  3. Weekend Hat
    When I wear my fedora hat, it means, no stress, and let’s have fun in the sun! Even my boys call it “mommy’s weekend hat.” It definitely set’s a tone, of a chill and relaxed mommy. I purchased mine for $10 at the mall few years back, and it’s lasted me this long! Here’s a similar fedora hat from JC Penny.
  4. Sunnies
    Paired always with my hat, I have my sun shades. I’ve been wearing sunglasses since I was 18, and after working at a luxury optical office, I call myself a bit of sunglasses snob. From Coach, Juicy, Fendi, Tom Ford, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Judith Leiber, I’ve tried them all on. All are great, and I highly suggest, if you’re a simple, sunglass wearer such as I am, I’d suggest buying a good high quality one!! (It’s soo worth it!)

Grab And Go:

Having 2 growing boys, plus their dad with me on a day out, it’s important to pack food in the car. Even if its a small trip to the mall, or afternoon errands going to Target & Sports Authority. Someone is always hungry. And before you give in and offer the ICEE and popcorn combo, or a cake-pop at Starbucks, you’ll be so thankful that you had packed some food. You’ll be saving tons of money this way, if this becomes a crucial routine out the door.

  1. Canvas Tote
  2. Magazine
  3. Sun Block
  4. Water Bottle (S’well Water Bottle)
  5. Cold Fresh Fruit
  6. Cooler
  7. Capri-Suns/Waters/Sports Drinks
  8. Food Containers with lunch/mid-day snack

Keep In The Car:

All of the below items have become a staple to my back trunk. Whatever season it is in the year, or sports season, these have stayed in my car since the kids were young. I promise you, even if you don’t intend to stop by the park or beach, these items become SO clutch.

  1. Beach Towel/Blanket
  2. Baby wipes
  3. Anti-bacterial
  4. Dry Snacks
  5. Camping Chairs

 There’s my summer essentials and some tips! Stay tuned for some more summer fun posts, as summer vacation comes closer! Happy May, and stay cool!


Must Have Autumn Accessories

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 6.34.29 PM
As if my house isn’t warm enough under this intense California September heat, my inner Martha Stewart I will still add in some hot home decorating pieces for this upcoming fall! Here is where I’ll share with you both big and small ways to incorporate the looks into your home, without spending an arm and a leg – because that is not an option here on my blog!! Here is where I will share my go-to places to shop for seasonal home decor for fall!!
When the weather turns cool, it’s time to get cozy inside! Get home ready for fall with some of my top autumn accessory picks!


What doesn’t scream out fall without these cool orange squash-like vegetable? Start the season off right with natural vine pumpkins, real pumpkins (awaiting to be carved in October), or some artificial Ashland pumpkins you can spruce up with gold glitter, or black paint! Display them on your front porch, or create a cool and simple vignette within your home.

Pumpkin Shopping: Michael’s Craft Store, Big Lots, Ross, DD’s Discounts, Marshall’s TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, Target, WalMart


Pretty up in paisley!! Paisley Design (Pattern): Is a droplet shaped vegetable motif of Persian and Indian orgin. Add paisley patterns to your dinnerware napkins, placemats, or bathroom towels!
Paisley Patterns: JoAnn Fabrics, JCPenny, Sears, Kohls

Fiery Floral & Fruit Pieces:

Hone in towards the most common foot traffic areas of your home. For me that would be the kitchen and dinning area. Adding flares of fiery and fruit pieces to dinnerware, brings that comforting and home-like feeling. Seasonal decor isn’t just throw pillows and blankets! Change up your plates and bowls! #StorageBins
Fiery Floral & Fruit Pieces: Thrift Stores, Flea Markets, Antique & Consignment Shops

Fall Flooring:

Warm colors: Burgundy, golden yellow, pumpkin, orange, and chocolate browns.  Isn’t that a great color palette? Now, just imagine those colors on your home floor! Natural and warm color hues give that cozy, pleasant feeling which is something every person wants in their home!

Fall Flooring: WalMart, Target,

Chic Baskets:

 Natural handcrafted baskets, open weave, deep java brown, and round handles! Perfect for nesting and grouping!

Chic Baskets: Michael’s Craft Store, Big Lots, Ross, DD’s Discounts, Marshall’s TJ Maxx, HomeGoods,
Target, WalMart, Thriftstores, Flea Market

Autumn Art:

 Feel for fall! You can always buy a piece of art work, but where’s the fun in that?! Create your own masterpiece! Or incorporate your children’s art from school!

Autumn Art: Etsy would have some cool create pieces, or search something on Pinterest and get PINspired!

Create your own piece of autumn art!


Trays are not just decorative but functional to! I capitalize on trays (and baskets) in my home. There is always a place for something. Placing each item in their designated spot, whether its on a bowl, plate, you get the picture! Perfect for your keys, sunglasses, coins, phone, bluetooth earpiece! There is always something to put down!

Trays: Michael’s Craft Store, Big Lots, Ross, DD’s Discounts, Marshall’s TJ Maxx, HomeGoods,
Target, WalMart, Thriftstores, Flea Market
Try also crafting your own tray! Stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial!


Autumn is usually the busiest time of the year for families! Back to school, fall sports and activities, volunteering, local festivals and fairs. There is always something going on within the entire week (not just weekends!) Memoboards help the busiest of all families get organized and set everyones schedule on one command board!

Trays: Michael’s Craft Store, Big Lots, Ross, DD’s Discounts, Marshall’s TJ Maxx, HomeGoods,
Target, WalMart
There you have it! Autumn accessories! Easily bring warm colors of fall into your home with these beautiful and simple decorating elements!

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