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I’d like to consider myself an artist. An artist who loves to create, build, paint, and repurpose. Last weekend, I attended an interactive studio experience hosted by David Garibaldi and Kuretake Zig. David Garibaldi happens to be one of my favorite artists of urban art!! Now, he’s considered a performance painter, but back in art school in San Francisco, I would buy his prints from the Burlington Coat Factory in SoMa.

Back when I was a broke art student, making my way through school, raising my newborn at the time, but had a great appreciation for urban art. When I noticed some of his prints were sold at a department store at an affordable price…I was all over it.

Prints from his “Rhythm & Hue” show such as “Mr. Brass,” “DJ Jewel,” “Lola Beats,” “Movin’ Strings,” “The Get Down,” “Urban Tunes,” and my husband’s favorite “Lounge Smoke,” I’d purchase these prints, take them on Muni,  bus over to USF, and place them in my husbands apartment. Sometimes I’d have two prints in my hands on the bus! And When I say prints, they were printed on wood, the size of 30″x45″.

David Garibaldi’s work I’ve purchased reminds me of the early chapter of adulthood for me. His artwork spoke to me as I loved the movement of the jazzy feels and urban tone it gave off. Being 21 in 2007, and buying his art with my BART/Gas money was totally justifiable. It spoke to me, and meant a whole lot to me.

When moving to Sacramento back in 2016, it totally slipped my mind that David Garibaldi was from the same city. I actually was at a brewery during my son’s little league uniform pick-up, and spotted David on the cover of Sacramento Magazine. A fellow mom said “You’re a fan? You can probably spot him around downtown because his studio there.”

After that…….I was hooked. I was in the same city as my favorite artist! I could possibly run into him at Temple or along J St!!!

After noticing an IG post from David, and other people of Sacramento accounts, he was promoting an event called HellaSketchy. Hosted at his downtown studio, along with Kuretake ZIG a Japanese Arts & Crafts product manufacturer, HellaSketchy was an open to all ages free event to come and create with David and Kuretake.

The family and I strolled in just around noon, and was surprised to rolled up garage door open to David’s War On Walls Studio. With ample supplies from ink, markers, and dual tip pens, the walls were your canvas. Allowing access to create, and be inspired by David, and the rest of the Sacramento community, you were allowed to let your creative juices flow.

Music was playing, supplies were at your fingertips, and David was at arms reach. My youngest son Tristan was my wing man as I was getting the butterflies to even speak to David alone. (When you have kids, it totally breaks the ice!) Gawd, I’m such an introvert…I needed my 6 year old son to be my wing man.

When in an environment with no limits, no rules, and guidelines, it’s easy to express yourself. HellaSketchy achieved just that! My boys were free to doodle on the walls. Witness other artists and people of the community doing the same thing they were doing.


There were so many amazing talent and creative minds who showed up. One comment I read on Kuretake Zig‘s IG was:

“What happenes when you put a bunch of creative minds with talented souls in a room filled with great markers and blank paper? AWESOMENESS! Now thats art!!!”

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