Creative Assets, Creative People

I love surrounding myself with creative people. Those who get off the energy of one another, and also sharing each others talents to help one another. When I first started this blog, or actually, my first blog back in 2010, I was lonely. I was looking for an outlet for myself to share my thoughts and ideas on a digital platform.

See, before instagram, Pinterest, tumblr and other online blog spaces, when you saw something you liked, you right-clicked, and saved the image to your desktop. I had a HUGE file on my desktop of ideas, I wanted to work off of. Besides having a journal, and a notepad, I needed a more enhanced, progressive space to share my work, and spread the word.

Thank goodness for the people on Envato.

Envato is a marketplace for top digital assets and creatives offering digital online services to help you enhance your digital platform. Everything from creative designers, providing themes for your wordpress. Perhaps you need a logo for your business online, on Envato, you’ll be able to find a graphic designer. Anything you need, Envato will help you out!!

Happy networking!


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