Floral Fun Festivities

I was HomeDepot over the weekend to purchase a few indoor houseplants, until I realized how amazing it would be to add some beautiful flowers in my backyard. From there I was obsessing about flowers anything….. Floral design, to floral print. This post, I’d like to re-share floral fun festivity I had hosted as a maid-of honor to my dear God Sister Rez.

Floral prints are always in style. If you’re an eclectic head such as myself, you obsess about any floral print, from dark tones to spring bright pastels. Exactly two years ago, I had hosted a Bridesmaid Slumber Party, to honor my God Sister, and long time family friend Rez. With an easy going spirit, and her calm, relaxed style, she was a bride, no other bridesmaid could complain about. I wanted to treat the night before her wedding with fun spring time florals, and at the time Target was all about the black and white, floral print.

Bridal Frame

Click the link to read more about the fun Gold theme details I added to the slumber party.

Black and white stripes, polka dot prints, topped with hot pink, and gold. This was such an excellent color combo, hot, fun, and playful.

A few snacks, Taboo, bottled water, (the girls were not much drinkers) it was so casual, and fun. The perfect combination of her friends and her personality.

With Valentine’s around the corner, what style do you plan to design with? Glitter and gold? Hot pink and black? Polka-dot hearts? Leave your ideas below! I’d love to know what you plan to go with?? Maybe something floral and fun??

Summer Movies Pt.1

Must See Movies1

My Summer Movie List Pt. 1

Let’s admit it, during summer break movies are definitely a go to option to occupy the kids. I love movies. I want to get some av installation companies to come to our house and install an av system to make movies even more enjoyable. I could honestly binge watch movies/tv shows (without commercials) and YouTube an entire day if I didn’t have any plans or kids (LOL!). Presently, each one of my boys have different attention span thresholds, so having go-to movies readily available (and on queue) on Netflix are very important, at certain parts of the summer days.

Age Groups

Currently, my 8 year old has the attention span to concentrate without being disturbed watching tv, playing video games, and of course sitting through an entire movie or two. However, my 4 year old can barely sit through a 20-30min show (Unless it’s Paw Patrol or Octonauts). As a parent of young children (under 10), your children move with you, and always want your attention. They always want to interact with you, want your attention on them, and just want you to always be engaged on whatever they’re doing. Aside playing outside, biking, hiking, and crafting –movies are always a fall back to secure staple for family time. Here is the first edition to my favorite family movies. Great for all age groups, and especially for adults. These movies are a great mixture of both recently new released films as well as more than a decade or two old.

Netflix Family Favorites

Please enjoy my favorite summer movie list great for the entire family! These are personally my favorites, as well as some of my children’s. I’ll be sure to post Pt. 2 of my Summer Movies very soon!

  1. How To Train Your Dragon (PG, Fantasy/Drama, 2010)
  2. Jumanji (PG, Fantasy/Thriller, 1995)
  3. The Croods (PG, Fantasy/Adventure, 2013)
  4. Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (PG, Action/Adventure, 1989)
  5. The Lorax (PG, Animation/Comedy, 2012)
  6. Matilda (PG, Fantasy/Comedy, 1996)
  7. A Monster In Paris (PG, Fantasy/Adventure, 2011)
  8. James And The Giant Peach (PG, Animation/Adventure, 1996)

What are your favorite family films? Comment below!!


Wedding Bells

After month of preparation, planning, and coordinating, the day is here for my good friend Eureza. Since we were babies we’ve known each other, and attended elementary school together. I’m so happy that her special day has finally arrived! I checked into the hotel where the bridal party stays and gets ready for the joyous occasion later in the evening. It was around 7 I arrived with other bridesmaids trailing behind me.

I checked in, and arranged another bridesmaid to take the bride out of the room so I can start my bridesmaid slumber party. This task was quite difficult to get the bride out. She was tired, in her jammies, glasses and all. But somehow we managed after ganging up on her telling her we need a couple of things from the grocery store. Once she left, I was able to start decorating!!

Here’s a few pics you can enjoy seeing, including all the things I’ve gathered up from this weeks Target runs and crafts.

Bridemaid Slumberparty

The night was wonderful, sweet, simple, and relaxing. The bride was touched by the lovely decor and set up we all had displayed for her. Taboo, snacks, and the movie Bridesmaids was all there for her enjoyment. The glitter gold frames were such a hit as well! Each bridesmaid went home with their very own 5×7 picture of a memory from the bachelorette party.

Keepsake FramesThe keepsake frames were also a nice decorative personal touch to add to the hotel room, and came in great to video footage when the videographer and photographer came the following morning.Wedding Morning

Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale….

Happy wedding day Eureza!! I love you plenty!!


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