Oh Joy To The Rescue!!

You guys, I seriously squealed like a little girl when I saw the OhJoy striped first aid bag for the first time.  After viewing through my news feed in Insta, it was literally fell in love at first sight, and took my butt straight to my local Target!

OhJoyYou can find these ridiculously cute first aid bags at the end caps of the healthcare isle of your Target. When I went today, they had a sale for it being $5.99 (Original price at $6.99). Also, if you purchase 3 select health care items, you get a First Aid Kit FREE!! I’m thinking of heading back and buying 3 more bags, just for each car, and also for in the house!


Oh Joy Striped First Aid Bag


Oh Joy! also has a line of Band-Aids for Target. The Target I went it didn’t have them, but did have some very cute Target Up&Up brand-aids (See in above). Oh Joy To The Rescue is the new collaboration, of the newst products with BAND-AID, and also Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies. These lovable, sweet, pretty, attractive band-aids, just add a cute adorable touch to help heal and cover up those cuts and scrapes.


Now, with a family filled with boys they would have no appreciation for OhJoy products or design of such. I mean, look at them. Pastel colors, fun festive design patterns. No gratitude or thanks from my boys. BUT! That doesn’t mean I cannot store and provide simple standard bandaids, or Avengers band-aids in my little first aid kit. With well active boys, being in baseball, basketball, other sports, and just being boys, boo boos happen. So being a well equipped mommy ready for those future ouchies – I’m ready to help heal.

Have you purchased your OhJoy to the rescue products yet?! If not, you better hop on it!!!! I sure will again later this week!!


Pre-Teen Apparel

With a 10 year old, who’s entering middle school soon, I am in well preparation for the changes that will be coming along. One thing I remember during the 6th grade was I was caring more about my appearance. My son has a pretty simple cook. Gray fitted pants, high-top vans, and a graphic tee. My son will never go to school in basketball shorts (God Almighty, Hallelujah!!!)

With my pre-teen turning the corner, I know he’ll probably what to add to his current wardrobe. I love being my the personal stylist to my children, but they are entitled to their own style. So I stumbled upon HotKeyGaming.

From hoodies, hats, and even phone cases, this site has apparel for the simple minimalistic gamer, who loves graphic tees, but just toned down, where it’s not too crazy.


If you have some young boys, who are in need for some time graphic tees. HotKeyGaming is the place to shop!



100 Yen Japanese Buys

Earlier this week I visited San Francisco’s Japantown with my family who came to visit from Fresno. Japantown is a neighborhood in the Western Addition district of San Francisco, and is about six square city blocks. It’s a great place to shop, enjoy small boutique shops, small eateries, and just indulge in Japanese culture. Since we came on a weekday, there wasn’t as many tourists as there would be on a weekend. And trust me, this place could be like Disneyland, with all the foot traffic they can get.

We first visited our favorite Japanese store Daiso. Being the from Bay Area, this is a very popular Japanese Dollar Store, also called 100-yen store. I was laughing at my mom and Aunt because, my parents have a huge Daiso just a few minutes away from their house. But their justification was that the SF location was better. Of course, I couldn’t protest against that.

Like always, in every  department store I find myself in the stationary/office accessories aisle. I’m a huge collector of note pads, journals, pencils, colored pens, and anything you could contain and organized those tools in. I’m such a huge impulse buyer on containers, or zip up pencil bags – its pretty ridiculous. If you’re familiar with Daiso, you might already know that they have an extensive selection on stationary articles; and not only that, in Daiso everything is $1.50!!! So I’m definitely in stationary heaven.

Daiso Haul

Daiso has every kind of supplies. I love it. I could find almost everything I use, I can buy at Daiso. If you are a huge fan of the DollarTree or 99Cents Store, you’re going to love Daiso. Not only that, they carry many items from home kitchen tools, car supplies, garden tools, to gift wrap boxes, to false lashes!! So if that sounds amazing it is!!! I never ever walk into a CVS or Wallgreens ever, because of the crazy variety that Daiso offers. It’s definitely you’re convenient dollar store!


I said, I’m a huge fan of stationary office supplies. I seriously geek off on this type of stuff. Especially if its dirt cheap!

Wet QTips

Wet Cotton Bud Q-Tips

One of my favorite items I always get from Daiso, are these wet cotton bed q-tips. They are individual packed cotton q-tips, that are wet. I find these wet cotton buds really useful when I travel and also at the gym as I’m doing my make up. They help me clean up my cat-eye eye liner look as I do my make-up every morning. Seriously, so helpful.  It beats taking my dry regular qtip and walking from the make-up vanity to the restroom sink.Musubi Maker

Musubi Maker

My last and final awesome buy I purchased from Daiso, is the fabulous Musubi Maker. If you’re accustomed to Hawaiian BBQ, this popular snack and lunch food in Hawaii composed of a slice of grilled Spam on top of a block of rice, wrapped together with nori dried seaweed in the tradition of Japanese omusubi.

I’ve purchased a musubi maker before from Japantown,but only preps one serving. This musubi maker can create two!!! This musubi maker helps achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort!! Seriously folks, finding this musubi maker is gold in my eyes. I’ve been struggling with finding the perfect heavy snack to provide for the boys during the baseball practice hour. This mold will help me solve that problem. Stay tuned for me spam musubi tutorial within the next week or two!

So that’s it! My Daiso haul. I typically go to Daiso a few times a month, but always for the same things. Re-stocking in false lashes, getting a few Asian snacks for the boys, or when I have the itch for some new office supplies. What are your favorite items to buy at Daiso? Let me know!!


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