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This past Thanksgiving, I celebrated my morning being Thankful to have two legs, feet, and the strength to push myself to run 6.2 miles. If you’ve been following my JourneyTo30, running has been a major part of journey to be healthy and happy. Races have been what have been keeping myself accountable to my weight loss and health. Originally, I had planned just to do a Half Marathon during the Thanksgiving weekend (which happened today!) But I’ll post a separate blog post on my reflections of my first half later. This post, I’d like to center focus on training, aging and being thankful for my health.

I’d like to be honest, as motivational as I’d like to be, and to be sharp on my fitness goals, sometimes I’m not always able to run everyday. I’m only human, but I do take note of my slack. If I’m not able to put in my miles, I’ll replace it with a at home work out, weather it’s 2 minute drills, squats, weights, yoga ball workouts, and an intense foam rolling session to loosen my IT bands and other knots. For this 10K, which I signed up for, just about 3 weeks before, I was feeling a little over confident about throwing in a 10K a day and a half just before my first Half Marathon. But I wanted to get it done!!! I enjoy the feeling of running races, its just so raw, and pure to me.

I’ve mentioned this before in earlier JourneyTo30 posts, but I truly enjoy the feeling of running, by myself, at runs, around the neighborhood, and within a community. Many of my elite running friends and family have suggested to do more well known runs, such as the Disney Half, and Nike Women’s Half Marathon, but I have no interest in that at the moment. I like the local runs. They’re not to crowded, trails offered are amazing, and I’m accomplishing the same distance anyways. Plus, I’m not looking to shelf out $120+ for registration fees for a race. I’d rather save that money for a personal trainer right?? Am I right? I don’t know.

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Running, isn’t always about the registration fee, or the medal. Everyone is running for something, and with the same initial goal. It’s a very powerful feeling, and a positive one too. It’s definitely a liberating and freeing feeling, especially once you cross the finish line! Unfortunately, as I’ve said these runs are to hold myself accountable. And boy did it!!! I’ve lessened my running load from everyday to maybe once to twice a week…… Yes! I’ve taken it easy, and became a little soft the past few months! And what a slap in the face this was for me this Thanksgiving weekend! I’m really feeling it in my legs.

#ReallyBad #Hurts #ImDying #SoreAsF$%^

As I compare my other results, from earlier this year, and late summer, my numbers are nothing compared to my last 10K. I’m regressing! It is something I am saddened about, but I know myself, I haven’t been training as hard. Even the boyfriend has mentioned that I’ve gotten soft with my training. I may be on point with water intake, sleeping habits, and dieting, but when it comes to physical fitness, this past fall, I didn’t get fluffy……But just soft with my intensity and training.


Goals don’t come easy. That’s why I created this blog, to document my health journey, and reasons why I keep signing up for races all throughout the year. What was is for my lack of? Being overconfident? Laziness? Thinking my health, and strength will always be by my side? Probably. But I was wrong. Seriously, getting older, everything not only becomes harder, but there are tons of health points to address if you want to keep your youth. Let’s face it. We’re getting old. And it takes a lot to stay healthy. Lifestyle choices have to addressed. Gaining new routines, new regimens, and that extra time and effort to restore our health is important. I’m glad to know I have the legs


Here are my results of my 10K. It’s ok. But comparing it from my Summer Breeze and Nitro Trail in July…..One minute could have been easily avoided. I am happy I crossed, but now, I want to keep signing up for another 10K to beat a personal record for myself. It’s this competitive game I like to play with myself. Call it silly and a waste of money, but I really enjoy it. It’s a fun factor, plus all next year for 2016, I’m including my son 8 year old son. 5Ks & 10Ks will be our thing. He see’s me after every race, and I could tell he’s drooling over my medals. I told him he could get one, but there’s no walking to the finish line. Surprisingly, he’s accepted.


Have you started running like me this past year? How do you keep yourself motivated and hold yourself accountable to your weight and fitness goals? Comment below!


Run Harder

CH View Pano

This is a view I had the other day at Coyote Hills. When I run, I make sure I get the best views.

3 years ago, when I first started working out for an international backpacking trip, I was going to the gym Monday through Friday. One hour on the treadmill. I pushed myself to burn 500-600 calories. No distance didn’t mater to me. I just wanted to sweat so hard, I couldn’t tell between my tears and my body moisture. My trainer at the time was focusing on weight loss and that I shed the fat, burn it, and drop it fast. And boy did I listen. Never once, did I step outside for a run.

Today, I haven’t stepped into a gym since January. (Yes believe it. I have NOT been to the gym at all, during my Health Journey) I was taught that I didn’t need it. My mind set has changed completely, and everything I needed to lose weight was at my fingertips here at home, and within the city I live in without walking into a gym.

I still haven’t canceled my gym membership just yet, because I do like the security of having a daycare and the all the indoor gym, hot sauna, and pool amenities.  Haha. Financially, I believe it is a waste of money, but the both of us here at home, agreed it’s a nice “just-to-have.” But we’ll get into that later. (Budgeting)

What Have I Been Doing?

I run. And I run HARD. I give myself no excuses, unless it conflicts with an injury, and my body literally cannot take it. (Which happens!) Run. HARD. And everyday. That’s my fitness regimen. And it’s been working for me. I would be lying saying that I’m just running. Of course, there are other things I’ve been going, but all of it is focused to my performance of running.

DETOX: I’ve given up alcohol, beer & wine. I had a first beer on Independence day after a 2 month detox. I couldn’t even finish a bottle!! It’s important to have my insides completely clean and functioning at their best!!

HYDRATE: Water, water, water, more water.

CLEAN EATING: No one likes it. But It’s what it is. Think: LEAN. Lots of greens, protein, slow burning carbs and minimal sugar. I’ve been eating at home as much as possible and making sure my meals are nutrient dense, adding lots of salads, green juices and smoothies to the line up.

STRETCH & FOAM ROLLING: I’ve been doing this twice a day for the past week. As painful as foam rolling feels, I know it’s good for me so I force myself to do it as much as I can stand.

MASSAGE: I have my 8yr old son step on my back to loosen up my lower back.

SLEEP: Eight hours or more every night. Non-negotiable. As much as I love waking up early. Sleeping in is needed.

There it is. I can’t simplify it any more. All the above it what I’ve been doing to achieve a healthy and happier lifestyle. And it’s been working…….

Once more thing……..Consistency. 


I’ve told some of my friends:

If you have time to watch “Game Of Thrones,” you’ve got time to go for a run. Set your DVR and hit the road.

If you think about, one hour is only 4% of your day. You can make the time. Even if you work full time, have children, and still need to cook dinner. It’s all about mental prep.

 Are you able to give up 1 hour of your day to become healthier?

Also! Please send positive energy to my upcoming races! I’m SOOOOOO excited for this!

Brazen Racing



We Just Run

There are seasons in life, where you focus on 1 thing, and that 1 thing consumes everything about you. With me, its running. I typically do a good job with keeping my body active, as I go to the gym, lift weights, and do all my health and body corrections (Foam rolling, and occasional massages). But when it comes to a phase of running…..I go all in.

I’m no full marathon runner, but I’d to be. One goal of mine, is to complete a full marathon (26.2 Miles FYI), at 4.30Hrs. I believe I can do it.  But I have to work hard, train hard, and RUN.

Here’s one of my go to running gear sites.


They provide everything from running shoes, trainers, and any apparel for the typical running! Check’em out! I gotta run!

Next up: Training for my holiday marathons…



Happy Shopping!


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