Summer Routine

Summer has struck me real hard, and it’s been about 2 weeks into my kids summer vacation. I believe I’ve been doing a pretty good job keeping the kids away from the screen, and integrating a few activities, afternoon movies, and family board games. But there are stretches of free time.

With a sufficient amount of resources out there on the internet to keep kids busy (God bless Pinterest), let’s be honest… There is no way in h-e-double hockey sticks, that I can keep my two boys busy with back to back activities with creative crafts and outdoor water play. To be quite honest, my summer started off with sleeping in, cooking a semi-breakfast, then running errands with my kids for about 3-4 hours.

Am I just being too hard on myself?? During our summer days I’ll squeeze in a casual park visit after our errands. But, lately, mother nature has been blessing us extra hard here in Sacramento with some extra heat. After a few searches on Pinterest, I was inspired with a structured day by day weeks summer schedule. After creating this summer schedule, it’s definitely anchored my days adding a metal bolt to my day.

Check out my summer fun schedule! Hopefully this can help you out if you’ve been struck hard with summer open time.

Summer Schedule

You can download Our Summer Schedule HERE.

Thank goodness to a structured scheduled summer!! I’ve now structured my summer to a systematic day to day event routine, my children and I could follow together.

Happy Summer!


Desire To Change

Everyday I make sacrifices that will align them towards my goals. I’ve made changes to my every day routines, and am willing to pour in the hard work and effort. Derrick started a new job, but works on East Coast hours; so he wakes up everyday at 5AM. I’ve now gotten in the same routine where I wake up with him. Our internal clocks our now on the same rhythm; except I don’t get paid for waking up at 5AM.

We start our mornings with taking our natural sugar-free energy drinks, morning vitamins. From there, we separate starting on our own personal routines. He goes into his office, and I head straight to the garage to workout, contribute to my blog, or get a head start to my household chores without the children as a distraction. Our morning routines have become such an ideal schedule for us. Just adding in the additional 2 hours to my day, I am capable of accomplishing many things in the morning.

Being a stay at home, weekdays are my workdays, and weekends get twice as busy. Family parties, baseball games, and other misc last minute get-togethers and meetings. The past month, I’ve schedule every other Sunday to hike or run with my good friend Ermina. We both wake up at 5AM, and meet 6AM ready to run or hike. See, I love friendships like that. Met Ermina at mutual friends’ kids bowling birthday party, and hit it off. I love her seriousness in making plans. Holding each other accountable, and staying true to our plans.

Mission Peak

Last Sunday we decided to hike Mission Peak. Mission Peak is a public park that borders and overlooks the Silicon Valley. It is very popular with local hikers, bicyclists, sightseers and tourists from beyond for its vista and strenuous climb. It’s a full six-mile (10km) round-trip. The  The “Mission Peeker” marker pole at the top is the most famous geo-tagged landmark of Fremont.

Mission Peak Top

hHere’s a picture of us at the top, with the Mission Peak marker pole. Usually, hikers stay at the top of awhile rest and have a morning snack, we literally hiked up, shared a granola bar while waiting in line for picture, and headed right back down. That’s what I call a morning! Keep it moving! Be outdoors, waking up early, and being productive for your mind, body, and soul!

Feeling balanced, healthy, and inspired always.


Shed’s Off Like Water

Weigh In

Current Weight at 5/15/2015

In the beginning of my health transformation I was struggling with side planks, sit-ups, and could barely lift 15 pound weight over my shoulders. It was so hard for me to vision a future healthier and happier me. Starting off at 144lbs and out of breath doing side planks at 30seconds – made me want to become stronger and stronger. Sweating so hard after a 6mile run, and after a workout session with my trainer, made me feel so high. A healthy high.

After finally getting over the the 10 pound hump, my appetite has definitely curved, and exercise had became a staple in my everyday daily life. There are weeks when I hit it hard everyday. Some days, I may slip due to resting my muscles due to being sore, or by scheduled appointments, and household errands. But those days I wasn’t able to go to the park to run, I end up working out sometime later in the day from home. Mountain climbers, body builders, 2 minute warm-ups, and so on. I create room and space in my living room, and do my exercises while watching TV.

This is just a weigh-in check post, to document how I’ve been feeling lately. I want to remind myself to never give up. If you’re going through a transformation like myself, create a contract to yourself, or follow yourself taking a pictures. I’m tired of the old me, the memories of the old me, and the feeling of that me. Continue looking forward, be persistent. I want to inspire others, because I feel my story is so relatable. Before children I was 115lbs, and after carrying two children in my body, and a poor diet afterwards, its time to take charge. Food is fuel. Make it good food.


Goals For The Week

Every Sunday evening, I sit at the dining table with my notebooks, journals, and laptops all open. Yes, laptops – because, photoshop currently only runs on one of my machines. I look over the weeks upcoming  family schedule for the week, and create my lists. The lists include meal planning, kids little league practice & game schedules, along with fitness routine work-outs. I also create my weekly grocery list, and goal list. This probably takes me a couple hours in the day to complete, because the kids schedules consistently change with game changes, and carpool arrangements. I’m typically in and out of doing it, between folding laundry, and just relaxing with the kids.

Aside from our family week schedule, I have my own personal weekly goals documented down with my week schedule. The past two months, my goals have normally stayed the same, incorporating my new health and fitness lifestyle. Here’s a list what my weekly goals typically look like:

Weekly Goals

How did you do on last week’s goals? What are your goals for this week?

I’d love to have you share your progress on last week’s goals and your goals for this coming week in the comments. If you’ve blogged about it, leave your direct link below. Let’s cheer each other on to live purposeful and productive lives!


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