Charlie Brown Christmas

Last week, my Kindergarten class had a field trip to the Roseville Theatre Arts Academy to watch ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas.’ Taking the kids to live theater is a wonderful experience. I still have yet to take my own children. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to attend live broadway shows with my parents. From Mama Mia!, Hairspary, Wicked, The Lion King, and later on as an adult I saw Jersey Boys. So I speak very personally of this joy.

How I prepared myself for this field trip.

Like I said before, I haven’t even taken my own children to live theatre, so handling 24 other 5 year olds, be prepared with a balanced breakfast and coffee!! If a child needs to be consoled for any reason, take them out to the lobby. Do not allow an upset child to remain in the theater and disturb his fellow audience members. (Luckily, this didn’t happen!) BUT, on the bus ride, and seated in the theatre I made sure I sat next to my not so behaved students.

Roseville Arts Academy


 241 Vernon St, Roseville, CA 95678


If you’re local in the area, come give the theatre a visit!

Their last showing of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas,’ is tomorrow the 17th!

See schedule HERE.


The expressions on my student’s faces when they walked into the Musical Theater show. It was truly a new world opening up for them.


Preparing you kids to visit the theatre:

  • It’s a good idea to start off by taking the very young child to a Kids Theater Production…Specifically a short production (many times,less than a hour) that is produced with children in mind. Kindergarten is definietly a good age.
  • If this is your child’s first time seeing live theater, it may also be a good idea to get an aisle seat. This will be helpful in the event your child doesn’t react well and you need to leave the theater for any reason.
  • Once you have verified that this is a good production for a child, and you have purchased your tickets, you should begin to prepare your child for the trip. I highly, highly suggest starting off with community theatre, such as a the venue we visited.
  • Explain what they will be seeing, that you are taking them to an exciting live theater performance. Familiarize them with the characters, the plot, the setting, etc. If there is a book about the play read it with them. The following day, we showed them the actual movie of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas.’ From there, we did a venn diagram to do a compare and contract exercise.
  • Instruct the child as to how they will be expected to behave.

I can’t wait to check out another live theatre with my own kids! After this field trip, I’ve been obsessing in doing research for the next live musical in our area. Of course, community theatre, then we can move on up to real broadway!

Have you taken your child to see a live theatre? How was your experience?

Comment below!!

Water Park Playdate Essentials


Having the kids home all during the summer, means the trunk of my car is always equipped with summer play essentials. After running errands, having the kids tag along, as a parent I do feel obligated to treat them with a trip to the park after an afternoon of grocery runs and other household/personal errands. With that said, here is my summer essential list of items that have been living in my trunk ready to go at any given/spontaneous trip to the water park.

Summer Park Essentials:

– Extra Clothes

(Extra outfit: T-Shirts/Shorts/Underwear/Socks)

– Trunks/Bathing Suits

– Flip Flops

– Beach Towels (1 Per Child)

-Beach Blanket

– Sand Toys


– Stroller

– Sunblock

My Holy Grail Items:

– Collapsable Wagon (Costco/Sams Club/Dick’s Sporting Goods)

– Beach Blanket

– Cooler (CapriSuns/Fruit/Small Water Bottles)

– Camping Chair (For mommy)

– Fedora/Sunhat

– Sunglasses

– Camera

– iHome/BlueTooth Speaker

– External Charger + Phone Charger

Many of the above items are now a staple to what I typically keep in my car. There have been so many instances when my boys wanted to visit the park, and I left the bin filled with sand toys and other park toys in the garage. (Bad mom award) Don’t you hate when that happens?


Here’s a recent photo of my last visit to our local water park.

This park visit I packed Zuppa Toscana into a heat tumbler, and packed a bowl to enjoy some homemade soup at the park, just as if I was at home!


If you’d like to learn the receipt of my zuppa toscana comment below!!

Happy summer everyone!


Out Numbered

i have an issue with online gaming. See, I’m not the gamer. My kids and husband are. In a world of busy family schedules, work, sports, school, figuring out dinner, and if you’re a parent, lucky enough to escape for a weekday Happy Hour…Time is tight. There just isn’t enough time in the day. However, when I spot my children in front of their computers, I feel like its been HOURS!!!! Literally, hours…..

Growing, I too played a lot of online video games. The SIMs was my kryptonite. For my husband, he played Counter Strike. Now a days, there’s all these popular online games such as Fornite, and Roblox.

I’ve given in, and looked further into online games and other video games in general!!

Here’s a site to check out more gaming for your loved ones to continue to enjoy.

Do you hate me? LMAO!!! My kids and husband don’t!


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Happy gaming!

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