Summer Lemonade

This September heat is just not going away!!! Fellow Sacramento residents, including myself, are oh so tired of the heat, that all we’ve been dreaming about the past few months are, wearing socks, sweaters, and enjoying hot coffee all day!!! Now that October is around the corner, Fall Decor is technically, NOW! But I just want to shake off this heat before I get into the full spirit of fall!!

Lately, I’ve been organizing through my photos and stumbled upon this fun summer lemonade craft I did with my son 4 years ago!! I thought, with the crazy heat of summer boiling us down, I thought this sweet citrusy drink would be a perfect post to share for a much needed September heat afternoon drink!!

This is a perfect kitchen summer activity to do with your kids! My son was in first grade when we did this, and he did it all on his own as I watched him go to town!!!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Blender
  • Ice
  • Frozen Lemonade
  • Glass Carafe
  • Water
  • Ice Cubes


  1. Open your frozen lemonade and pour into your blender.
  2. Fill your now empty canister with ice, up to the rim and add into blender.
  3. Add water into the empty canister filling it up to the rim, and add to blender.
  4. Blend!!
  5. Blend until its a good frozen/frosty consistency.
  6. Pour into your favorite summer cup with a straw and enjoy!!!

This frozen lemonade slush is perfect for hot summer days, as well as parties! For serving details pour your lemonade slush back into the glass carafe or any glass serving decanter. It’s so handy for serving to guests, and displaying. I love my glass carafe!!! It also plays for holding a bouquet of cheery flowers for a table centerpiece!!

Cheap DIY Christmas Crafts Pt.1

Construction paper and tissue paper are dream materials for Christmas decorations for kids can make. Not only are they easy to work with, they also mean no mess. That’s why these Christmas crafts are some of my favorite simple Christmas crafts for kids. In three simple steps your little ones can create these cute kids Christmas crafts over a December weekend, or during Christmas break!

What You’ll Need:

-Colored Construction Paper



And maybe some…


Super simple right? These are all items we all may already have in your homes! Especially if you already to many crafts with the kids. If not, you can colored construction paper just about anywhere. From Walgreens, Target, WalMart, also the DollarTree!

Estimated Cost: Under $5

Time To Complete: Under an hour

Primary Technique: Paper Crafts

Difficulty Level: Kid Friendly

1. Paper Christmas Tree

By: Ruby And The Dodo

I also really like her Christmas Tree Sun Catcher 

By: Michelle, from Crafty Morning

By: Lisa SummerhaysStubbornly Crafty

4. Paper Cones

Source: The Art In Life

Check out their other 14 Take A Breath DIY Window Decorations that will amaze you!

Don’t you love Pinterest? Stay tuned for my second part of my Pinterest inspired Christmas crafts!

Happy Saturday!

Succulent Skulls

I’ve been thrifting Halloween items all month. I’m too too big with Halloween decorating, but I do like adding a few accent pieces here and there. But of course, every year my collection of “few,” accent pieces grows, and grows.  Every upcoming holiday I’m always on the hunt for something unique, low budget, and chic. I’m not trying to break my wallet with holiday decorative pieces, so thrifting for holiday decor is always something fun for me to hunt for. My latest Halloween thrift store score were these really cool skull tea lights each for $0.50!

Here’s an easy quick thrift store transformation on these cool succulent skulls made out of a tea light. Simply, spray paint, and style! These succulent skulls are perfect to place on your mantel, coffee table, or china hutch, to add that touch of spooky spice to your home!

To keep this Halloween decorative project, low budget and fabulously frugal, search for Halloween pieces at thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets! Also, be sure to check your craft supply stock if you have any existing spray paint or acrylic paint.

I craft a lot with succulents, and have my own small garden of them. So I’m always clipping my succulents from my stash, and using the potting soil, and other gardening supplies I already have on hand.


Halloween Decorative Tea Light

– High Gloss Paint (White or Black)

-Succulents (Succulent Clippings) Air Plants

-Plastic Shot Glass (Dollar Tree)

-Gardening Soil



  1. Spray paint your Halloween tea light with your high glass spray paint.
  2. Apply short light strokes of spray paint.

    I did a number of coats before the original color of the skull was completely gone.

  3. Set to air dry, OR to speed up the process take a electric fan and set to the highest setting to dry.
  4. Air dry for 1 hour.
  5. Check your painted pieces, and begin styling them with succulents.
  6. Take your plastic shot glass and fill with potting soil. You may have to trim down the cup to have it fit within the tea light.


Completed look!

I placed the tea lights on a black wooden tray which I purchased from Target for $3 (Dollar Spot). The white on black is so chic, and the tea lights used as a succulent planter gives it an alternative use! Try mixing with other Halloween favorites such as a pumpkin tea light I thrifted and spray painted too!

Give your home an edgy look with some serious pizzazz, decorating it with this fully glam high gloss (thrifted) succulent planter!


Back To School Ft. DIY Chalkboard Globe

The day has finally came!!! I’ve been waiting all summer for this!!! It’s the first day of school, and both boys are going to school!!! That’s right, this stay-at-home mom has been patiently waiting 4years for this day to come!! No more mommy & me tiny tot classes no more!! I am now released of my duties, and no longer have a child tied to my hip for at lease 4 hours during the daytime!! Why am I so excited? Because I have many creative projects lined up that I’ve been planning to tackle since the year started!! This mama wants to be productive, with minimal distractions in the household!

What mom wouldn’t be as excited as me?! I’m literally stoked!!

Back to school is not only provides me a chunk of time without my kids, but provides me precious golden time to reset, organize and plan our new schedule for the upcoming new school year. End of August, early September is when I’m in contact with sports organizations, coaches, and teachers.  Here are boys back to school morning photos. Every year I try to change it up with whatever prop, or background. A reoccurring theme I continue to use for our back to school photos is the use of chalk! Of course, I’m not going to opt out and just purchase a vintage faux shabby chic chalkboard at Hobby Lobby or HomeGoods. I LOVE diving into a project to make the back to school photos unique and different as much as possible!

Back To School

This chalkboard was a DIY project I tackled early this year in January. Click HERE to see the tutorial!

Chalk Globe

DIY Chalk (anything), could possibly be one of the easiest crafts anyone can do. Simply coat on the paint on whatever surface you’d like to chalk paint. A favorite chalk applicator as been chalk pens. Not any chalk pen, but (after going through many fails of different brands) the best results has been from Bistro Chalk Marker. You could purchase the set of fine line chalk markets in fluorescent colors at any craft supply store, or even Wal-Mart! The chalk paint I love using is Martha Stewarts Mult-Surface Chalk Paint.

I’ve gone through at least 5-6 bottles of Martha’s multi-surface chalk paint. It’s definitely a high quality favorite go-to purchase of mine at my Michael’s for anything chalk related to all my projects. As for the globe, I thrifted it for $7 a couple years back with absolutely no intentions at the time to chalkpaint the entire thing. After being inspired to travel early this year, I needed a motivation decorative piece to incorporate around my household. So, of course after some light research on being PINspired (Pinterest inspired), I found this Pottery Barn Chalkboard Globe:

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 7.22.14 AM

What have you chalked up around your house? Comment below! I’d love to check out what you’ve created!!! Also, to you stay-at-moms out there; enjoy the upcoming school year!! I hope you can not only enjoy your time away from the kids, but also capitalize on housework, completing errands faster than usual, and finally tacking some of those Pinterest projects you’ve pinned a couple weeks back!


Put Out The Fire! Number Recognition Game

Oh my lanta, its hot!! This week its expected to be in the high 80s-90s in my area by 10am!! With the heat wave slowly coming, it puts me in the position to do all my outside activities with my son as early as possible so my preschooler and I won’t be so hot and bothered!! Here’s a fun pin I found on Pinterest of a number recognition game to enjoy with your young tot identifying numbers in the summer blazing heat!!

Put Out The Fire!

Garage SetUp

Put out the fire is a number recognizing game for young preschoolers. My son is currently working on recognizing numbers 1 through 20, but you can use this for any numbers, letters, sight works, or whatever your child is learning about.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Construction Paper (Red, Yellow, White, Orange)

– Scissors

– Glue

– Tape

– Black Marker or Sharpie

– Waterguns

ContructionPaperPut Out The Fire!  Number Recognition Game


1) Taking your scissors and construction paper, free-cut the flames of your fire.

I took about 4 sheets of construction paper and layered them together to accomplish multiple flames within 1 cut. I did this with all the colors, with different widths, shapes and sizes.

2) Glue the flames together mixing  2 different colors and glue.


3) Once all the flames are glued together, write out the numbers you and your child are currently focusing on with a marker. (I did 1-15)

Be sure to make the numbers big & bold, easy to recognize!

4) From here, take your number fire flames, with tape and take the craft outside!

5) On any flat surface (ie: Fence, gate,side of the house, garage door) tape the fire flames on the surface.


During this time, have your preschooler help you stick the flames up. Call our the numbers while placing them. Also, be sure to randomly scatter the numbers.


Garage Target

At this point, you’re pretty much all fired up!! Fill up your child’s water gun and begin identifying the numbers!

Review numbers.

Call them out.

Have your child squirt out water “putting out the fire.” 


Leveling Up:

As your child gets more familiar with the numbers, add more numbers!! And when he/she is old enough start having the adding two numbers to make sums of ten! (..And continue on!)

What are some fun number identification games you know of? Share below!


DIY Mini Water Blobs

Summer trend: Kimono’s. No….But yes. It’s Water blobs!!! After surfing on Pinterest, following other mom bloggers, and my favorite YouTube vloggers, I’ve frequently been seeing these plastic water bed blobs everywhere. After doing research, reading other tutorials, and seeing it done on YouTube, I thought I should give it a shot.Water Blob

These mini water blobs were inspired off of Hello, Wonderful by momtributor: Agnes Hsu

The wonderful advantages of these mini water blobs are:

– easier to iron smaller blobs than one large one
– faster to fill up with water
– each kid gets to take their own water blob home


After a quick visit to WalMart, I was able to purchase everything I needed under $20. (That’s a $6 iron right there!)Materials

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Plastic Sheeting (Can be found at any hardware store.)

– Parchment Paper

– Food Coloring

– Scissors

– Duck Tape

– Iron

– Tiny Aquatic Toys (Sharks/Crabs/Fish)

I used leftover plastic fishies, which I had from a Mermaid Party last year.Cut


1.) First, you’ll need to cut the plastic sheeting. I unrolled the plastic and had my son (while watching Paw Patrol) lay right on top of the plastic.

2.) Give 4-5inch wiggle room, then cut.

3.) Unfold, then cut piece of plastic. Measure out how large you would like your water blob. (Go large if you’d like, but California is going through a drought at the moment, so going mini is perfect.)

Be sure you have two sheets that are already layered. I simply unfolded the piece out, but made sure two sheets were always layered above each other.


4.) Cut the large pieces to create 2 minis. Mine conveniently became two, which was perfect, for my two boys.

Cut as many as you need. This just ended up being the correct amount of pieces I needed. I plan to make more for the neighborhood kids, so my first initial cut will be a lot more longer. 

Parchment Paper

5.)  Next, pull out a generous amount of parchment paper (A little under 1 yard). Fold it in half long ways.

6.) With a ruler and sharpie; from the fold measure out 3-4 inches, and draw a line.

This will be your guide as you start ironing the plastic sheeting. The folded parchment paper will be your heat protecter from the iron to the plastic.

Paper Plastic

Here’s how the plastic sheeting and parchment paper should be positioned. The line will indicate the zone you’ll be ironing.

7.) Insert the plastic sheeting flush to the fold of the parchment paper.

8.) Next, pre-heat your iron. And start ironing within the designated area.

I measured out 2inches (but ended up ironing over the line just a little bit.) 

All depending on how large you created your plastic sheet pillow case, all depends on how much leeway you can give on the edges.


You’ll see once you iron over the parchment paper, let it set to dry a couple seconds after direct heat.

9.) Peel over the parchment paper, and reposition it over the next area of un-ironed plastic sheeting.

10.) Once you’ve iron majority of the plastic “pillow case,” leave an opening for your garden hose.


Iron Tasks

(Above Left) Is what the plastic sheeting should look like once it’s melted together.

(Below) Are two plastic sheeting “pillow cases,” ready to be filled with water.


Now, for the fun part!!! Once the actual blob ironed and ready, all the extra “frou frous,” should be on hand. This is when you can get your children involved because this can all be taken outside.


Here you’ll need:

– Duck Tape

(I purposely chose this aqua colored duck tape to compliment the whole aquatic color scheme of this craft.)

– Tiny Aquatic Toys (Sharks/Crabs/Fish)

I used leftover plastic fishies, which I had used for a Mermaid birthday party last year. I’m SO happy I did not toss them out!!!


At this point, everything is pretty self-explanatory. If you look at the above pictures.

– Fill up the plastic pillow case with water (DO NOT OVER FILL!) Just enough so there’s enough movement when your child is on it.

When waiting for the water to fill, instead of standing and waiting, place it over a chair!

(Walk, away, prepare a snack, or Instagram this cool craft to share with your friends!)

– Add food coloring. We decided on blue, for that fun water look.

– Add in aquatic toys.

– Use duck tape to seal the blob.

Have the duck tape already pre-cut and waiting, once the blob is filled. It’ll make it so much easier and efficient to complete!


And there you go! A water blob!!! This cool funky  mini water bed gave my son at least 2.5 hours of play! He jumped on it, relaxed on it, and also just sat on it playing with his cars!!!!

Once my older son came home from summer school, I made him do all the steps himself starting with filling it up.

He added the yellow/green food coloring.

(We’re big fans of blues and greens in our house!)


Have you made a water blob before?! Especially a large one? Let me know how that went!

Submit a comment tell me about, or any other cool fun summer crafts!!

Have a happy summer guys!!


Simple Hydrangea Grapevine Wreath

Many of my friends and family have become huge fans of my custom wreaths. I’m so happy to see the reaction of my family members when they see their wreaths. Here’s another wreath I had made for Derrick’s mom, for Mother’s Day. Her style is more simple, and loves the lavender purple hues in her home. Although the shade of purple can be overpowering, this custom wreath shows how to use touches of the color through accent flowers.

Here’s what you’ll need for this wreath:

-Grapevine Wreath



-Faux Flowers

Check out my latest DIY  burlap wreath I made for my mom here.

Grapevine Wreath


The steps are just the same from my previous wreath tutorial, except eliminating the burlap/deco mesh step. Not everyones style can handle the full brave burlap puffs over their wreath, so terminating that option creates a much more simpler earthy grapevine wreath.

Secure your flowers with zipties, fastening them directly to the wreath. Arrange them in a free loose position, vs gathered tightly and bunched. This will create a nice organic look to the decorative wreath.


The classic silhouette of a natural grapevine wreath accessorized with flowers on one side adds a modern element to the wreath. Once all the floral pieces are secured and in place, add in your gift tag, or card you partnered the wreath with. Since it’s a decorative outdoor piece, I see no need to place it into a gift bag or adding a gift bow.

So, that’s it! Here’s a simple hydrangea grapevine wreath, for the simple home decorator. Along with this gift, I added in a door hook to the wreath, which adds in no stress to her!!  It’s basically a gift thats ready to be displayed! What are you favorite home decor go-to gifts? Comment!!


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