Pumpculet! (Pumpkin + Succulent!)

Last year, I hosted a harvest craft party. It all started when one of my old co-workers from highschool commented on a crafty post I published on Facebook. All she said was she wanted to craft with me, which then attracted our other old co-workers. Within a few days we scheduled our first craft party. We had a potluck dinner, and crafted some distressed mason jars filled with farmhouse florals.


The craft party was such a hit amongst the ladies, they requested for more. I am shocked by my craftiness when people want more, I’ve continued to plan for craft parties every couple of months, with different groups of friends, also as social play groups with our children. I love hosting small intimate dinners, afternoon craft picnics, or coffee craft dates! It’s so fun to mingle with one another, enjoy group discussions, and on top of that crafting! My guests are so happy to leave out the door with something they made themselves, that they would have never thought about doing!

I had chosen to craft pumpkin succulents for one harvest party I had hosted. I thought it complimented the theme of the season of fall, and was a delicate and fun autumn accessory for them to display wherever they would like!

Here’s what you’ll need..


– Mini Pumpkins ($0.50-$1each at your local grocery store, hardware gardening store, or pumpkin patch.)

– Moss (Dollar Tree)

– Soil

– Knife

– Spoon

– Succulents

– Plant Cups (Dollar Tree)

The succulents were from my own personally grown succulent garden.

Pumpkin Party

TIP:  If you’re looking for large amounts of succulents that’s not so costly, try searching on Craigslist or ask around on Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade groups, with people are willing to sell some succulent clippings!


  1. With your knife, carefully puncture the top of the pumpkin and start cutting a hole at the top to create the insert for the plant cup.
  2. Scoop out the flesh of the pumpkin.
  3. Taking your planting cup, add in enough soil for your plant, and top it off with some moss.
  4. Place your succulent clippings and insert on top of the moss. Be sure to plant the succulent into the soil, and secure it, by patting it in.
  5. Add some fall harvest charm! We added tiny pine-cones which my youngest son collected at the park! If you can’t locate some tiny pinecones, you can add some cinnamon sticks for the sweet scent of fall!Pumpculet

Viola! A adorably cute mini pumpkin succulent to display on any shelf, desk, coffee table, or night stand! Add that touch of fall in your home, or work space!

Host a nice craft party with your friends this fall! It’s as easy as creating an event on Facebook, or just send out a group text! I like using Red Stamp, and creating a fun festive invite, and attaching it in a group text! Go the extra mile! Have a pot-luck, and pick-a craft your think is suitable during the current season!

Happy crafting!


Pinecone Pineapple

Here’s a great summer project that will take your kids outside on a hunt, then spend the a crafternoon making fun pinecone pineapples!! I mean, who doesn’t like pineapples? It’s an easy craft they can do this summer! Put on your suntan lotion, grab your sunglasses  and head to your local park or walk around neighborhood, having your kids collect pinecones!



Here’s what you’ll need:

– Pinecones

(If you don’t have any pinecones in your area, they sell pinecones at craft stores. Some, holiday scented in cinnamon.)

– Yellow Acrylic Paint

– Paint Brush/Sponge

– Green Construction Paper

– Scissors

– Small straw/ or any tool that will help you curl up the construction paper.

– Tape


1.) Once you’ve collected the pinecones, I’d suggest cleaning them. If you’re like me and hate little creepy crawler bugs, take your pine cones and toss it into the oven at 350 degrees for about 10-15minutes. Wait to cool down.

If you don’t really care for some dirt, feel free to skip step 1.

2.) Get your yellow paint and paint brush and coat the pinecone. Don’t feel like you have to coat the inside of the pinecone. All you need to do is just paint the outside tips of the pinecone.

This step can be done with any child as old as 1. Have your children get messy while painting!!

3.) Set aside the painted pinecones to dry.


4.) With the green construction paper, cut out grass like strips. I eye-balled my cuts, but feel free to draw it out first, if you like the guide.

This step can be dome with any older children who have good hand and eye coordination.

5.) Using a small straw or tiny cylinder like pen, (I used a CapriSun straw), start curling in the tips of the leaves.

Make sure you add different heights to each leaf!!



6.) Curl in the leaves. Roll it outward, so that your curls are facing outward other than facing each other.

7.) Grab a piece of scotch tape and secure the bottom of the green construction paper.

8.) Insert the green paper to the top of the dried pinecone.

You may need to play around with it, and really stick in the green rolled up leaf, since every pinecone is shapped differently at the top.


And there you go! Perfect pinecone pineapples for to enjoy on a summer crafter-noon!

Want to see more fruit themed summer crafts? Submit a comment and let me know!

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