Fall Leaf Turkey

I’m currently the class mom for both of my boys classrooms. The month of November I plan to share a couple crafts with both classrooms. Here’s one fall craft I plan to share. It’s a fall leaf turkey! How fitting for Thanksgiving right?! What’s great about this craft is, it gives your child time to collect leaves outside, during the fall season, then use the leaves they collected in a craft!

PINspired by:
Marie LeBaron from the Baby Center Blog


Here’s what you’ll need:


Construction paper
(Colors: Red, yellow, brown)


Googly eyes


Home items of circular shapes as a stencil.
(I used a small cup, and a candle cover.)



  1. Using brown construction paper, trace out a large and small circle. This will be your turkeys body, and head.

  2. Using yellow construction paper, cut out legs and toes for your turkey, using stick like rectangular shapes.

  3. Glue down your turkey body, head, and legs.

  4. Take your leaves, and cut off the stem.
    (This makes its easier to glue down your leaves.)


Remember to remove stem off leaves.

This helps glue down the leaf easier, without the body cut out off the turkey having bulges.


Reverse Step: You can glue down your leaves first and set to dry before gluing down the turkey body.


If you had already glued down the body of the leaves, simply slip the fall leaves in behind the body.

This is only if the glue is still fresh and not yet set dry.


5.  Glue down the toes of the turkey.

6.  Continue to glue the goggly eyes, a nose with construction paper, and the turkey wattle with extra leaf scraps


Enjoy your craft with your children and display around the house!

Happy November! And happy crafting! Stay tuned as this month I have many more harvest Turkey crafts to share with you!


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