DIY Summer Pom Poms

It’s the last week of school for the kids, and I’ve already booked a full week ahead for us before we leave on our first summer vacation trip!!! From doctors appointments, seeing the orthodontist, dentist, and seeing optometrist. When I get a block of time when the kids are off from school, I typically go mom-crazy and book the kids doctors appointments. With all the appointments, errands and things I have to do, I have to be summer ready with a go to bag. And I’m not talking about no go-to mom messenger/cross body bag,  I’m talking about the big woven summer bags you see trending around.

It’s called the pom pom basket, or pom pom beach bag, or maybe the straw tote with pom poms. Whatever, you call them, its the bag of the summer!! Have it ready in the car, filled with your wallet, a go do light weight park blanket, water bottles, and snacks. It’s everything you need filled in this fun carry bag.

Last year, I had already a woven basket purchased from Target, but the pom poms were not included. What better way to add some pom poms with some yarn I already had!

Now, the lazy me didn’t want to do the technique of measuring out a cardboard circle, and creating a tool to do this. I honestly, dont have time for that. So after a few Pinterest & YouTube searches, I found the technique that works for me! Follow along my quick tutorial, to make these beautiful yarn pom poms, that only took me about 45 mins to make!



Step-by-step heavy, BUT if you’re a visual person, I took enough photos for you to follow.

Good luck & have fun!!

What you’ll need:

  1. Yarn (Colors of your choice)
    I chose a color scheme that paired well with my Target woven basket.
    (Dark teal, aqua blue, and a neutral cream.)
  2. Scissors
  3. Chair


  1. Take your chair and flip it over, so that the legs are facing up.
  2. Tie your yarn on one leg of the chair, and start wrapping it around the leg across the tied-end.
  3. Keep wrapping, until your yarn is at 1/2 of the thickness you want your pom pom to be at.
  4. Next, take a string of yarn the length of how long you want the pom pom to hang from your bag.
    (It’s ok to do long, you can always snip off the access length.)
  5. Tie at point of how big you’d like your pom pom to be.
    TIP: Be sure to wrap the yarn using the strength of 2 yarn strands. This will lock the pom pom in place securely.
  6. Depending on the size of your desired pom pom, you repeat the tied knot along the wrap of the yard strands.Since I wanted larger pom poms, I only tied two ties. This made about 2 inch thick in diameter pom pom balls.
  7. Once completely tied and secured, cut through the strands leaving 1/2 the size of the pom pom, having equal lengths on each side of the tied knot.
  8. Now, you should have a bundle of card, with a tied knot and two strands hanging from it. Almost like a bow-tie like shape.
  9. Fluff out the strands creating the full figure of the pom pom.
  10. From here, using your scissors, trim down the pom pom to create a fuller, and goofier pom pom.
  11. Once complete, take 2-3 pom poms and hang them off your basket bag. Tie securely.

And that’s it! Repeat the steps over and over, until you’ve gathered enough pom poms for your bag or project. I ended making a couple for future projects!!!


Did you find this DIY tutorial fun and easy?! Comment below, I’d love to read your comments, what can I improve on, or what other DIYs shall I do next?!


Out The Door: Mom Grab Bag

This summer I’ve been heading out the door everyday with three, four, ok, maybe five must have summer items along with my cell phone and keys. Last May on Mother’s Day, Derrick gifted me this fabulous Timbuk2 Bag! This amazing cross-body messenger bag has been so comfortable, and very fitting to my active lifestyle.


My Mom Essential Bag

If you’re unfamiliar with Timbuk2 they create fantastic high design, messenger bags, with great durability, high class materials, strong, water conscious, tear abrasion, colorfastness, and other amazing things to make their bags last long, and go through anything. From carrier bags,  laptop bags, backpacks, shoulder bags and totes, Timbuk2 provides bag carriers for the urban living person! Created here in the San Francisco, Bay Area Timbuk2 is also customizable, flexible, water resistant, and can be apart of anyone life! From work, travel, weekend, bike…That active living is what Timbuk2 is all about!

I’ve taken my bag practically everywhere this summer. From my runs with the jogging stroller, to ending up at the park with my young boys, this bag holds about everything I need. Wipes, wallet, tablet, pens, notebook, snacks and my new S’well bottle!

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 4.42.03 PMHere’s a IG pic I posted a couple weeks ago.

Heading out the door with the boys! ✔️Timbuke2 Crossbody Mommy Bag✔️S’well Water Canister✔️Orla Kiely Water Bottle✔️Fendi Aviators✔ PackIT Cooler filled w/CapriSuns✔️#SummerReady #MommyGear#StayHydrated☀️???

Besides  my Timbuk2 bag, I’ve been absolutely loving my S’well bottle canister!! This high grade stainless stell, water canister keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12!! Non-toxic, non leaching, and BPA free!!! What’s even better is its drip free mouth is big enough to fit ice cubes, and they also provide fabulous designs!! Check out my 90z. classic wood design S’well bottle. To be honest folks, I may be ordering 3 more!!!

Check out the S’well canisters I’ve been eyeing…


Aren’t they incredibly cute?! I may be purchasing more bottles and start a collection. What are your out-the-door essentials?! Are you a Timbuk2 and S’well bottle lover like I am?!


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