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i have an issue with online gaming. See, I’m not the gamer. My kids and husband are. In a world of busy family schedules, work, sports, school, figuring out dinner, and if you’re a parent, lucky enough to escape for a weekday Happy Hour…Time is tight. There just isn’t enough time in the day. However, when I spot my children in front of their computers, I feel like its been HOURS!!!! Literally, hours…..

Growing, I too played a lot of online video games. The SIMs was my kryptonite. For my husband, he played Counter Strike. Now a days, there’s all these popular online games such as Fornite, and Roblox.

I’ve given in, and looked further into online games and other video games in general!!

Here’s a site to check out more gaming for your loved ones to continue to enjoy.

Do you hate me? LMAO!!! My kids and husband don’t!


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Happy gaming!

Local Baseball Celebrity

In last weekend’s post 5K To Wedding Day: PLUS Surprises, I had mentioned that an older gentleman claimed that my youngest son was on the front of our local bulletin paper. After being a mom-on-a-mission, checking local grocery stores, liquor stores, and asking around, this paper was no where to be found. But I kept getting strangers and other parents declare that he was on there. One other little league parent even had it on his phone. Texted from a family member who thought it was their nephew.

I was so mind boggled that this paper, non-the less the photo of my son was not able to be found online. Seriously, after calling around local new papers, and driving by local closed down paper headquarters, I was finally given an address. Luckily, everything was so close to home. I walked into The ARGUS office here in Fremont, (which, I had to do major calling around just to get their new office location), as well as they are pretty bad at updating their information online.

Front Page

The receptionist was able to help me and provide me 3 copies of the Fremont Bulletin. There you had it, my little 2T right beside the team banner next to his coaches, marching at their Little League Opening Day. My heart filled with warmth and joy, knowing our community has seen my little celebrity. To tell you, even last year, my older son was on the paper as well, and the team mom at the time was able to give me a copy of the paper. (Squeals!) My two children have been in the local paper. I know its not much, but years from now, I’ll be able to share these documented articles and show them how little they were, and how they were a face of their local little league.

Here’s a closer look of Tristan.

Fremont Bulletin

Thank you to the San Jose Mercury News, The ARGUS, and InsideBayArea.


Pre-Teen Apparel

With a 10 year old, who’s entering middle school soon, I am in well preparation for the changes that will be coming along. One thing I remember during the 6th grade was I was caring more about my appearance. My son has a pretty simple cook. Gray fitted pants, high-top vans, and a graphic tee. My son will never go to school in basketball shorts (God Almighty, Hallelujah!!!)

With my pre-teen turning the corner, I know he’ll probably what to add to his current wardrobe. I love being my the personal stylist to my children, but they are entitled to their own style. So I stumbled upon HotKeyGaming.

From hoodies, hats, and even phone cases, this site has apparel for the simple minimalistic gamer, who loves graphic tees, but just toned down, where it’s not too crazy.


If you have some young boys, who are in need for some time graphic tees. HotKeyGaming is the place to shop!



DIY Chore Chart


(DIY Wooden Plank Chore Chart)

My 7 year old has now shown the interest in earning money. He’s quickly understanding the value of hard work. He’s started helping me pair socks together, take out the garbage and recycling, put away game consoles controllers, charge mobile devices/tablets, feed the parakeets, tidy his room and also the playroom. (Just to name a couple.) But now, his service isn’t free. He’s interested in money. What is he saving for? Nothing in particular, but the chance to shop for something at Toys”R”Us or GameStop on his own. What a good boy.

With all the chores he’s able to do, I swiftly needed to create some chore chart. But not any average chore chart you would see being held by a magnet on the fridge, but something custom. Rustic, fun and creative. Something, where I already had many of the supplies here at home. Of course I needed some PINspiration, and I came across The Winthrop Chronicles and her DIY Chore Chart. From there, I knew exactly what I needed.

I knew had some wooden planks I’ve purchased at the antique fair last spring. I purchased a few of them and never once got around to using them. Tucked away under the surface of my craftsman table.

(Off Tangent) Life Experience: 

Many of my antique fair purchases were impulse buys. Completely unnecessary. And a waste of money. That is why I no longer go to them anymore.  I’ve failed to ask myself a few questions before purchasing anything at the antique fair:

  1. Will I realistically use it often?
  2. If Instagram didn’t exist, would I still want it?
  3. Am I buying it because (The Glitter Guide‘s, Taylor Sterling) had it?

    And most importantly,
  4. Is this an impulse buy? (In most cases, yes. They all were.)

Back to my garage. It’s currently a warehouse filled with random antique artifacts. I thought I needed them, but in reality, I don’t. After gathering everything I had from my craft supplies, I headed straight to the hardware store for other tools I needed for the craft.

Plumbing Clamp (Different size plumbing clamps at the hardware store)

What You’ll Need:

  1. Wooden Plank Piece (Antique Fair Buy $5, which I’ve been hoarding.)
  2. Paint (Simple, white acrylic paint)
  3. Paper Clamp (Bulldog Clip)
  4. Scrapbook Paper
  5. 8oz. Mason Jar(s) depending how many children you have.
  6. Pipe Clamps (Plumbing section of your hardware store)
  7. Nails
  8. Hammer
  9. Hot Glue Gun
  10. Computer/Printer
  11. Paper Cutter/Scissors



  1. Purchase a plumbing clamp that fits the size of your mason jar.
  2. Adjust the clamp before nailing. (This shouldn’t be a problem if you do forget to adjust the clamp. But just incase.)
  3. Nail the clamp in the desired spot on the wooden plank.
  4. Attach your mason jar to the nailed clamp and begin hot gluing your bull dog clip.
    Note: Be sure you know where you want to position your text. Make ample room for that!

Nailed Clamp
(Nailed clamp)

5.   Begin painting your text. ‘Chore Chart’ or whatever you plan to title you craft, as well as personalizing your child’s name.

6.   Create document on your computer of the weeks chores. This gives you the freedom to swap out the chores whenever. I’ll be sticking with these chores for awhile, until my boys mature more.

7.   Print and cut out your chore document, and clip on to the paper clamp!

8.   Display your chore chart in your house for your children to see, and refer to everyday!

ChoreChartAnd there you have it! A DIY chore chart!! Be sure to pay your children at the end of the week, if that’s the system you’re working with! You can also just fill the mason jars with lollipops, candy, threats, gift cards, or coins! I love how my boys are growing into young responsible young men willing to help mommy out around the house! It’s honestly bittersweet! No more baby/toddler age, but now ready to become a strong responsible young child!

There are so many advantages to giving kids chores to do around the house. While it can often be easier to just do the household chores yourself, having extra hands to do the simple stuff, makes the day a lot easier to handle. Do you have a system for your children’s chores? Tell me about it! Comment below! I’d love to hear about it!


Thanksgiving Kids Cups

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and while seeing friends and family, I have to make sure my children are we behaved in each household we visit. Having a 7 & 4 year old behave only consists of a couple few things. An electronic tablet or snacks………

Here I present to you, harvest trail mix cups.


These individual sized cups I purchase at my local Smart & Final.

Cups & lids sold separately.

I’ve also seen these cups with lids at the DollarTree, but the size is a bit smaller, and is only sold in a pack of 6 for $1. I actually use the DollarTree brand for my son’s ketchup case for his school lunch, but I purchase a large amount of cups and lids for my son’s birthday party last week, as well as for the holiday give aways.

Whats great about these cups, are they are the perfect sized serving for children, and include a cap. To make it a bit more festive, I added foam harvest leaf stickers which I purchased from Target. You can also find the foam stickers at the Dollar Tree.

Enjoy these great harvest snacks for class snacks for your children, a playdate treat, or even as a favor during a fall themed birthday! Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!


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