Throwback Thursday Craft: LOVE

Does anyone else love the Facebook ‘On This Day,’ feature? I’ve forgotten all the cool crafts I’ve done with the kids when they were young. As my blog is growing, I can’t imagine all the stay-at-home moms stumbling over my blog, in search of festive crafts to do with their kiddos. So, that’s why I’m here as another mother, just documenting the fun, and Pinterest inspiration.

Here’s a throwback craft I did in 2014 (two years ago) with the kids! A few years later, and now my youngest the same age my older son was at the time of this craft!!

Where is time going?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Let me sit here at my desk, and gently weep, and shed a tear….Soon, my kids will no longer want to do these crafts with me..So that’s why I do them now, and document them knowing I once, was a mother who took the time and crafted with her kids. Hopefully, the times will stick, and the boys will remember, as I am..

You’ve all probably seen the love handprint craft on Pinterest countless times. So I’ll make the directions short and sweet.


  • -Acrylic craft paint (2-4 shades from white to pink)
  • -Sponge brush
  • -Canvas


  1. Create an ombre effect as the background of the canvas. Completely cover the canvas.
  2. Set to dry.
  3. Spell out ‘love,’ with a handprint as the o, and footprints of the v.
  4. Set to dry….And viola!!!

Be sure to note the kids ages, and date of the craft!!! This is what makes the keepsake even that much cooler!!!!!

Ghost Footprint

Let’s keep the Halloween crafting going on all week!!!! We’re only 4 DAYS away from Halloween, so enjoy the few day’s last minute decorating, DIYing costumes, preparing delicious snacks for our children’s classrooms and so on!!! Here’s a cute little keepsake I’d like to share with you all mommies, and teachers alike!!! This craft was actually done 5 years ago!!! BUT I finally got around to framing it! It’s simple, and can be done within 5 MINUTES!! (Without drying time of course!) Take a look at my Ghost Footprint Keepsake!! This is great memory keepsake, to remember the fun times as the children are young. Take out this frame every year with your Halloween decor, as you see how much they’ve grown over the years!! Let’s get started!!!



What You’ll Need:

– Black Construction Paper
– White Craft Paint (Washable, I used Tempra paint)
– Sponge Brush
– Black Marker/Sharpie

And of course your little one’s to participate!

As for the keepsake frame, I bought a 5×7″ Black Frame from the DollarTree. It came with a white matting, and I simply decorated it with some left over craft paper.
If you look close enough, its just the alphabet in cursive. But from a distance, it actually looked pretty cool and spooky. I also had some Martha Strewart Halloween Stickers that I had purchased last year, and used a coffin purple sticker to add more color.

The directions are pretty easy:

  1. Just paint your child’s food with the white craft paint, and print their foot on the black construction paper.
  2. Set to dry.
  3. Cut out the footprints fairly close to the footprint, leaving a bit of black as a boarder.
  4. Using your black marker/Sharpie, add in eyes and a mouth of the ghost at the heel of the foot.


At this time, the project is complete and ready to frame in any medium you’d like. Frame it, place it in a photo album, or just put it on the fridge! You can also send the other pair to Grandma & Grandpa, who live far away! Enjoy this craft, as when the years fly by, every Halloween you’ll have a piece of that little tea cup human, who grows taller, and matures, and grows out of trick-or-treating. (I’m seriously going to cry now. Just thinking about it.) INSERT UGLY CRYING FACE HERE.

They grow up so fast!!

Have a great Halloween everyone!!!


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