Cheap Craft! Clothespin Memo Board

Finding ways to get organized in an aesthetically pleasing way is always a continuous theme in my household. With millions of things running through my mind, I did daily reminders, multiple alarms clocks, dozens of post-it notes, and so much more. Leaving out the door for many of us, we usually have so many thoughts running through our mind. How do we slow it down?

For one thing, I need reminders. Daily affirmations of positive motivation always coming in. As I step my way out of the door, I’m usually in the entry way/garage door entry of my home. I’ve decided to add (yet another) memo board right there, for my eye to catch a quick glimpse of before I leave. In this post, I’ll be sharing one of the EASIEST most affordable memo racks E V E R. Simple. Decorative, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, affordable.

What You’ll Need:

  • Wooden Rack – I purchased mine at my local Daiso Japan, for $1.50.
    For those, who don’t have a Japanese Dollar Store, check out the 99Cent Store/DollarTree, WalMart or just your local craft store!
  • Clothespin Hooks – Again, I purchased mine at Daiso Japan as well, for $1.50
  • Command Strips
    These damage free command strips are my most favorite item to have around the household! You can buy them anywhere from Target/WalMart. | CLICK HERE


  1. Take your wooden memo board, and apply the Command strip on each corner of your board.
  2. Apply pressure to desired surface. I chose the back of my garage door adjacent to my front door entry.
  3. Once stuck to the door, hand your clothespin hooks to memo board.

And VIOLA! That’s it friends! From here, the fun decorating begins…

Memo Board Decor Ideas:

Since the memo board is just a place to hang notes grocery lists, and other very light weight items, I’ve stuck with a color scheme of just green. Green is my favorite color, and by chance* happened to be everything I’ve grabbed to fill this memo board.

  • Personal Photos
    I’ve added photos to the board to make it personal for the family, not just another “mommy’s project,” around the house. The husband and kids appreciate it. Personalize your home, to all of those who live in the home. Not just you. There’s nothing better than seeing pictures of your loved ones before leaving the home. The photos I hung, where a sweet gift from friends given to me a few Christmas’s ago. Printed from my Instagram. You can check out other sites such as: Social Print Studio, Printiki, and Shutterfly to do the same!
  • Motivational Quotes
    I had purchased this flag ornament from Target 2 years ago, and had it on my front door knob for the longest time. I simply took it, and relocated it to the memo board.
  • Faux Greenery
    I’m a fan of faux succulents/Airplants. Yes. I’ve said it. Adding greens add more life to the home. Ideally, real and living…BUT this small little succulent wreath was a little project I did over the summer for some ready to go gifts. (Stay tuned for tutorial!)
  • Art
    Lately, I’ve been into bullet journalling, so my creative doodles, have been really on point lately. Below in the photo was a doodle I did of succulent terrariums on an envelope with my rent check. Yes. I doodle on my rent check envelope. My landlord loves it btw…. 

And how easy was that?! Creating this, was not only less than $5, but also took 5mins to do as well! Creating personalized memo boards create a visual dashboard in your home, dorm room, apartment, or even office.  With a few affordable items, you too can create something just as easy and simply delightful as well!

Be sure to stay tuned for my MINI DIY Succulent Wreath tutorial and a few tid bit ideas on bullet journalling soon!

Have a great weekend!

Snapchat Review

Like there’s already enough social media platforms to be on…I’ve been on Snapchat for the past month. The entire month of July. I wanted to give it a fair try and really immerse myself with the app. To be honest, I’m quite fond of it. It’s basically Twitter and Instagram LIVE, in real time. No pre-decided photos, no fancy fancy filters, just the raw moment that captures bits and pieces of your day. I’ve mentioned it a few times on my twitter, and maybe once or twice on Instagram, incase you missed anything…

For those of you who don’t know what Snapchat is, its a fun messaging application for sharing moments. You can take a photo or a video, add a caption or doodle, and send it to a friend or add it to your Story to share with some or all of your friends. Friends can view Snaps for up to 10 seconds, and then it disappears.


Here’s a snippet of one of my stories earlier this month. I went thrifting for new (or you could say ‘old’) clothes due to my shrinking size (Yay! 25lbs Down!). With these quick video clips, you can capture exactly what’s going on that very moment, no “carefully,” picked out photos taken from an SLR or photos a friend took of you last week. Right, then and there moments. You can also add a a filter (a few options), geotags or for me, I like adding in small text. You can get really creative and capture an entire sequence of things your currently doing, all throughout the day!

It’s a great way for socials to share their everyday lives with these tiny clips called Stories. It’s your Story. Especially if you’re a YouTube vlogger who posts daily, Snapchat is a great way for your followers to continually see the upcoming future footage of the vlog ahead!

Are you on Snapchat?! What are your thoughts and feelings on it? I must add, it was definitely something to get used to.. Search YouTube on How To Use SnapChat. LOL! (I did!)

Add me on SnapChat (tiffanymaca)! It may convince me to start vlogging.


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