Throwback Thursday Craft: LOVE

Does anyone else love the Facebook ‘On This Day,’ feature? I’ve forgotten all the cool crafts I’ve done with the kids when they were young. As my blog is growing, I can’t imagine all the stay-at-home moms stumbling over my blog, in search of festive crafts to do with their kiddos. So, that’s why I’m here as another mother, just documenting the fun, and Pinterest inspiration.

Here’s a throwback craft I did in 2014 (two years ago) with the kids! A few years later, and now my youngest the same age my older son was at the time of this craft!!

Where is time going?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Let me sit here at my desk, and gently weep, and shed a tear….Soon, my kids will no longer want to do these crafts with me..So that’s why I do them now, and document them knowing I once, was a mother who took the time and crafted with her kids. Hopefully, the times will stick, and the boys will remember, as I am..

You’ve all probably seen the love handprint craft on Pinterest countless times. So I’ll make the directions short and sweet.


  • -Acrylic craft paint (2-4 shades from white to pink)
  • -Sponge brush
  • -Canvas


  1. Create an ombre effect as the background of the canvas. Completely cover the canvas.
  2. Set to dry.
  3. Spell out ‘love,’ with a handprint as the o, and footprints of the v.
  4. Set to dry….And viola!!!

Be sure to note the kids ages, and date of the craft!!! This is what makes the keepsake even that much cooler!!!!!

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