Shit Sandwich

My current summer read has been Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.’ Author of ‘EAT, PRAY, LOVE,’ Gilbert covers the creative process, and the bravery required to pursue our passions. For anyone who’s ever struggled with feeling worthy to express themselves through art, or been discouraged by the absence of inspiration, I’m not being hyperbolic when I say this book might change your life.
Relaxing poolside reading ‘Big Magic,’ is my summer jam. I’ve consumed myself with reading, every second I can. When I’m not blogging, editing movies, or hanging out with my family, I fill me time reading this book. Sometimes re-reading chapters. It totally hits the spot for those who sometimes get scared from the creative process. I’ve been bringing this book with me everywhere I go, from the bed, coffee shop, to poolside. I’ve attracted other mom’s filled with curiosity,  about this book. And boy I tell you….It’s so worth reading!!
BIG MAGICBelow is a snippet from one of my favorite chapters called “Shit Sandwich”
Taken from Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Big Magic’
What’s your favorite flavor of shit sandwich?
Everything sucks sometime. You just have to decide what sort of suckage you’re willing to deal with. So the question is not so much “What are you passionate about?” The question is “What are you passionate enough about what you endure the most disagreeable aspects of the work?”
>>If you truly love having babies, for instance, then you don’t care about the morning sickness
>>If you truly want to see the world, you’ll risk getting pick pocketed on the train.
>>If you truly want to practice your figure skating, you’ll get up before dawn on cold mornings to go to the ice rink and skate.
Because if you truly love and want something enough–whatever it is—then you don’t really mind eating the shit sandwich that comes with it.
I’ve seen people love things with all their heart, but it turns out, they didn’t want to eat the shit sandwich that comes along with their pursuit.
Which leaves me hungrily eyeballing their half eaten shit sandwich, wanting to ask “Are you going to finish that?”
Can we all agree, we all somehow have half eaten a shit sandwich. Sometimes it takes us awhile to finish it, but it’s all out of the process. I can’t stand it, when I see half eaten shit sandwiches around. Because, there are so many other people out there willing to eat it all up!!!
To any of you our there trying to pursue something…….Stick with it, and take the shit from the shit sandwich. It’s part of the learning process. Wheeeew. I’m getting pretty emotional writing this post. Not to knock on anyone, but I’ve been touchingbase with a few peers, and talk about what they’ve been up too, and I believe it’s a little saddening to hear, all they’ve been doing to binge watching Game Of Thrones. They are soo emotionally invested, they can’t bare to balance anything else? Possibly something productive? I personally, do not watch the show, because I have no time. I’m not saying it’s a bad series.
But I would rather do something a lot more productive in life. So here’s to our shit sandwiches. Whatever it is in life. Take a huge bite of it, and enjoy!!
Hope you all are enjoying your summer so far!!!

Stay Cool For The Summer

Being a June baby, summer is my jam. If it’s one particular season during the year, that I am the most relaxed, and capitalize my time, and really know how to enjoy life its summer. Good vibes and tan lines are basically are you need, This summer, the family and I have a pretty relaxed summer. We opted out of two weddings!! Yes two weddings!! We decided not to attend. It’s not that we dislike the bride and groom, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with saying no.

From a rough summer last year, of having the hubby go though an achilles injury (from basketball), and not able to go out as a family all summer, that was extremely difficult for me. Family time is always needed. So last year, I focused my time and energy on self-help, health and happiness. I trained with a trainer, and trained all summer for runs (5Ks, 10Ks, and ended the year with 2 half marathons.) You can check out more of my health journey HERE.

This summer, the hubby is healthy and at a wonderful state of mind of becoming stronger more than ever. We’re in a new city, a new home, and explore every single day what’s around us. Financially, we’re ok. The move 2 hours up, from the Bay Area to Sacramento, took a huge bite into the bank account, but it was worth it. Vacations this summer may/ or may not happen, but we’ll see what we can do. But honestly, living in a new city….It’s been feeling like we’ve been on vacation since we’ve moved!!!!

Here’s some helpful tips on making summer great without packing your bags and buying a plane ticket to paradise. I promise you, summer isn’t all about the sand, and tropical climates!

Check out my OUTDOOR list for a free budget friendly summer!!!!
(Bay Area & Sacramento Favorites!)

  1. Hike
    Derrick and I love to hike. Especially with out 9 year old son Jaeden. Living in Sacramento, we’re closer to Lake Tahoe and Yosemite!! We’re also very close to Aburn, which has fantastic parks and recreation! When we visit family back home in the Bay Area, we always make sure to make a morning hike at Mission Peak! That hike definitely works you.Visit a local bookstore or bike store for trail maps, or check out Trails.com for hiking trails near you.
  2. Evening Stroll
    The hubby works from home, and can usually get caught up with a lot of work on his plate. It’s important to get outside and get some fresh air! Usually after dinner, the family will take a nice evening stroll around the neighborhood. It’s the perfect time and weather for it too, as the sun sets, and temperature is cooler.
  3.  Bike
    Biking is our new family favorite. Now, that both our children can ride on their own without training wheels we can enjoy bike rides all over town! Sacramento is actually the bike friendly city! Paved trails are everywhere, and take you anywhere in Sacramento to Davis to Folsom! Make a day out of it with packed lunches, lots and lots of water! If your city hosts food truck meet-ups or evening concerts at the park, biking would be a great option for travel!! (You don’t have to worry about parking!)

  4. Visit a National Park
    Save the date!!! August 25th!! Is the National Park Service’s birthday!!! They’re celebrating by giving everyone a FREE pass!!! Click HERE to find a park near you!If you’re in California this includes:
    Cabrillo National Monument
    Death Valley National Park
    Joshua Tree National Park
    Lassen Volcanic National Park
    Lava Beds National Monument
    Muir Woods National Monument
    Pinnacles National Park
    San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
    Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks
    Whiskeytown National Recreation Area
    Yosemite National Park
  5. Hit The Beach (or the river!)
    Obviously, depending where you live you can visit your near by beach! Now living in the central valley, I’m a lot closer to the rivers. I actually live right across the Sacramento River! Chill out, grab your favorite book, sand toys for the kids, and floaties!!!
  6. Fruit Picking!
    I grew up spending summers cherry picking!! Although, the locals in my community have suggested apple picking at Apple Hills farms a little up North Sac. I personally have not done it yet, but do plan to visit during the Fall!!
  7. Plan a Picnic
    Sandwiches, salad wraps, hot dogs & hamburgers..Have a family picnic at a local park!
  8. Fly a Kite
    Head to an open field and have fun! My kids love kite flying!!
  9. Play in a Creek/River
    In the Bay Area, there was a park called The Frog Park (Rockridge/North Oakland). I’d usually take the kids there for the awesome play structure and sand box. But they had an incredible creek/pond like water area for the kids! Now, we’re closer to a river, so walking down the road takes us to nice little beach were the kids can splash and play in the sand.
  10. Check out Farmers Market
    Back in Fremont, we lived walking distance to the Irvington Farmers Market. It was definitely our family go to every Sunday, especially after an early morning hike. Here in Sac, in the melting pot of agriculture, Farmers Markets, are as popular as Starbucks drive thru’s!!!! Check out Sacramento’s Farmer’s Market’s HERE.


Well, that’s what I have for now. Stay tuned for more summer to do’s and activities! I’ll be sharing a lot more all summer long!

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