Cacti Art

This rainy transition of winter turning to spring, has me with a green cactus crafty thumb. Rainy days usually have the family and I stuck in house, only willing to go out, for groceries, or a quick coffee-run. Otherwise, you’ll find us inside, cozy, and crafting.

Here are a few cactus crafts I absolutely LOVE!!!

Pinterest Cactus Pinspiration:

Above are a few crafty cactus crafts I think are so so adorable for words, I had to share!! Take a look at these awesome bloggers and their cactus crafts!

(Bottom Right)

A Blooming Cactus

By: APreschoolPlaybook

(Bottom Left)

Paper Cactus Garland

By: Lia Griffith

(Top Right)

Cactus Coloring Page

By: Kristyn, from Lil’ Luna

(Top Left)

Finger Painting Cacti Art

By: CullensAbcs YouTube Channel

I totally love all four of the above crafts, but below I’ll share one of the 2 I had chosen to do with my children this wintery February.  Below, is my rendition of the APreschoolPlaybook’s ‘A Blooming Cactus craft. Let’s get started!

What You’ll Need:

  • Green Colored Construction Paper (White, or any background color construction paper for your cactus scene.)
  • Pencil
  • Green/Yellow/Orange Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Sponge Brush
  • Glue Stick
  • Plastic Fork
  • Scissors

Directions for you Cactus Desert Scene:

  1. With your pencil and green colored construction paper, free hand different sized cactus plants.
  2. Cut out your cactus’
  3. Glue onto your background colored choice of paper.
  4. Taking another shade of glue (light colored preferred) have your child use the plastic fork as the brush, and paint strokes on each cactus.

Super easy right? And super cute!!! Stay tuned, as I’ll post the next cacti craft on a separate post! These crafts are perfect to do during a rainy day, or even during the summer, when the weather is hot, and the cacti are blooming.

Happy cacti crafting!!!

Throwback Thursday Craft: LOVE

Does anyone else love the Facebook ‘On This Day,’ feature? I’ve forgotten all the cool crafts I’ve done with the kids when they were young. As my blog is growing, I can’t imagine all the stay-at-home moms stumbling over my blog, in search of festive crafts to do with their kiddos. So, that’s why I’m here as another mother, just documenting the fun, and Pinterest inspiration.

Here’s a throwback craft I did in 2014 (two years ago) with the kids! A few years later, and now my youngest the same age my older son was at the time of this craft!!

Where is time going?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Let me sit here at my desk, and gently weep, and shed a tear….Soon, my kids will no longer want to do these crafts with me..So that’s why I do them now, and document them knowing I once, was a mother who took the time and crafted with her kids. Hopefully, the times will stick, and the boys will remember, as I am..

You’ve all probably seen the love handprint craft on Pinterest countless times. So I’ll make the directions short and sweet.


  • -Acrylic craft paint (2-4 shades from white to pink)
  • -Sponge brush
  • -Canvas


  1. Create an ombre effect as the background of the canvas. Completely cover the canvas.
  2. Set to dry.
  3. Spell out ‘love,’ with a handprint as the o, and footprints of the v.
  4. Set to dry….And viola!!!

Be sure to note the kids ages, and date of the craft!!! This is what makes the keepsake even that much cooler!!!!!

Vampire Handprint

As always, I was on Pinterest searching up a good kids craft for my children and also for my sons 2nd grade class. I come into the classroom every Friday afternoon and do a craft. As a crafty class mom, I love doing these crafts. If I could, I would want to come in at least 2 or 3 times a week to do arts & crafts with them.

In the spirit of Halloween I found this great Vampire craft by Michelle from (Crafty Morning). This is such a great Halloween art project your children or students will enjoy!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Construction Paper (Colors: White, red, and black)

Tempra Paint (Colors: Brown, white, black)

Goggly Eyes

Paint Brush





1.  For a nice realistic skin tone, you’ll need to mix the brown and white tempra paint.

2.  Once Mixed, paint skin tone color to the palm of the hand, as well as the thumb.

3.  Add black paint to the 4 leftover fingers, with a widows peak detail.

4.  Place painted hand on white construction paper, and set aside to dry.

Hand Hair HandPaint Handprint1 Handprint

5.   Take your red, and black paper and cut the body and collar of the vampire.

6.   Using scraps of white and red paper, cut out little triangles for the bowtie and white shirt.

7.   Glue your pieces together on white paper.

8.   By this time your handprint should be already dry, and ready to cut and paste.

9.   Once your handprint it cut out, glue your goggley eyes in place.

10.   Draw in a smile, and add 2 teeth like fangs. (Red or white using scraps of construction paper.)


At this point your vampire should be completely dry and display in the classroom or on the fridge!

Happy crafting!

(Insert vampire evil laugh here!) Ah, ah, ah, ah!


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