Low Budget Spooky Style

Get inspired to create simple and easy Halloween decoration accents on a dime with these Dollar finds!! Holiday decorating inside and outside doesn’t always mean going to HomeGoods and Michael’s. Aim high for do-it-yourself, low budget ideas by shopping at thrift stores and the Dollar store!

Low budget halloween decor can be found anywhere from dollar stores, thrift stores, drug stores and any retailers that have dollar sections! Take advantage of those dollar areas at your local drug store! You’ll be surprised on all the cool clearance items you can used for the spooky holiday!Skulls1

Bottom Pic: Skeleton placed in a metal shaped pump tea light holder I purchased at a thrift store, styled with a fake decorative pumpkin. To the right of it, is a leaf candy dish also thrifted.

Achieve spooky style with small accessories. Check out my tombstone figures and skulls I purchased at the Dollar Tree. These are placed in random spots around my household. It creates that Halloween ghosty feel, without taking up too much room.


The Dollar Tree skeletons were originally part of a garland, with a total of 5 skeletons. I simply, cut them off the twine, and add them randomly around the house.


Here, I’ve styled Halloween books and a scary sound soundtrack that I’ve collected as child (from Scholastic Book Orders!), and placed them in a old candy bucket. I’ve set an old spooky net rag, also from the Dollar Tree, and added another skeleton for that special spooky touch!

Check out the blog for more low budget Halloween decor and more!


Succulent Skulls

I’ve been thrifting Halloween items all month. I’m too too big with Halloween decorating, but I do like adding a few accent pieces here and there. But of course, every year my collection of “few,” accent pieces grows, and grows.  Every upcoming holiday I’m always on the hunt for something unique, low budget, and chic. I’m not trying to break my wallet with holiday decorative pieces, so thrifting for holiday decor is always something fun for me to hunt for. My latest Halloween thrift store score were these really cool skull tea lights each for $0.50!

Here’s an easy quick thrift store transformation on these cool succulent skulls made out of a tea light. Simply, spray paint, and style! These succulent skulls are perfect to place on your mantel, coffee table, or china hutch, to add that touch of spooky spice to your home!

To keep this Halloween decorative project, low budget and fabulously frugal, search for Halloween pieces at thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets! Also, be sure to check your craft supply stock if you have any existing spray paint or acrylic paint.

I craft a lot with succulents, and have my own small garden of them. So I’m always clipping my succulents from my stash, and using the potting soil, and other gardening supplies I already have on hand.


Halloween Decorative Tea Light

– High Gloss Paint (White or Black)

-Succulents (Succulent Clippings) Air Plants

-Plastic Shot Glass (Dollar Tree)

-Gardening Soil



  1. Spray paint your Halloween tea light with your high glass spray paint.
  2. Apply short light strokes of spray paint.

    I did a number of coats before the original color of the skull was completely gone.

  3. Set to air dry, OR to speed up the process take a electric fan and set to the highest setting to dry.
  4. Air dry for 1 hour.
  5. Check your painted pieces, and begin styling them with succulents.
  6. Take your plastic shot glass and fill with potting soil. You may have to trim down the cup to have it fit within the tea light.


Completed look!

I placed the tea lights on a black wooden tray which I purchased from Target for $3 (Dollar Spot). The white on black is so chic, and the tea lights used as a succulent planter gives it an alternative use! Try mixing with other Halloween favorites such as a pumpkin tea light I thrifted and spray painted too!

Give your home an edgy look with some serious pizzazz, decorating it with this fully glam high gloss (thrifted) succulent planter!


Pumpkin Poo

We’re midway into October, so I want to start to share with you some fun cool treats to make for your children’s class, or even trick-o-treaters! I have a lists of DIY projects to do, especially since my youngest is turning 5 next month! Eeekkkk!! Let’s get Halloween crafts out of the way shall we? This Halloween, I’ll be preparing some snack bags for both of my boys’ Halloween class parties. It’s peanut free, and perfect for young ones to snack on!

Buy in bulk and divvy up treats for a cost-saving favor idea.

Buy a large bin of cheeseballs (Target/Costco/Smart And Final) They are the perfect treat to create…..

Pumpkin poop!!

This idea came from Stephanie from Somewhat Simple, that was featured on Eighteen21 (found via Pinterest)

This is my rendition on Pumpkin Poo.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Cheese Balls & Pirate’s Booty (Target)
  • Small Zip Lock Bags (Any Craft Store)
  • Burtch Paper (Dollar Tree)
  • Festive Halloween Scrapbook Paper
  • Stapler
  • Scissors


  • Straight Cutter
  • Velum Paper
  • Halloween Decorative Stickers

The Martha Stewart Halloween stickers were a lucky find from Marshalls for only $2.99! Search around discount retailers such as Ross, Big Lots, TJMaxx and HomeGoods. Check out their stationary section, you’ll be surprised what kind of products they have, and a great price!

 The directions are quite easy to follow just by the pictures. Only extra step, are the labels. I’m a huge fan of layers, and gluing labels above textured/decorative paper. Using velum (drafting paper) as a label is my cup of tea. It may not work for everyone, but that’s were you can personalize the project.


  1. Pre-measure the butcher paper to the same width of the zip lock. Then fold over, and staple.
  2. Once stapled, add in your decorative Halloween sticker. I used the Martha Stewart boarder stickers, and placed them on the bottom half of the butcher paper.
  3. Create a word document of the “Pumpkin Poo…just for you!” phrase and print on velum, or whatever chosen paper sheet of your choice.
  4. Print, cut, and glue. After that you’re basically ready to serve to share with your little ones, neighbors, students or kids classmates!

I hope you and your children enjoy this fun little pumpkin treat!

Have a Happy Halloween!!


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