The Banyan Tree

It’s been a year since we’ve moved to Sacramento, and with many of the amazing things that make Sacramento has to offer, one this that Sacramento is very proud of is their local businesses (and also how affordable it is, compared to the San Francisco Bay Area.) I started coloring my hair late of 2015, and was always paying around $200 dollars for a color and cut. With mid-length hair, and going to multiple East Bay Hair Salons, every time I could come in during 2015- early 2016, the prices would rise significantly, and the customer service was never genuinely there.

I first found The Banyan Tree through the “Visit Sacramento” Instagram accounts. Having moved from the Bay Area, I had faith in finding the right hair salon within Midtown. Midtown Sacramento  is a historical district and neighborhood just east of Downtown Sacramento, from the Sutter District to the Handle District, Midtown provides an eclectic mix of boutiques, bars, galleries and restaurants, which is why I had faith in finding the perfect salon for me. Midtown’s unique charm and spirit always leaves you in a place of discovery. Midtown’s boundaries are from 16th – 29th, B – W street, conveniently located near the Capitol and accessible from major freeways.

The Banyan Tree


2311 S St.

Sacramento, CA 95816



Kristina Fong is my stylist and I can’t thank her enough for color-correcting my lion-esque hair with a 7 month grown out balayage!!! She’s so chill, easy to talk to, and definitely will put you at ease, as you get your hair beatified. Times at other salons I’ve been to, hair colorists wouldn’t even talk much to me, and just color and leave me be. Kristina can actually hold down a conversation, and makes your experience at the Banyan Tree totally worth-while.

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Below was my first color correction appointment, last October in 2016.

The Banyan Tree is a family owned and operated hair salon, that has a ongoing emphasis on love, respect, creativity, and professionalism.

The Banyan Tree is a Davines exclusive salon. Davines hair products are made with high grade, natural ingredients, created in an environmentally sustainable manner.

You can read more about The Banyan Tree HERE.

I get compliments regularly on my cuts, strangers, friends, all notice the perfect lines and stop to say so. I can’t tell you how great it is to have that I have extreme high faith with my stylist, just talk with them and let them do what they do, you will never look better! I look forward to my future cuts and color appointments forever at The Banyan Tree.


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