Watches for Him

The husbands birthday is coming up. And other than, gift baskets, something DIY’d, or a cute handprint craft made from the kids, I wanted to take it a notch. I’m now working, and can actually buy my husband a gift without using his own money…. (YAS!!!)

After years of being a stay-at-home-mom, I’ve always been a bit reserved with the gifts i get for my husband. This year, things are different. Mama is finally, making great leaps, and bounds, contributing to the household, in a financial way, and I’m so proud to be able to!! (See previous posts on me going back to work full time…)

So…What to give, what to give?!?! A blazer form Nordstrom? A top of the line, traveling laptop backpack form TUMI?! I’m so excited to pick and choose a high quality gift for him.

I wanted something elegant, sophisticated, masculine, and also timeless……

I ended up coming across a few watch brands that provide everything from luxorious feel end watches, active watches. modern classics featuring a minimalist silhouettes, and ALL are refined by the influence of functionalism & modernism.Designed carefully to maintain its beauty effortlessly. All these watches are timeless for every wrist, for every generation.

Armare Watches | eWatches | | DMC Watch | WEwood


I literally squealed when I stumbled upon these brands!!!!

Price point is around $300-$500, which makes sense for luxury end watches. What’s nice is, my husband cares less for brandname, just as long as he’s getting the high quality item,  and token of appreciation from my heart (and hard earned money) this gift is totally worth it!


They all have a women watch collection too!

Happy Shopping!


P.S: Don’t forget, Father’s Day is around the corner!


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