DIY Berry Basket Gift

Shortly after my birthday, the school year ends along with little league season. After 20+ games, and practices, the teams usually have their end of season party. During this time the players receive their awards, and coaches and team parents say their thank you’s to everyone who were involved. This season, I was able to hit it off with my older son’s team mom Staci. A Hawaii native, and currently a stay-at-home mom just like me, with two boys, we were able to totally hit if off from the start!

It’s was such a pleasure to tag-team with her as she and I did the creative aspect for our little league team. From setting up really early for Spirit day, making Easter treats, and little goody bags for the players, I love giving and creating cutesy quaint gifts for the players to enjoy! Really, it was a joy to make them, and also a joy to know that you all loved them!

She was such an awesome team mom, I just want to thank her for an awesome season! Seriously, she was ne of the best, most organized Team Mom’s e v e r. Especially handing it all with her 2 year old at your hip (At every game, and every practice!) Her structured order, systemized ways, were obviously effective and well received with the players, coaches, as well the parents. She definitely make it look like nothing! Purely effortless!! As a mom, she’s inspired me to become more involved in my children’s extra curricular activities! I hope in the near future I can step out of my comfort zone to become a team mom just like her!!!

Team Mom Berry Basket

This can also be applied to a Class Mom, staff volunteer, Office gift, or Teacher gift!


Here’s What You’ll Need:

-Berry Basket ($7.99, Michaels)

– Chalk Board Signs ($1.50, Michaels)

-Gift Tags ($1.50, Michaels)

-Chalk Pen ($4.99, Michaels)

-Decorative Shred (Dollar Tree)

(Everything above can be is sold at Michael’s Craft Store, be sure to use your 40% Coupon!) 


Gift Fillers

From here, it all depends on your expenses and what you’d like to purchase for your team moms. I just wanted common items most women would have in their purse.



-EOS Lip Blam

-EOS Lotion

Everything above was purchased at Target ($1.99-$3.99 Each)

Later Added, but not shown….

-Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial PocketBac

-Bath & Body Works Mini Candle


Directions For Prepping Your Berry Basket:

1.) Fill your berry basket with the decorative shred. (I personally love paper shred. It’s the perfect filler for any gift basket, and is every easy to style with.) 

2.) Place your gift items inside, with larger (taller) items set in the back. Style from back to front.

Example: I placed the tissue and KIND bar towards the back, and placed my anti-bacterial, lip balm, and smaller gifts towards the front.

3.) With your Chalkboard garden sign, write the names of the special people you will be presenting these gifts to.

There were multiple moms that helped contribute to the baseball season for my son’s Minor B team. From score keeper, dugout mom, and team mom, all these ladies do it for their children. They not only care for their own children, but for the rest of the boys on the team.


So, I had these chalk pens for awhile, which I purchased for a wedding last March. They were a set of 4, with white, pink, orange, and purple. It was such a coincidence that those colors besides the white perfectly tied in with the berry basket gift idea. Don’t you love happy little accidents?!?! (It’s like finding cash in your clothes!! A total art supply SCORE!)

Now, I’m a perfectionist. And I am no professional wedding calligrapher, but I did attend art school for a bit and know my way around photoshop and have many resources for many, many, many fonts.  So, writing the font for the chalksign was quite easy for me to duplicate. Nowadays, I’ve seen many creatives going into the calligraphy category of the wedding and event styling industry. Pretty cool. But definitely not for me. I’ve done multiple chalkboard signs for weddings, and events, but I’d never consider doing invites. Hell no. I have better things to do…And I’m not looking to get carpal tunnel, or tendonitis in my wrist. HA!

Have you worked with berry baskets before? I’ve seen them so many times, but never really thought of styling with them, or had the need. Using them as team mom gifts, was the perfect opportunity for me to used them! Now, I might just buy me a porcelain berry basket!!! (I smell a impulse buy coming up!!) 


Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide
May is finally here and so is the hot weather!! With Spring now inching closer to Summer, the first of the holidays celebrated in May is Mother’s Day! I personally love Mother’s Day, because in my household it means I get the “mental free/mommy-duty-free,” type of day. When the boys were younger, it would be a day were I change absolutely no diapers, and filling up sippy cups as well as cleaning bottles. Now, that the boys are self-efficient, I get a personal day to myself. Usually, we celebrate it with a morning Mother’s Day brunch, which I truly enjoy. This year, I just want to enjoy a Mother’s Day with no plans. Possibly some alone time cleaning out the garage, or in the backyard focusing on my patio project.For us mother’s out there, what are your favorite things to do on Mother’s Day? I’m pretty sure it changes every year, as the kids grow older. I could definitely see myself just wanting a Spa Day, but during the time the kids a young, and actually want to hang out with me, I really want to take advantage of that.Above I created an inspiration board of a Mother’s Day Gift Guide. This off the bat, is a reflection of my personal taste, but I’m sure there are a few viewers who have the same taste and style as I do (I mean, you are reading this blog for a reason aren’t you?) Hehe. Here are a few of my favorites I’m sure mommies would enjoy receiving on Mum’s Day:

#1 NoteBook Journal
What mommy does not write their thoughts and plans on paper? Not everything is documented digitally. Pen & paper is a classic style which I believe will never die.

#2 Coffee Mug
But first coffee. Start the morning with a new cute coffee mug! Checkout some of the amazing coffee mugs on Etsy!

#3 Everyday Make-Up (BB Creme & Lip Balm)
If I were to only have $10 in my pocket to get daily essential makeup from a drug store it would be my favorite BB Cream & lip balm.

#4 iPhone Case
From $35 iPhone cases on Etsy or the AT&T store, for $7 at Marshalls. My favorite cases have always been purchased at my go to discount retailers.

#5 Nordstrom Gift Card
Ummmm…Why not? They have fantastic brands, and an awesome return policy!

Have a Happy Mother’s Day! And Happy 1st Day of May!!
(Uncle Manny!! Wooooo!)

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide



With Valentine’s day next weekend, I’m sure you’re looking for some thrifty gift inspiration. My boyfriend and I really highlight Valentine’s day because our anniversary is the following day! So we typically make the weekend really special. We traditionally have a weekend getaway, treat ourselves out shopping, and make every meal of that weekend together truly exceptional. We’re not married at the moment, so our dating anniversary is extremely precious to us.

I believe it’s important to share your love everyday, not just one day a year. Also being a parent  of two and on a budget, saving up for a house, or other things for our future seems so much more important to me then that Michael Khors watch, or Saint Laurent Leather Shopper handbag. Even on a budget it is important to spoil your loved ones. Attempt making them dinner or favorite desert. I hope you have a love filled Valentines day no matter how you celebrate it!!


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