Blowing Kisses (Bubble Valentine)

Valentine’s is here just in a few days, an as baseball season kicks in, trying to find the time to make a DIY valentine card is quite difficult to find. Last year I made some fun Cupid’s Poop for my son’s 1st grade class. Since time is tight now-a-days, I have to create and fun and easy treat to prepare. Here’s a quick and easy valentine’s day treat to share with your child’s classmates. Take the time to add some personality, and fun to your valentine’s day “card.” This is fun treat to blow kisses towards your valentine. Plus, it contain’s no sugar!

What you’ll need:

  1. Bubbles (Bubble Wands/Favors)
    (I purchased mine from Target for about $3. These fun robot themed bubbles can add a great modern twist to your average Valentine color scheme.)
  2. Silver Round Metal Rim Gift Key Tags. Aqua, 1 9/16inch diameter
    (My older son  came with me in Michael’s, and picked the tags out himself!)
  3. Teal Bakers Twine (or ribbon! Whatever color that cou)
    ($1.99 at Michael’s, we found ours right at the check out line.)
  4. Scissors
  5. Pen

Bubble Valentine's

  1. Pre-write with your child the “To,” “From,” and “Happy Valentine’s Day” with your child is he already know’s how to write. Sadly, we were pressed for time, so mommy had to just do it. (It happens. But mommy, works more efficiently as well.)
  2. Eyeball however long you’d like your twine or ribbon to be, and tie a nice bow around your bubble lid.
  3. Secure gift tag to the favor.
  4. Pass our your Valentine’s!Class Valentine'sHere’s my finish product. Don’t mind one of the tags. I had a brain fart, and I was waiting for my coffee to brew.
    Simple, and easy right?Check out more of my Valentine’s craft inspiration here on my Pinterest page!
    I hope you and loved ones have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I sure know I am!
    (It’s our anniversary weekend! Eeek!! 14years!!)

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Night Before The Wedding

This week I’ve been prepping my family and I for this huge spectacular event for my dear long time friend, and god-sister Rez. As a family, we’re planning to stay the night at the hotel, for a good easy, comfortable transition after a night of partying. Her wedding is this Saturday, and I’ve been prepping for the night before bridesmaid slumber party. I’m sure she’s had it up to here with last minute guests adding in, and some dropping. Not only that, her fiancé’s family are from Vietnam, and there are many who are traveling in. Note: It is about to be a 400+ guest wedding.

My dear friend Rez is also a DIY bride, who’s handling 40+ manzanita branches, with crystals to transfer from Manteca to San Ramon in U-Haul truck. Good bless her soul on trying to transfer those centerpieces! That’s just one of the many struggles of this upcoming wedding!

Bridesmaid Slumber Party Prep

With the Friday night approaching, I’m trying to achieve a fun relaxing night for her to make all the wedding stress leave her. Starting with decorating our hotel room, and sharing some bridesmaid gifts, and a custom personal made, last bride-to-be gift. I want the slumber party to be perfect so I have looked hard for decorations and even a List of questions for Never Have I Ever!

Target Spritz

Tying in with her bachelorette tea party, I thought having spring floral would be a nice elegant modern touch to the night before the wedding. I purchased these Target Spritz floral decorations, from paper plates, napkins, tissue pom pom garland, balloons, and gift wrap, which I plan to use as a backdrop in the hotel room for our slumber party.

Many of the items were $3.99. Totally affordable, and certainly cute for the night before the wedding hotel slumber party. As thrifty person I am, I try my best to buy low-priced, inexpensive items. So after purchasing these items, I sent out bridesmaid email for each bridesmaid to provide hotel snacks and desserts! The girls have responded, and we’re surely ready to go!! The other MOH, the brides sister will also be helping with fun photo booth style pics, bridesmaid movies, and games!

Maid Of Honor Gift: Captured Moments

In addition to this upcoming bridesmaid slumber party, I’ve made each bridesmaid a special gift. A gift from the Maid Of Honor. A thank you gift to the ladies, for dealing with my endless amounts of wordy wedding emails, planning, coordinating, GoogleDoc sharing, and just non-stop reminders about wedding festivities!!! This is such a cheap affordable gift to make, that will get a rave of thanks you’s from your bridesmaids.

What You’ll Need:

  • Gold Frames (5×7) I purchased mine from the DollarTree
  • Krylon Gold Glitter Blast
  • Old Newspaper/Recycled Cardboard
  • Costco Photos
    Gold Frames

You can do this craft of any color you like. I choose to compliment the gold from the Target gold/floral Spritz decorations. I also printed my photos from Costco, not only because its convenient, but one of the cheapest photo labs in my area, that as great online pick-up services.


  1. Remove the backing of the picture frame and glass, having just the frame exposed.
  2. Place the frame on top of some old news paper or card board on the ground.
  3. Spray your gold glitter onto the frame. Lightly spray each frame, with a couple coats of glitter.
  4. Set to dry.
  5. Once dry, place your photos into the frame.

The photos were taken just last weekend during her English afternoon bachelorette tea party!! I simply uploaded the photos, and picked them up later in the week. The spray painted frames only took a couple minutes as well! So, here for you current MOH/Bridesmaids, take this idea and share with your bridal party!

Viola! A thank you wedding keepsake for your bridesmaids, maid from your maid of honor!!

Photo Keepsake

6 Gold Frames (DollarTree): $1 Each

Costco Photos (Costco PhotoCenter):$0.39 per each 5×7 print

Krylon Gold Glitter Blast Spray Paint (Michael’s Craft Store): $7.99 (40% Coupon: $4.79)

Total spent: $15


Time For Tea

If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Instagram, you would probably know that I am one of the MOH for my friends wedding this upcoming weekend. It is very much a huge compliment to be named one of the right-hand women. My friend evidently had chosen me because she thought of me as being organized, loyal, and reliable enough for her to trust me as her voice of reason. My job: for her to come to me in happy moments and sad.  I know the bride pretty much inside and out. I clearly know when to hold back, and when to chime in.

This past weekend we celebrated the bachelorette party. The brides sister and  also the other MOH, decided to reserve a room at Crown & Crumpet Tea Shop & Cafe in San Francisco. Right in the heart of Japantown along Post St. this tea cafe provides stylish rooms, traditional English tea salon experience, with stylish and sparkling decor.

Time For Tea

Above is the lower main tea area of the cafe. Walk in welcome, reservations can also be made. When we first walked in the afternoon, this place was packed! From young girls with their mothers, to teens, to older adults. To anyone who enjoys little the details, cute ambiance, and just the feeling of feeling like a princess this place is for you!

The bachelorette party was held in a private room, just up the steps from the main level. The room was decorated with vintage china plates nicely arranged on the main wall, titled “Great wall of china.” Sitting 10 ladies, ou afternoon tea began with  our dedicated Trolley Dolly host to look after our party. Served “family style” on silver three tiers with a selection of tea sandwiches and warm savories. Warm fruit scones can be served with strawberry jam, lemon curd, and clotted cream. Delish!!


I created some festive partea favors for the ladies attending. I was inspired by Roses and Teacups‘ tea bag. Creating a tea bag party favor for guests to go home with a little something. Although you can buy tea bag favors from different places, they are easy to make. Here’s how:

Things You’ll Need:

  • Colored Organza Bags
  • Fake Spring Flowers
  • Tea Packets
  • Tea Candle
  • Chocolates
  • Tags
  • Washi Tape
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pen/Calligraphy Pen

Tea Favors


  1. Purchase your organza bags, tea bags, tea lights, and any other fillers you’d like to fill and style your favor bag with.
  2. Take your washi tape and wrap around each tea light candle.
  3. Using your pen/calligraphy pen, write something such as “Time for tea, with the bride to be!” and date.
  4. Open and fill your organza bags (1Tea Packet, 1Tea Light, 2 chocolates) or anything else you plan on adding.
  5. Cut fake flowers and tape to the top of the tag.
  6. Tie tag around the bags. Style/position fake flowers.

The favors were an extra personal touch to add to our afternoon Bachelorette tea party. Although Crown & Crumpet also provided a nice goodie bag, including my custom organza favor bag was a pleasant addition, as gift from yours truly the Maid Of Honor….


Pottery Barn Inspired: DIY Chalk Globe

With the new year here and new resolutions made, one of the many cravings I thirst for this year is traveling. Even if its a road trip up to the Pacific Northwest, a trip to Chicago, New York, or flying out to Europe to visit family in France (My boyfriends sister lives in Bordeaux). To keep the inspiration and desire to travel going, having a nice decorative globe in the house would be a great reminder to plan a trip.

Here’s a DIY chalkboard globe I made just a few days ago. Super easy, and a cheap affordable decorative piece to add to your home.

All you need is:

-World Desk Globe

-Chalk Paint


Thrifted Globe

(Thrifted Desk Globe, $7)

I’ve seen decorative globes before especially at HomeGoods. But there was one in specific chalkboard globe that I really liked from Pottery Barn. Unfortunately, do not shop at Pottery Barn because its definitely out of my price range. Along with Z Gallerie and Restoration Hardware. But I do occasionally walk through those retailers and gather as much inspiration as possible. Here’s the link to Pottery Barn’s Chalkboard Globe.

A few years ago, I went thrifting and stumbled upon a brown desk globe for $7. I purchased it with intentions to use it as a decorative office display, or a bookshelf accessory. After we moved the globe some how found a home in the garage. Once the new year arrived, I started doing some garage cleaning and craved for a new diy project. Tying in with my determination to travel for the new year, I thought this globe would be perfect to give it another purpose with a fresh new decorative life.

With chalkboard paint already on hand, I wiped the dusty globe down with a damp towel and started painting. After 4 coats, and drying it over night, the globe was complete! The thing I love about chalkboard paint, is you can customize any phrase, quote, joke, on any surface! Painting a world globe only gives me a reason to quote phrases to inspire me to travel. With that….Where shall we go to next? Barcelona? New Orleans? Rio? Vancouver? Waco, Texas?
DIY Chalk Globe

 I have this desire to explore. Don’t you?


Craigslist IKEA Duktig Hack


Ikea Duktig Hack Before & After

Everyone. With the new year here I’m creatively charged, and the juices are flowing. The first week of 2015, I’ve focused the week on Craiglist Ikea Hack. If you’re an Ikea lover like I am, you probably have heard of Ikea Hackers. Ikea Hackers is a site about modifications on and repurposing of Ikea products. Hacks, because it may be as simple as adding an embellishment, some others may require power tools and lots of ingenuity. (Read more about Ikea Hackers here.)

With Ikea Hackers and Pinterest, I’ve obsessed about this one particular children’s product for years. The Ikea Duktig. During the holidays I was considering purchasing the product, but couldn’t persuade myself to buy it. Then lightning struck. Why don’t I check Craigslist? This product is quite popular on Craigslist, and could be found for about $50-$80. With my luck, I consistently found the kitchen every week being sold in different cities, all more that 40mins away. On Craigslist, I really haggle and see if the seller would be interested in bringing the price down since I’ll be traveling. For weeks, I kept refreshing my browser in search for the kitchen.

Christmas came to a near, and my idea of getting the kitchen was a fail. But I still pursued to look for the kitchen. Come New Years Eve I found it!!!! Someone in my area was selling it for $35!!! The post was only 3 hours old, so I knew I had a good chance. After exchanging emails, texts and phone calls with the mother selling the kitchen, I was able to schedule the pick-up New Years Eve! Who does Craigslist pick-ups on NYE? ME! I was THAT determined. The seller even offered if I’d like to come later after the holidays, but I wanted to take no chances to loosing the exact product, at the perfect price! Seriously people. I’ve gone through so many great items that have slipped through my fingers, just because of rescheduling, or not frequently checking my email. Craigslist is pretty cut throat. You see something..Go get it.


I bought this IKEA Kid Play Kitchen on Craigslist for $35 (Retails $100). With a missing backing, a few paint chips, water damage, and sticker residue, I saw the potential of this dearly loved play kitchen. The mother before me bought it a few years ago from a consignment store, and now her son has outgrown the kitchen and wanted to sell the kitchen for a new LEGO set.

I sold the boys old clothes at a consignment store and received $40 in cash, and used the money on materials to redecorate. Here are the new upgrades:

-Whiteboard Back Panel ($1.98, HomeDepot)

-Decorative  Peel & Stick Smart Tile ($5.97 each, 10.25×9.13″, Smart Tile in Muertto Beige, HomeDepot)

-3 LED Easy Push Light (AAA Battery Operated,  Ikea Ramsta)


The biggest impact to this facelift was the new addition to the backsplash using the Smart Tile!! This unique product was easy to install and saves you time and money. The do-it-yourself peel and stick tile concept. The product is so easy to handle, cut and maintain. The tiles can be installed in minutes over a clean and sleek surface without any mess or specialized tools.


I’m so happy how this  turned out, and how fast it took to do it! It’s certainly a great kick start to a great year filled with diy low budget transformations!! I can’t wait to share more with you!!

Do you have the Ikea Duktig for your kids?

Let me know if you’ve added any modifications to yours! I’d love to read about it!!


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