New Mom Gift Basket & New Mom Friends

New Mom Gift

New Mom Gift by tiffanystidings featuring acrylic drinkware

Are you looking for something special to give to a new mom? Here’s a great ‘New Mom,’ gift basket guide I created that would hit a home run for the mom! Trust me, after having two kids of my own, I would’ve cried if a pal had given me a gift like this!

Gift Basket Items:

In no particular order, and not all above are mentioned here are a few staples I think would be perfect for the new mom. Hope your mom pal would find these useful too!

– Baby wipes (for the rest of her life, she will forever need babywipes.)

This is true, coming from a mother of 4 & 8 year old who are WAY beyond the diaper stage. Baby wipes are ALWAYS needed.

– Journal, Pen & Pencils

A mother always have constant things on her mind. What’s for dinner? Do we even have that in the fridge, do we have to do a grocery run? Do we have diapers? When was the last time I fed my baby, which breast did I last fed the baby with? How long was her nursing?

Having a journal or notebook on hand will help any mother. At whatever age her child is at.

– Cups

Having some lovely Custom Styrofoam Cups are really helpful. My friend got some for her child to always have drinks at the ready. A nursing mother doesn’t have much time to keep herself in check so having drinks around to keep her hydrated it really helpful.

– Nursing Cover

Wherever and whenever, a nursing mother should be able to nurse wherever she is. Depending on how comfortable you are with this, some mothers nurse even while shopping. Having a simple nursing cover, also known as Breastfeeding Covers, and sling will make this job much easier instead of closing yourself in – in a public restroom, or fitting room.

– Simple MakeUp

Limp Balm and BB Cream is basically all you need. As a mother, I see no need to glam myself up just to take my son to his gymnastics class. I honestly feel like, I have no time for makeup, as well as it would be wasted time to apply makeup – as I can just spend time with my children.


Earlier this week, I had met my god sister after 2 months of her giving birth to her son. We met at our usual breakfast spot and I greeted her in the parking-lot with a similar gift like above all purchased at Target. My god sister is my first closest friend within my small circle of girlfriends to finally have a child. For many years (8 to be exact), I’ve been patiently waiting for my close friends to get pregnant. During the 8 years of not having my close friends to vibe with about parenting, I’ve found other outlets of finding my mom friends, through playgroups, tiny-tots, little league, and local mommy meet ups. But sometimes it isn’t that easy.

Here’s a Momfession by Rachel Hollis from The Chic Site

“It isn’t always easy to find other mom friends, even when you join every mommy and me group in your town. Don’t lose hope, your tribe is out there, you just haven’t found them yet.”


Meet my godson Augustus (Auggie)

Isn’t he handsome?! He is so attentive, kind, and willing to have anyone hold him. I could cuddle with him all night when I get the chance to babysit him!

Do you have any new mom friends? Were you alone for a period of time being the only mom with your circle of friends? Tell me about it! Comment below! I’d love to hear your stories!


Love Your Home Challenge

I love our home. I love how we’re located in a cute quaint quite cul-de-sac right off the main street and we can hear the sirens of the paramedics going up and down giving us a city feel. I love how we have a large tree in front of our home to give us cool shade all throughout the day. I love our front porch that holds our Craigslist rocking chairs, and found off the curb Pottery Barn Kids picnic table. And I love how we’re exactly a mile away from sons school.

I love our home. To be able to have a roof over our head, I feel very blessed. And yet, sometimes I struggle with taking my blessings for granted! For me, I am so fortunate to have a safe and warm place to not only raise my family, but to nurture my family. We are blesses even further to have a space to decorate and enjoy, and to have land for our boys to roam and play.

We are blessed. This I know.

But I’m only human….And sometimes I want more. I would be lying if I told you I never wished for more funds to decorate or renovate or improve.

Truth is, I’m a little unsatisfied.


Thankfully, I don’t have to settle with the cards I was dealt with, dealing with my dissatisfactions or disappointments.

Right now, you could be asking, what in the heck could you hate or be dissatisfied with your home Tiffany? Honestly, I’m really unhappy with my backyard. This has be a neglected area for quite some time. I never really knew how to take care of if, besides a good old fashioned daily raking of the leaves. BUT! I told myself (with a go-getter attitude) I can own up to the challenge of sprucing up the backyard with what little budget, and things I can make on my own.

Focused Area: Backyard


Problem Area: Backyard Wall


So, this summer – in the fabulous month of July, I’ve made it my project to bring the love, energy, attention and focus to my backyard. I’m going to give myself the Love Your Home Challenge. Just like any trending home decor challenge given over the internet, these challenges are usually given as a focus and commitment to a certain task. Very similar to the Zero Dollar Decorating, and $5 GoodWill Challenge.

I really look forward to tacking this backyard challenge this summer, as I intend to trim, tidy, declutter, and upgrade our current backyard living area, into a whimsical simple garden terrace with play area. I can’t wait!! Here’s what I’m working with so far…..

Pallets, succulents, and Craigslist!  

Follow me here on the blog for more on my summer Love Your Home Challenge!

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Put Out The Fire! Number Recognition Game

Oh my lanta, its hot!! This week its expected to be in the high 80s-90s in my area by 10am!! With the heat wave slowly coming, it puts me in the position to do all my outside activities with my son as early as possible so my preschooler and I won’t be so hot and bothered!! Here’s a fun pin I found on Pinterest of a number recognition game to enjoy with your young tot identifying numbers in the summer blazing heat!!

Put Out The Fire!

Garage SetUp

Put out the fire is a number recognizing game for young preschoolers. My son is currently working on recognizing numbers 1 through 20, but you can use this for any numbers, letters, sight works, or whatever your child is learning about.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Construction Paper (Red, Yellow, White, Orange)

– Scissors

– Glue

– Tape

– Black Marker or Sharpie

– Waterguns

ContructionPaperPut Out The Fire!  Number Recognition Game


1) Taking your scissors and construction paper, free-cut the flames of your fire.

I took about 4 sheets of construction paper and layered them together to accomplish multiple flames within 1 cut. I did this with all the colors, with different widths, shapes and sizes.

2) Glue the flames together mixing  2 different colors and glue.


3) Once all the flames are glued together, write out the numbers you and your child are currently focusing on with a marker. (I did 1-15)

Be sure to make the numbers big & bold, easy to recognize!

4) From here, take your number fire flames, with tape and take the craft outside!

5) On any flat surface (ie: Fence, gate,side of the house, garage door) tape the fire flames on the surface.


During this time, have your preschooler help you stick the flames up. Call our the numbers while placing them. Also, be sure to randomly scatter the numbers.


Garage Target

At this point, you’re pretty much all fired up!! Fill up your child’s water gun and begin identifying the numbers!

Review numbers.

Call them out.

Have your child squirt out water “putting out the fire.” 


Leveling Up:

As your child gets more familiar with the numbers, add more numbers!! And when he/she is old enough start having the adding two numbers to make sums of ten! (..And continue on!)

What are some fun number identification games you know of? Share below!


Summer Chores

With summer vacation already 2 in a half weeks in, I decided to change up our current chore chart. Last February, I made this crafty wooden chore chart that displayed the boys assigned household chores, as well as an award jar. At the end of the week, if all chores were complete the boys would take the reward. My older son, Jaeden gets a dollar and my youngest, Tristan, gets a lollipop. Not everyone is creative when it comes to things like this. But you can always opt for the simple, yet effective option of purchasing a whiteboard through a site like to start allocating tasks for your family to do throughout the house. You can be creative with the rewards though.

The boys have to some extent gotten used to their chores. But as they’re getting older, one just turned 8 and my youngest slowly progressing and developing the chores has a natural habit; I believe its time to freshen up the current chores to a summer chore edition!

They’re current chores are age appropriate chores. Based on my own family’s experience, and seeing what my kids are able to handle. Obviously, my 8 year olds chores are way more advanced than my 4 year olds. Your 4 year old should only really be concerned about basic chores like cleaning up their mess and tidying their clothes, while the 8 year old may be using things like the best upright vacuum cleaners and more challenging chores. Summer is a great time to get kids into the habit of doing chores. With more free time in the morning and evening good habits can take hold before the school year begins again.


Check out my post on how I made this Chore Chart HERE.

Teaching your kids to do chores at a young age is the key to developing a good habits in your children. Here are some of the age appropriate chores I have for my 2 young boys.

Summer Chores

Preschooler (Ages 4-5)

– Help clean playroom

– Put shoes away

– Keep toys organized

– Help collect recycling (Water bottles)

– Bring plate and cup to sink after meal.

– Put dirty clothes into the hamper.

– Wipe up after spills.

Early Elementary (Ages 6-8)

Any previous chores….

– Take out garbage and recycling

– Feed pets

– Put dirty clothes to garage laundry basket

– Vacuum bedroom & playroom

– Clear bunk-bed toys, and remove bedsheets

– Rake leaves

Summer Chores

– Help mommy bringing in groceries

– Meal prep (wash produce & simple cutting)

– Put dishes into sink

– Wipe down bathroom countertops

– Collect

– Get mail

– Wash car

– Fold laundry (towels)

Soon enough, my 8yr old son’s daily chore chart will be integrated with this summer’s chores. I’m really looking forward to my boys helping around the house with these easy simple chores. It’ll make mommys life SO MUCH easier.

Does your household have a chore chart or responsibility chart? Let me know what you have your kids doing! Please share!


Pinecone Pineapple

Here’s a great summer project that will take your kids outside on a hunt, then spend the a crafternoon making fun pinecone pineapples!! I mean, who doesn’t like pineapples? It’s an easy craft they can do this summer! Put on your suntan lotion, grab your sunglasses  and head to your local park or walk around neighborhood, having your kids collect pinecones!



Here’s what you’ll need:

– Pinecones

(If you don’t have any pinecones in your area, they sell pinecones at craft stores. Some, holiday scented in cinnamon.)

– Yellow Acrylic Paint

– Paint Brush/Sponge

– Green Construction Paper

– Scissors

– Small straw/ or any tool that will help you curl up the construction paper.

– Tape


1.) Once you’ve collected the pinecones, I’d suggest cleaning them. If you’re like me and hate little creepy crawler bugs, take your pine cones and toss it into the oven at 350 degrees for about 10-15minutes. Wait to cool down.

If you don’t really care for some dirt, feel free to skip step 1.

2.) Get your yellow paint and paint brush and coat the pinecone. Don’t feel like you have to coat the inside of the pinecone. All you need to do is just paint the outside tips of the pinecone.

This step can be done with any child as old as 1. Have your children get messy while painting!!

3.) Set aside the painted pinecones to dry.


4.) With the green construction paper, cut out grass like strips. I eye-balled my cuts, but feel free to draw it out first, if you like the guide.

This step can be dome with any older children who have good hand and eye coordination.

5.) Using a small straw or tiny cylinder like pen, (I used a CapriSun straw), start curling in the tips of the leaves.

Make sure you add different heights to each leaf!!



6.) Curl in the leaves. Roll it outward, so that your curls are facing outward other than facing each other.

7.) Grab a piece of scotch tape and secure the bottom of the green construction paper.

8.) Insert the green paper to the top of the dried pinecone.

You may need to play around with it, and really stick in the green rolled up leaf, since every pinecone is shapped differently at the top.


And there you go! Perfect pinecone pineapples for to enjoy on a summer crafter-noon!

Want to see more fruit themed summer crafts? Submit a comment and let me know!

Watermelon Paper Craft


Each week, I really try to incorporate 2-3 crafts with my kids. There is no specific day or time I do the craft, but just as long as I do my research beginning of the week, and have all the supplies readily available (at arms reach), and then squeeze it in at the perfect opportunity. Usually, I’ll mention that we’ll be doing a craft at some point of the day during breakfast, and I basically see what the reaction is with my boys. Majority of the time, they are always down, or bring up something they want to do.

This week, we focused our week on fruits. The heat is definitely heating up here in the Bay Area, and fruits have become such a staple to keep up cool and refreshed. Watermelons are one of my favorite fruits, so what better way to enjoy a watermelon craft!

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Paper plates

– Scissors

– Black marker

– Crayons/Markers/Paint

– Bakers twine or ribbon (to make the watermelon into a fun garland!)

– Tape


1.) Have your child cut down the middle of paper plate, to have 2 halves.

This simple task will kick start your preschooler to use his/her little hands to develop their fine motor skills by learning the proper way to cut paper.

2.) Using your selected color medium, have your child color the outside rim of the plate green. That will be the rind of the watermelon.

3.) Color the rest of plate red.

4.) Take your black colored marker and add in the “seeds.”

After that, you have your completed watermelon. If you want to take it to a decorative option to display your watermelon, cut the watermelon into slices, and tape bakers twine to the back of each slice!!


This garland will then become a nice decorative garland piece to hang around the house!

What’s great about this craft, is it’s super easy, supplies are some what staples to have around the house, and also you create many different avenues for simple math problems. Easy right?! Have a wonderful summer! And check back again for another fruit themed summer kids craft!



DIY Mini Water Blobs

Summer trend: Kimono’s. No….But yes. It’s Water blobs!!! After surfing on Pinterest, following other mom bloggers, and my favorite YouTube vloggers, I’ve frequently been seeing these plastic water bed blobs everywhere. After doing research, reading other tutorials, and seeing it done on YouTube, I thought I should give it a shot.Water Blob

These mini water blobs were inspired off of Hello, Wonderful by momtributor: Agnes Hsu

The wonderful advantages of these mini water blobs are:

– easier to iron smaller blobs than one large one
– faster to fill up with water
– each kid gets to take their own water blob home


After a quick visit to WalMart, I was able to purchase everything I needed under $20. (That’s a $6 iron right there!)Materials

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Plastic Sheeting (Can be found at any hardware store.)

– Parchment Paper

– Food Coloring

– Scissors

– Duck Tape

– Iron

– Tiny Aquatic Toys (Sharks/Crabs/Fish)

I used leftover plastic fishies, which I had from a Mermaid Party last year.Cut


1.) First, you’ll need to cut the plastic sheeting. I unrolled the plastic and had my son (while watching Paw Patrol) lay right on top of the plastic.

2.) Give 4-5inch wiggle room, then cut.

3.) Unfold, then cut piece of plastic. Measure out how large you would like your water blob. (Go large if you’d like, but California is going through a drought at the moment, so going mini is perfect.)

Be sure you have two sheets that are already layered. I simply unfolded the piece out, but made sure two sheets were always layered above each other.


4.) Cut the large pieces to create 2 minis. Mine conveniently became two, which was perfect, for my two boys.

Cut as many as you need. This just ended up being the correct amount of pieces I needed. I plan to make more for the neighborhood kids, so my first initial cut will be a lot more longer. 

Parchment Paper

5.)  Next, pull out a generous amount of parchment paper (A little under 1 yard). Fold it in half long ways.

6.) With a ruler and sharpie; from the fold measure out 3-4 inches, and draw a line.

This will be your guide as you start ironing the plastic sheeting. The folded parchment paper will be your heat protecter from the iron to the plastic.

Paper Plastic

Here’s how the plastic sheeting and parchment paper should be positioned. The line will indicate the zone you’ll be ironing.

7.) Insert the plastic sheeting flush to the fold of the parchment paper.

8.) Next, pre-heat your iron. And start ironing within the designated area.

I measured out 2inches (but ended up ironing over the line just a little bit.) 

All depending on how large you created your plastic sheet pillow case, all depends on how much leeway you can give on the edges.


You’ll see once you iron over the parchment paper, let it set to dry a couple seconds after direct heat.

9.) Peel over the parchment paper, and reposition it over the next area of un-ironed plastic sheeting.

10.) Once you’ve iron majority of the plastic “pillow case,” leave an opening for your garden hose.


Iron Tasks

(Above Left) Is what the plastic sheeting should look like once it’s melted together.

(Below) Are two plastic sheeting “pillow cases,” ready to be filled with water.


Now, for the fun part!!! Once the actual blob ironed and ready, all the extra “frou frous,” should be on hand. This is when you can get your children involved because this can all be taken outside.


Here you’ll need:

– Duck Tape

(I purposely chose this aqua colored duck tape to compliment the whole aquatic color scheme of this craft.)

– Tiny Aquatic Toys (Sharks/Crabs/Fish)

I used leftover plastic fishies, which I had used for a Mermaid birthday party last year. I’m SO happy I did not toss them out!!!


At this point, everything is pretty self-explanatory. If you look at the above pictures.

– Fill up the plastic pillow case with water (DO NOT OVER FILL!) Just enough so there’s enough movement when your child is on it.

When waiting for the water to fill, instead of standing and waiting, place it over a chair!

(Walk, away, prepare a snack, or Instagram this cool craft to share with your friends!)

– Add food coloring. We decided on blue, for that fun water look.

– Add in aquatic toys.

– Use duck tape to seal the blob.

Have the duck tape already pre-cut and waiting, once the blob is filled. It’ll make it so much easier and efficient to complete!


And there you go! A water blob!!! This cool funky  mini water bed gave my son at least 2.5 hours of play! He jumped on it, relaxed on it, and also just sat on it playing with his cars!!!!

Once my older son came home from summer school, I made him do all the steps himself starting with filling it up.

He added the yellow/green food coloring.

(We’re big fans of blues and greens in our house!)


Have you made a water blob before?! Especially a large one? Let me know how that went!

Submit a comment tell me about, or any other cool fun summer crafts!!

Have a happy summer guys!!


Simple Hydrangea Grapevine Wreath

Many of my friends and family have become huge fans of my custom wreaths. I’m so happy to see the reaction of my family members when they see their wreaths. Here’s another wreath I had made for Derrick’s mom, for Mother’s Day. Her style is more simple, and loves the lavender purple hues in her home. Although the shade of purple can be overpowering, this custom wreath shows how to use touches of the color through accent flowers.

Here’s what you’ll need for this wreath:

-Grapevine Wreath



-Faux Flowers

Check out my latest DIY  burlap wreath I made for my mom here.

Grapevine Wreath


The steps are just the same from my previous wreath tutorial, except eliminating the burlap/deco mesh step. Not everyones style can handle the full brave burlap puffs over their wreath, so terminating that option creates a much more simpler earthy grapevine wreath.

Secure your flowers with zipties, fastening them directly to the wreath. Arrange them in a free loose position, vs gathered tightly and bunched. This will create a nice organic look to the decorative wreath.


The classic silhouette of a natural grapevine wreath accessorized with flowers on one side adds a modern element to the wreath. Once all the floral pieces are secured and in place, add in your gift tag, or card you partnered the wreath with. Since it’s a decorative outdoor piece, I see no need to place it into a gift bag or adding a gift bow.

So, that’s it! Here’s a simple hydrangea grapevine wreath, for the simple home decorator. Along with this gift, I added in a door hook to the wreath, which adds in no stress to her!!  It’s basically a gift thats ready to be displayed! What are you favorite home decor go-to gifts? Comment!!


DIY Mother’s Day Wreath

Lately, I haven’t had the time to craft as obsessively as I’d like too but; when I do the get the chance to craft it undoubtedly turns out absolutely fantastic!! This year I’ve gravitated towards creating door wreaths for my family and friends. This homemade decoration item, creates a fantastic element of surprise, welcome, warmth, with a handcrafted with love flair! I created this burlap wreath for my mother for Mother’s Day this year, and made a much more simple one for his mom as well. Take a look below on how to create this festive, full “welcome to our home” eye candy piece!


Materials You’ll Need:

-Grapevine Wreath

-Burlap Deco Mesh

-Zip Ties (I always buy mine at the DollarTree or Daiso)


-Hot Glue Gun

-Faux Florals I used Hydrangeas, and other varieties of flowers.

I purchased many, yet all my materials at my local Michael’s Craft Store, on those special days then all silk/florals are on sale, and I had a 40% Coupon handy.

Fake Florals

Zip Tie Instructions:

If you’ve seen my Easter Wreath post, the same technique applies with wrapping the deco mesh with the tip ties. Check it out here!

Basically, pinch, place, gather & bunch,  zip tie, cut!! Then repeat!!

It’s that simple!

ZipTie Instructions

Note: Burlap Decor Mesh is very flexible, and can be shaped very easily to create an easy, fun and full wreath.

Zip ties make this craft so EASY to do!! I can’t think of any other material that would help secure the

deco mesh any tighter,and easy to use!

Burlap Wreath

This was such a great Mother’s Day Gift! Being a mom, I appreciate having a happy looking home filled with delightful accents in my home, from nice placemats, coffee table candy dish, or a sweet scenting candle. Just a few home accents make the homemaker mother smile.

Door Wreath

Try creating a homemade decorative piece for a special woman figure in your life! They’re perfect gifts for moms, neighbors, co-works, teachers, and team moms!! Customize them however you like!! Have you ever created your own door wreath? Share it with me!! I’d love to see what you’ve made!


DIY Easter Wreath

My mom has been a huge fan of gifting holiday decor door wreaths to friends and family. With Easter coming up, she had asked me to make her an Easter wreath for my Aunt, who is very festive during all holiday seasons. Here’s a quick DIY tutorial on making an Easter wreath. Now, this isn’t my kind of style to hang in front of my house, but it’s pretty darn cute. I’ll most likely  make a few for my mom, and for my sons teacher as an end of the school year gift. I would probably make one in all burlap instead of using deco mesh material for myself. Anywho, let’s get started.

Materials You’ll Need:

-Grapevine Wreath

-Deco Mesh

-Zip Ties (I always buy mine at the DollarTree or Daiso)

-Easter Eggs

-Easter Garland

-Plush Easter Bunny/Duck (Optional)


-Hot Glue Gun

Easter Wreath


  1. Take your deco mesh material and gather your zip ties near by.
  2. Pinch the end of the start of the deco mesh, and place it to the desired spot on the wreath, where you plan to begin the start of the “poofs.”
  3. Take your zip tie and secure the deco mesh within the grapevine wreath.


Note: Decor Mesh is very flexible, and can be shaped very easily to create an easy, fun and full wreath.

Can I also mention, zip ties are AWESOME! I can’t think of any other material that would help secure the

deco mesh any tighter,and easy to use!   


Pinch, place, zip tie, cut. Easy! Then repeat!!


   4.  Create a poof like “popcorn,” shape with the deco mesh and pinch, and zip tie again.

   5.  Repeat over and over as you go around the entire wreath. Creating something like this:

Be sure to stay towards the outside part of the wreath, which leave space for any additional decorations you’re planning to add.


At this point, this is where you can add all the fun festive details. Having this be an Easter wreath, my mom provided me a few things she purchased at the Dollar Tree including, an Easter Egg fringe garland, easter eggs, and a plush easter yellow duck toy (totally optional!)

6.   I wrapped the Easter Egg fringe garland around each of the popcorn “poofs,” covering up the zip ties.

Added Garland

This is what the back of the wreath would look like after wrapping the fringe garland.

7.   I then scattered and hot glued a few random easter eggs.

8.   (Optional) Add in an Easter Duck or bunny to the middle center of the wreath.

And there you have it! And Easter Wreath! Totally inexpensive to make! I can’t wait to make more for my son’s teacher, and a few Spring florals ones for Mother’s Day! Stay tuned for that!

Complete Easter Wreath

Happy decorating! Stay tuned for my thrifted Easter projects! I a few coming up next week!


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