Halloween Collective

Halloween is officially here!!! I’ve wrapped up all of my summer decor, pushed out the foundation for my fall harvest decor, and now formally adding in my spooky Halloween decor. Over the years, I’ve been able to do a stock of Halloween crafts, decoration ideas, and fun festive snacks. Before I share with you more crafts, check out my collection of Halloween themed posts from previous years!

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Hope you will find this post helpful, as I know I have covered quite a few Halloween crafts!!! Be sure to leave some love, and comment on the posts!! I’d love to see your Halloween crafts, inspired by my blog!!

Happy October!!

October Bubbles

October is finally here!!!!!!! But although the month is filled with pumpkin patch visits, harvest festivals, and Halloween fun, the summer heat still lingers on. I remember a couple years ago, it was still 80 degrees in November!! Now, obviously I’m speaking as being a full on California native. Raised in the Bay Area, and now raising my young boys in sunny Sacramento.

Sacramento heat is absolutely no joke. 8 months out of the year its between 85 degrees to 100. While some cities like Seattle, Washington, have rain just about 8 months long, and spring weather the rest of the time………Sacramento, as told by my neighbors and new friends describe the weather to be hot, and within a flip of a switch, its winter. Being raised and blessed for the past 30 years of my life with the San Francisco breeze, I honestly cannot wait for mother nature to flip that switch!

October is here, but Mother Nature won’t allow us Sactown folks to embrace the autumn season just yet. So until the weather kicks in, the boys and I will continue to enjoy summer like activities outside like, bubbles!


Having gone through raising two young boys, you end up learning a few tricks up your sleeves. Millennials call it “Parenting Hacks.” We all see this cool Nifty and BuzzFeed videos on our Facebook Timelines on how to fix things, and make adulting easier. Here’s one cool bubble fun Parenting Hack I’ve used to keep the cool bubble soapy liquid inside the tube!

Note: Assuming parents, teachers, and guardians alike are reading this blog, you know exactly why this hack can be useful.

If not I’ll explain.

We’ve all seen the bubble tubes. Usually sold during the Spring/Summer season for children to enjoy, and help parents keep children unplugged, and pretty much used as a quick and easy go-to activity. Sold for $0.99 a pop, these fun little bubble tubes/wands, are easy to enjoy, to pack anywhere from a diaper bag, backpack, to a purse. I usually keep them in my trunk handy. These bubble wands simply open with a quick twist, and swing away using the wand, creating fun bubbles. 90% of the time, your child does not have the eye and hand coordination to keep the open bubble tube upwards, as he/she wands away.

THE RESULT: The bubble solution spills EVERYWHERE, at your feet, sticky, ekky, and the first bubbles blown fly away. #FAIL

SOLUTION: Zip ties.

I’m aware this will no longer give you the flexibility to take your bubble wand anywhere, but if fixed to the house/backyard or grandma and grandpas you’ll definitely want to thank you.

For Day cares, after-school, schools, or care-takers/teacher alike, we can all find a away to fit this in within the child’s daytime home/facility.

Here’s what you’ll need….



-Large Zip Ties

-Bubble Tube (Can be purchased at Target/ WalMart/ Dollar Tree) 


  1.  Take a few zip ties, (I used 2, per bubble tube) and zip tie the tube to a fence/patio railing gate.
  2. Attached zip tie to the tub part of the bubbles (The plastic tube, which holds the liquid solution.)
    This holds the tube upright at ALL times for the solution to never spill!!!!! (YAY!!!)
  3. Secure the zip-tie to the tube, and the railing/gate/fence.
  4. Keep bubble want accessible for child to easily use, and twist off.

And viola!!!!! Your bubble wand is now ready for use!!!

If for a school, or daycare center, this makes it really really fun, and easier for the adults/teachers alike to have all children participate in bubbles. You can also keep the bubbles, left on the railing/gate/fence, and refill at any time! This also is great for families with multiple children, wanting to play with bubbles!

COOL ADDITION: Create a rainbow bubble area! Target usually sells this bubble tubes in different colors. Collect the all, and place them next to each-other creating a rainbow bubble area!!

What’s your favorite parenting hack? I’m looking for simple, easy, and ready-to-go hacks that will make my life as a parent a “little-bit” easier. Share! Comment below!


Cherrio Corn On The Cob

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a casual craft. I’ve been focusing on my new lifestyle here in Sacramento, that it’s been difficult to slow down, and enjoy a simple craft with my kids. With fall inches near us, I thought it was appropriate to share a harvest craft! In celebration of fall/autumn, and settled down in one of the top cities in California that harvests majority of the states agriculture, this would be a perfect craft to share!

I live fairly close to a few farms. One exit away, I’m already downtown. The other, I hit farms, and just a few yards away, is the Sacramento River. I actually drive by two farms every day, on my way to work. At first it was something to get used to, as in the Bay Area, there was only 1 or 2 farms I’d actually see. But these farms are gorgeous!!!!!! Acres and acres of amazing fruit and veggies. Early Spring, when I first moved to Sacramento, there were miles out to the sunset sunflowers. Beautifully, amazing tall sunflowers. A photographers dream. Living here in Sacramento has also inspired me to grow some fruits and vegetables. I’ll have to share with you how my garden boxes are doing. (So stay tuned for that!)

Like every craft I do, this was so affordable, quick and easy. It fits any age child, and if you have an older child (3rd/4th grade) I’d highly suggest talking about agriculture, and food.


Here are few examples to talk about with your kids:

  • Ask your child about almonds?
  • Where are they grown?
  • Where did almond trees come from?
  • When did almond trees arrive in the US?
  • What kind of weather do almond trees like?
Have fun talking with your child during the craft…Here are some more questions you can ask your child over crafting!!! This encourages talking, learning, aside from doing the craft in front of you. Depending on the craft, keep topics concentrated of the same craft at hand! Since this craft if about corn, and fall harvesting, topics about farmers and agriculture should be covered!
So as you enjoy this craft, be sure to talk to your kids. This is something that I’ll be incorporating into my craft tutorials. As my kids grow, and get older, so will my tutorial craft posts. I’ve come to terms with my children growing, and it’ll hit a point of no more kids craft posts (BUT that won’t hit for a couple more years, since I still have a kindergartener. ) Sniff. Sniff….. Imagining them getting older, not doing these crafts with me does sadden me, but I do look forward to whats to come!
In the mean time, I introduce to you my version of the Pinterest Inspired: Cherrio Corn On The Cob!!!


What You’ll Need:

  • Green & Yellow Construction PaperDon’t have construction paper handy?
    No worries!!! This craft can be done using crayons/markers/colored pencils/ or paint!!!! Read scroll down below for separate instructions!
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Cherrio Cereal
  • Hole Puncher
  • Fall Colored Yarn/Twine


  1.  First, take your yellow construction paper and cut into quarters.
  2. Stack them together, then with a pencil freehand a corn ear shape. It kind’ve looks like a giant’s thumbprint.
    (Don’t worry about the bottom of the corn ear cut out, since it’ll be covered.)
  3. Cut and set aside.
  4. Taking the green construction paper, cut into 6 equal pieces.
  5. Stack the green squares together.
  6. Draw out two leaves, the shape of a “v.”
  7. Cut and set aside.
  8. Take green “husks,” and glue on top of the yellow corn.
    If you have young ones, this is where they can join. Older children, and definietly do the above steps.
  9. Take your Cherrios, and have your child glue Cherrio’s to the corn.
  10. Apply the Cherrios, set to glue, and wait to dry.From here they Corn on the Cob is complete.

    No Construction Paper?????????
    Sometimes we don’t always have the art supplies needed to create with out children. But, using white paperworks just fine, after applying paint/crayon or markers! All you need to white paper, and the colors yellow and green!
    To  transform it into a harvest garland, continue on to steps 11-13.
  11. Take your hold puncher, and punch a hole on the top of your ear of corn.
  12. String through your yarn/twine, through each corn.
  13. Cut, snip, and adjust to your desired length.Your corn on the cob craft is complete! Display your garland around your home, as it adds it that fun harvest DIY feel!

Once you have completed the garland, hang them around your classroom, or around the house. I usually place my decorative garlands on my china hutch. I also had a few extra corn on cobs, which I plan to tape around my kitchen!

If you’re interested in my Autumn decor, you can read more about HERE.


And voila! A corn on a cob craft!!! This is a perfect craft the kids can enjoy after school, or in the classroom!! Enjoy this fall autumn craft, munching on Cherrios, and discussing farmlands, and your favorite vegetables!! Teachers, this is also a great introduction to fall harvesting topics, and Thanksgiving.

Stay tuned for more fall crafts!! I have tons to share, but so little time. So I’ll try my best to share as much can before October!! Once October hits, get ready for some Halloween crafts!!!

You can check some of my previous Halloween Craft HERE!

Craigslist Bamboo Desk

Everyone, my craigslist game is on! The family and I just got back from a week long vacation visiting the San Francisco Bay Area. After day 5, I was already craving to go home back to Sac just to settle down and gain back a normal routine. And guys, when we arrived..I made no plans to waste time and let my creative itch rest. The Sunday evening we arrived home, I hit Craigslist, and searched my tail off to something to transform.


Photo from my Instagram account @tiffanystidings

Is it me? Or am I on fire on Craigslist?! Vintage Bamboo desk, that is screaming for a new paint job!!! ($30)

#Craigslist #Sacramento #FrugalFind#Thrifty #Secondhand #Used #Desk#BambooDesk #DIY

I’d like to present to you my latest Craigslist transformation. A vintage wooden bamboo desk purchased for $30 (Originally $40, but the lady spotted some cracks, and knocked off $10 bucks!)

So it all started with the intent to browse through Craigslist for a desk for my oldest son. I was also looking at some Craigslist Alternatives just in case they had any good products too. The school year is about to begin, and with entering 4th grade, I wanted him to have a solid big boy desk. Well, my search derailed, as I spotted this fantastic vintage bamboo desk for $40. With a few knicks and chips, it was not bothered by the imperfections. I jumped to contacting the seller and arranged a pick-up for Monday morning.

The boys and I traveled about 20-25 minutes north from Sacramento to a town called Orangevale. A neighboring city to Citrus Heights. My 9 year old son helped me carry the desk into the car, and we went straight to the closest home improvement store for paint and supplies.

As we got home, I just used some wall spackle to fill in the imperfections of the desk, which was the reason the seller took off $10 of the original price. The wall spackle is something I had already after using it to fill in holes at our previous residence. Simply, using a joint putty knife (flat surface tool –basically the handyman version of a kitchen spatula) spread your spackle using the putty knife to the surface of your project. If you look closely at the above picture, I filled in the holes of the top desk surface, and also on the right corner side of the desk.

Spackling Process:

  1. Spead spackle.
  2. Set to dry. I waited 30 minutes since they were small areas.
  3. Scrape away excess compound from surface with your putty knife.
  4. With the blade at a 90-degree angle to the surface. Take care that you don’t remove the spackle from the hole or crack when you remove the excess.
  5. Use a damp cloth to remove any compound adjacent to the patch that you didn’t remove by scraping.

Photo Aug 05, 11 52 13 AM

After evening out our imperfections using the spackle, my son and I gently sanded down the desk, and also gave it a good cleaning with a wet cloth. After that, the painting process began. The color palette I decided to go for was a navy blue, and blue lagoon by Valspar.

The color selection was chosen upon my family room IKEA area rug. (MARSLEV High Pile, Tuquoise, Beige Rug) Also, the main reason I was searching up desks on Craigslist was because my son needed a desk. This bamboo may or may not be his, but will be placed within our common living area, which can be used as a pop-up desk area for anyone to use besides mommy. Hehehe.

We painted the exterior of the desk in the Blue Lagoon, and interior (drawers), and dark mid-night blue. I also kept the bamboo hardware the original color, but gave it a fresh look with Krylon Satin Ivory spray paint I already had.

Paint Colors:

Exterior: Valspar Blue Lagoon (CI 189)

Interior Drawers: Valspar Dark Night (4003-4C)

Hardware: Krylon Color Max Spray Paint in Satin Ivory

Photo Aug 05, 12 01 00 PM

Before purchasing this desk, I had already knew how I wanted to style it! Gold, gold, gold!! If you’ve been shopping at Target lately, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed the College/Dorm Room decor and essentials. Over the summer, I’ve been slowly collecting the gold items at Target. From outdoor patio gold glass terrariums, gold candle holders, to the DollarSpot file and mail holders!

Speaking of dorm room essentials, please be sure to check out my latest YouTube video!!! Yes!! I’m back!!! Seriously, it’s been like a year! But I’m hitting it hard on all social media platforms that I’m able to handle! Check it out!



If you know of anyone entering college and moving into a dorm, first apartment,or on their own for the first time, please be sure to check out the video! (Like & subscribe!)
Photo Aug 05, 12 15 37 PM

Target has tons and tons and tons of gold embellished items. From the dorm room accessories and decor, to Nate Berkus office supplies and decor. After walking throughout Target I got exactly what I needed, with still a little more wiggle room to get more elsewhere (like my favorite discount retails: Marshalls/TJMaxx/Ross and also the thrift stores!)

I purchased this awesome desk lamp, and paired it with a Target glass terrarium I purchased a few months back. I love pairing surface items in three, or 2. “Grouping” items with different heights compliment each other quite well, especially when on a desk, table, or night stand.

Target Gold Buys

Desk Lamp: James Collection LED Task Lamp -Threshold ($29.99)

Lantern/Terrarium: Lantern Gold Metal – Small Threshold ($12.99)

Geometric Candle/Pencil Holder:
Threshold ($4.99)
Magazine Holder:
DollarSpot ($3.00)

Photo Aug 05, 12 24 04 PM

I’m so happy with the way the bamboo desk turned out! Stay tuned for more Craigslist furniture flips and transformations, as I continue to furnish my house here in Sac! Happy August!

Summer Crafts!!

With the kids out for summer vacation, our jobs as parents are to keep the kids cool, and busy with activities. We try our best to remove screen time, and aim for crafts, new games, and fun activities to enjoy all summer long. If your child is a young pre-schooler, to elementary school aged, I’m sure you’ll find something here from the following bloggers below!! The three bloggers

Ashley (Chubby Bunny Creations),

Randi (Dukes & Duchesses),

and Debbie (One Little Project At A Time)

have all created a list of summer activities perfect for kids all summer long!!!

Check all these fantastic ladies out! They all have a wonderful selection of summer to-dos to last you until the

new school year!!!



Summer Activities For Kids

By: Chubby Bunny Creations


Fruit Crafts For Summer

21 Fabulous Fruit Crafts For Summer

By: Dukes & Dutchesses



37 Awesome DIY Summer Projects

By: One Little Project



Happy summer everyone!!!



Urban Outfitters Taco Inspired Piñata

I’ve been shopping at Urban Outfitters quite often lately. It’s the only place I don’t mind buying away from a Thrift store. obviously, I always check their clearance section first, before going full price.  It’s bad enough there’s one located in my area which is in the heart of my mommy morning errand route.

In celebration of Cinco De Mayo and the summer season, Urban Outfitters has these mini piñatas perfect for the month of May. At $10 dollars a pop, I obviously refuse to pay such an amount for a cute, yet tempting impulse buy product. I took it upon myself to recreate this mini taco in celebration for today!

Ever get that creative itch when seeing something at the store, knowing you can make that same exact product? Well, this was it. This was my itch. Super easy to make, no cost, and yet so EASY!!!

Above, is my piñata taco, and right below is Urban Outfitters “mini” taco. I also made a mini one with extra scraps!!!

Yes scraps!!!

Hola little amigo taco & Señor Taco.


Check out Urban Outfitters Mini Taco Piñata

Supplies Needed:

  • Cardboard/ Cardboard Box (I used a pizza box!)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Scotch Tape
  • Colored Tissue Paper (Green, Lime, Yellow, Red, Orange, White)
  • Ribbon or Twine

Cut Out


  1. Taking your cardboard box, sketch out one side of a taco shell, adding 1 inch towards the bottom.
  2. Cut, and trace to create the second half of the taco shell.
  3. Fold 1 inch bottom part of both taco shells.
    This creates your taco shell bottom base.
  4. Glue and add pressure. I also added tape to reinforce it.
  5. Cut a strip of cardboard, that acts like a slide insert for your taco shell.
  6. Tape along the inside shell wall. (Check below pic)

Taco ShellFrom here, you should have the foundation of your taco shell, and you’re ready to start adding color using tissue paper. I bought my tissue paper from TJMaxx in their stationary section for about $3.99. I usually buy sets of colored tissue paper, because I love having it on hand for crafts, and also a go to for any last minute gifts bags.


Taco Shell

  1. Using yellow tissue paper, cut strips and fold.
  2. Start cutting small 1/4 inch cuts.
  3. Place your strips at the bottom of your taco shell and work up.
    NOTE: The more strips your layer, the fuller the piñata will look.
  4. Glue, cut, place down, and repeat.
  5. Using tissue paper, makes it really easy to work with. Nothing is perfect on a piñata.
  6. Once you complete the outsides of the taco shell, you can easy fill in the “slide” part of the inside table shell with yellow tissue paper, not cutting.

Taco Filling Recipe 

Making any taco, you start with the bottom layer first and build up. Same concept, except we’re building up the cardboard slide insert of the taco.


Ground Beef
  • Using your darkest color brown or burgundy red, crumble little pieces and glue. I used about 4-5 pieces.
Sour Cream
  • Using white tissue paper, crumple a smaller amount of pieces and glue down.
  • Lettuce can be approached in different ways, I crumpled some, and also cut a few pieces like I did with the the outside of the taco shell.

Processed with Moldiv

Shredded Cheese
  • Taking any shade of orange you have cut little 1inch strips of shredded cheese.
  • Gently glue and place above your lettuce.
  • Gab your red tissue paper and cut small squares and sprinkle them above the cheese, and possibly tuck some within the lettuce.

If you really enjoy playing with miniature toys, doing the taco toppings creates that same pleasurable feeling. I don’t know what it is, but it was really fun making the toppings.

And there you have it! EASY taco piñatas. Well, not really piñata, because I did not cut a hole, or fill it with any candy, but the concept is there visually. The kids came home on Ciñco de Mayo excited about these fun little tacos. I plan to make more and possibly make a small mini taco garland! Perfect for summer BBQs!

Kids Tacos

Enjoy your tacos!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!



Diaper Cake Tutorial

Every baby shower you’re invited to, it’s usually a nice gesture to buy some diapers for the expecting parents. Generally, they host a diaper raffle, as every guest brings in a pack or box of diapers, you will be entered into a raffle for a cool gift basket or prize. This time around, as my small group of childhood friends are now entering parenthood, I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to make a diaper cake. And now I was finally able to do so!!

I myself, have received diaper cakes before, and from what I remember while deconstructing the diaper cake, I remember it was mainly rolled up diapers using rubber bands. After a few searches on YouTube and Pinterest, I started with the route of rubber bands, and ended up doing something to ease off the extra work for my friend when she get’s around to deconstructing my cake.

TiffanysTidings IG

Supplies Needed:

  • Rubber Bands
  • Diapers (I highly suggest NOT buying newborn sizes.) Aim for sizes 1-4.
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard/ Cardboard Box
  • Ribbon
  • 2″ Inch Decorative Ribbon
  • Other varieties and options of ribbon with your chosen color scheme.
  • Hot Glue Gun

Diaper Cake Toppers:

  • Tsum Tsum Characters
  • Faux Florals/Greenery Steams
  • Travel Size Diaper Bag Essentials
    • Powder
    • Baby Oil
    • Bath Wash

This was a very simple diaper cake, since I had a gift already, I wanted to add in the nice element of something handmade. The diapers were Huggie’s (Size 4) which could fit about a 14lb baby. It is a little big, but realistically, I’m sure my friend may not dismantle the diaper cake anytime soon.

My friends baby shower was a Disney Tsum Tsum theme, which is a craze started in Japan with of plush fluffy friends. I was able to find Tsum Tsum characters at my local Target, for about $4.95 each. You can also find a wider selection of Tsum Tsum’s at the Disney store. Since I knew she just started collecting Tsum Tsums, I wanted to go for just a pair of Tsum Tsum characters, because I didn’t want to get caught up into obsessing over collecting an entire collection or set. (I’ll leave that up to her the collector.)



  1. Starting with the largest tier (Mine had 3), grab 3-4 already rolled up diapers with a place a large rubber band. This will be the core of the bottom tier.
  2. Using gift wrap ribbon, reinforce this with a core with ribbon. (It’s best to use white colored ribbon to match with the diapers)
  3. Grab your scissors, and snip every diaper that has been tied with ribbon, and them remove large rubber band.
  4. Gather more rolled up and rubber banded diapers, and build around the core set your just completed.
  5. REPEAT Steps 1-3 for all tiers.The method of using the gift ribbon, and cutting away the rubber bands, will give the diaper cake a cleaner and less messy look, as the parent’s to be take down everything, and actually want to use the diapers.


Bottom Base:

For each tier, the diaper cake sat on round cut out piece of cardboard, which I made out of the diaper box. I simply took 2 different sized plates and traced them, creating 3 different sized bases for each diaper tier.

I found a cute pair of Peter Pan & Tinker Bell Tsum Tsum characters. It was the perfect pair to top my diaper cake, because I already have some gold decorative ribbon, something neutral, something I already had, and budget friendly for me to focus on the gift items vs. buying more craft supplies. Something I cherish very much when crafting/creating. Using material’s I already have. It’s all about repurposing!!!


Follow me on Instagram to check out my current happenings, with DIY projects, or just exploring my new neighborhood! I just moved to Sac!






Snowman Soup

This Pinterest holiday craft was inspired by Susan from OhMy! Creative. Her Snowman Soup Gift Recipe is so easy and affordable, it’s a perfect homemade gift for students, sports teams, neighbors, and co-workers. Add this simple treat to add to any stocking this Christmas, or as a little sweet treat to any holiday gift!

If you’ve been following my previous crafts and git ideas, I’m a huge fan of Daiso Japan and DollarTree. Shopping at these retailers, make my craft projects affordable, before blowing all my money at Michael’s. It hit’s it from a frugal direction, and is budget friendly. I’m a class mom for two classrooms! So making a holiday treat for 30 kids per class, has to be inexpensive, but also cute, adorable, and meaningful. Many of my craft supplies come from dollar spots, aside form Michael’s Craft Store.

Daiso (Japanese Dollar Store which everything is $1.50) is quite popular here in the Bay Area. The Bay is definitely a melting-pot for many cultures, so having an array pf cool shops that provide supplies from Asia is quite awesome!

One of my favorite Daiso products that help me create this Snowman Soup treat is their plastic zip-lock bags They have a number of sizes to select from perfect for DIY gift projects such as this!

Continue reading more below for supplies to create your Snowman Soup treat!


Supplied Needed:

Hot Chocolate (Individual Pack)

Mini Marshmallows

Mini Candy Canes

Zip Lock Bags

Decorative Holiday Scrapbook Paper

Printer Paper or Vellum




Hot Cocoa + Ingredients from Target

(Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Packs/ Mini Marshmallows/ Mini Candy Canes)

Zip Lock Bags from Daiso Japan

Holiday Scrapbook Paper CLEARANCE from Michael’s Craft Store


Here’s an IG pic of my completed Snowman Soups! Pre-packed, and ready to go!! 60 total folks! Two classes. Class mom for both! I”m sure the kids will enjoy this sweet treat over the winter break! If you haven’t followed me yet, please do my user name: @tiffanystidings

Let’s connect!! Hit follow, and be sure to like!! Usually, you’ll be able to see projects and current buys and haul of my favorites, or…Perhaps my current read or coffee I’m drinking!


Pack Up

Posted via Instagram

Packing up class treats and teacher holiday gifts before winter break!

What class treats did you provide for your kids class/ daycare? I love coming into the classroom every holiday season with a special treat for the kids to leave the classroom with! Back when I was a child I always envied the mother’s of my classmate in which they would come in and bring special treats. I thought those mom’s were the coolest! Now, as an adult with two children of my own, it’s definitely a blessing to be able to do the things I always dreamed of as a child.

Happy December!!! Stay tuned for more holiday gift ideas!


Turkey Thumbprint

Create this fun and festive Thanksgiving thumbprint turkey this Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving break is next week, and I’m already planning out my weeks worth of playdates, downtown exploring, museums visits, and also crafternoons!! Check out my PINspired (Pinterest Inspired) craft by The Charmed Mom’s: Finger Print Turkey Card!!


Supplies Needed:

  • Temepra Paint (Colors: Brown, Yellow, Red, Orange)

  • Googly Eyes

  • Orange Construction Paper

  • Scissors

    This low effort craft can keep the kids busy during the Thanksgiving holiday break! Create small turkeys with the cute little fingers of your infant, and keep the tradition going of creating thumbprint turkey keepsakes every year!


  1. Take your thumb or child’s thumb and place into desired paint color. I did an ombre orange gradient. From light to dark.

  2. Create a rainbow motion while stamping your thumb.

  3. After 4-5 different shades, using brown paint stamp 1 thumbrpint in the middle, creating the turkey’s head.

  4. Glue 2 googly eyes to the middle of the brown thumbprint.

  5. Add the orange or yellow beak, and wattle turkey flap.


Have fun with this craft, as this can also be a cute keepsake for the holiday season. You can continue to create these thumbprint turkeys as your child grows. Seeing their tiny thumbs get larger and larger over the years!



90’s Popsicle “Stick-Stickly” Turkey

If you were between the ages of 9-11 during 1995-1998, watching Nickelodeon after school, I’m sure you’ll know exactly who Stick Stickly is. Here’s a craft that made me drop to to my knees in awe when it brought me to my childhood. PINspired by Formula Mom’s: Craft Stick Turkey Craft. Combining  a festive craft I can enjoy with my kids, and while bringing up old childhood memories of my favorite TV shows is one of the many best parts of parenting.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Enjoy this stick-stickly craft with your children and create more pals, as well as creating a popsicle stick turkey “muppet show.” This is 90’s Nickelodeon reference. Stick Stickly is from Nickelodeon’s Nick In The Afternoon. This cool little popsicle stick figure was the TV host to my childhood afternoons after school!

Nick StickStickly

Supplies Needed:

  • Craft Colored Popsicle Sticks (Colors: Yellow, Orange, Red)
  • Goggly Eyes
  • Glue
  • Construction Paper (Colors: Orange & Red)
  • Scissors
  • Feathers



  1. Glue the goggly eyes towards the tip of the popsicle stick (colored craft stick)

  2. Parent: Cut out a tiny triangle for the turkey’s nose & wattle (skin flap of turkey)

  3. Glue nose & wattle flap cut outs.

  4. Glue feathers behind the popsicle stick.


Adore these fun popsicle influenced puppets! Create a puppet show, have the kids play with these simple turkey’s at the table, in the car, and place in your busy bags! What’s great about these popsicle puppets, is its so easy to create different characters every season!

Happy crafting!


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