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As if my house isn’t warm enough under this intense California September heat, my inner Martha Stewart I will still add in some hot home decorating pieces for this upcoming fall! Here is where I’ll share with you both big and small ways to incorporate the looks into your home, without spending an arm and a leg – because that is not an option here on my blog!! Here is where I will share my go-to places to shop for seasonal home decor for fall!!
When the weather turns cool, it’s time to get cozy inside! Get home ready for fall with some of my top autumn accessory picks!


What doesn’t scream out fall without these cool orange squash-like vegetable? Start the season off right with natural vine pumpkins, real pumpkins (awaiting to be carved in October), or some artificial Ashland pumpkins you can spruce up with gold glitter, or black paint! Display them on your front porch, or create a cool and simple vignette within your home.

Pumpkin Shopping: Michael’s Craft Store, Big Lots, Ross, DD’s Discounts, Marshall’s TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, Target, WalMart


Pretty up in paisley!! Paisley Design (Pattern): Is a droplet shaped vegetable motif of Persian and Indian orgin. Add paisley patterns to your dinnerware napkins, placemats, or bathroom towels!
Paisley Patterns: JoAnn Fabrics, JCPenny, Sears, Kohls

Fiery Floral & Fruit Pieces:

Hone in towards the most common foot traffic areas of your home. For me that would be the kitchen and dinning area. Adding flares of fiery and fruit pieces to dinnerware, brings that comforting and home-like feeling. Seasonal decor isn’t just throw pillows and blankets! Change up your plates and bowls! #StorageBins
Fiery Floral & Fruit Pieces: Thrift Stores, Flea Markets, Antique & Consignment Shops

Fall Flooring:

Warm colors: Burgundy, golden yellow, pumpkin, orange, and chocolate browns.  Isn’t that a great color palette? Now, just imagine those colors on your home floor! Natural and warm color hues give that cozy, pleasant feeling which is something every person wants in their home!

Fall Flooring: WalMart, Target,

Chic Baskets:

 Natural handcrafted baskets, open weave, deep java brown, and round handles! Perfect for nesting and grouping!

Chic Baskets: Michael’s Craft Store, Big Lots, Ross, DD’s Discounts, Marshall’s TJ Maxx, HomeGoods,
Target, WalMart, Thriftstores, Flea Market

Autumn Art:

 Feel for fall! You can always buy a piece of art work, but where’s the fun in that?! Create your own masterpiece! Or incorporate your children’s art from school!

Autumn Art: Etsy would have some cool create pieces, or search something on Pinterest and get PINspired!

Create your own piece of autumn art!


Trays are not just decorative but functional to! I capitalize on trays (and baskets) in my home. There is always a place for something. Placing each item in their designated spot, whether its on a bowl, plate, you get the picture! Perfect for your keys, sunglasses, coins, phone, bluetooth earpiece! There is always something to put down!

Trays: Michael’s Craft Store, Big Lots, Ross, DD’s Discounts, Marshall’s TJ Maxx, HomeGoods,
Target, WalMart, Thriftstores, Flea Market
Try also crafting your own tray! Stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial!


Autumn is usually the busiest time of the year for families! Back to school, fall sports and activities, volunteering, local festivals and fairs. There is always something going on within the entire week (not just weekends!) Memoboards help the busiest of all families get organized and set everyones schedule on one command board!

Trays: Michael’s Craft Store, Big Lots, Ross, DD’s Discounts, Marshall’s TJ Maxx, HomeGoods,
Target, WalMart
There you have it! Autumn accessories! Easily bring warm colors of fall into your home with these beautiful and simple decorating elements!

Rustic Decor

I love decorating. Interior decorating, staging, styling a party, decorating my patio, to the extremes of organizing my garage in a decorative manner. Now, I love all styles of art, and themes of special occasions, but one theme and interest I gravitate towards is the rustic style.

What is rustic style:

(this can be applied to interior decorating and event styling):

Simplicity, rustic style highlights natural beauty and a rugged, resilient spirit.

-Rough Logs


-Bare planks

-Organic textures and shapes


-Natural warmth

Rustic style feels honest and pure. Simple, and natural. Because they celebrate the art of repurposing, they provide a wonderful showcase for creativity. In a world where so much is virtual, rustic style is boldly, and raw.

If you love rustic…. You were happiest playing in the mud as a kid. Pigtails, treehouse lounging, and camping were your thing! You can’t bring yourself to throw away packing crates or burlap sacks. You sleep in your mans old flannel shirts.


Here’s a lovely decorative piece I’ve incorporated in MsDebraMaye’s Wedding Vow Renewal:

Textures: Metal & Organic Twine

Added mix: Fresh Babies Breath

Processed Moldiv

Rustic weddings are heartwarming, sweet, diverse, creative and so much more.. Just like vintage style weddings, rustic weddings are filled with textures, natural organics. Not only that, there are so many different varieties of some fabulous rustic weddings including:

Glamorous, vintage, handmade, DIY, retro, beach, shabby chic and many more.

Some more key elements that were integrated in the rustic theme were glamorous, vintage, handmade, and DIY. All key elements were definitely shown in the handmade ring bearer’s pillow I made. At first, I thought, oh! Easy! Burlap! But Debra Maye requested for a silk like ivory material. Here’s what I was able to purchased from my local crafts store in the left over scraps/ remnant basket. Checking out fabric from the remnant selection is one of the key places to check out for any crafter!

noun: a small remaining quantity of something.

I am absolutely no seamstress, but I was able to get buy. It wasn’t perfect, but my stitching skills are somewhat there. I was able to find some fabulous elegant bridal lace, as well as pairing it was a beautiful silk flower and ribbon to hold the couples rings. This was my first time undergoing a ring bearer pillow. Not bad right?

Follow me on my YouTube channel to see more of the finished pieces I was able to do for Msdebramaye’s wedding! I’ll be posting firsthand footage of her special day from, this mornings set-up, to vlog footage right before walking down the aisle!


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