Jewels & Mermaids

If every I were to pick up another hobby, it would be jewelry. making jewelry, and selling it too!!!

SOUFEEL designs, manufactures and markets hand-finished and modern jewelry made from genuine materials at the most reasonable and competitive prices. Anything you need for your new hobby or current jewelry business!!!

PRJewel, is and online factory that is the world’s leading wholesale sterling silver jewelry stores online. Shop rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles & more. For silver jewelry, and other high quality, great priced sterling silver, this marketplace is for you!

My inspiration:

Mermaid Stories, is a young brand in Copenhagen, designing luxurious women’s watches and jewelry. I’m seriously in love with Scandinavian chic. Mermaid Stories, aspires to create and curate a selection of favorite pieces that will accompany you for a long wave.

All starting from the thought: What if you combine minimalism with magic? Mermaid Stories, mixes simplistic design with fine details, like a little mermaid on the back of the watches, or modern interpretations of classic beauties like freshwater cultured pearls.

I’m seriously in love with products that hold characters, believed in details that can instantly make you smile. Mermaid Stories cares about pretty packaging and are convinced that it should be a Christmas-birthday-confetti-and-cake-feeling when you unwrap your order from them. (Swoon)

Shop SOUFEEL, PRJewel and Mermaid Stories !!


Happy Shopping!!!

Out Numbered

i have an issue with online gaming. See, I’m not the gamer. My kids and husband are. In a world of busy family schedules, work, sports, school, figuring out dinner, and if you’re a parent, lucky enough to escape for a weekday Happy Hour…Time is tight. There just isn’t enough time in the day. However, when I spot my children in front of their computers, I feel like its been HOURS!!!! Literally, hours…..

Growing, I too played a lot of online video games. The SIMs was my kryptonite. For my husband, he played Counter Strike. Now a days, there’s all these popular online games such as Fornite, and Roblox.

I’ve given in, and looked further into online games and other video games in general!!

Here’s a site to check out more gaming for your loved ones to continue to enjoy.

Do you hate me? LMAO!!! My kids and husband don’t!


GVGMall is a competitive trading platform for virtual service on MMORPG. With over 1 million registered members, from more than 100 countries worldwide, You can safely supply game related needs such as game golds, items, prepaid cards, Power Leveling from this market.

After years of operation, GVGMall‘s website is so well-known for gamers all around the world; they guaranteed to supply personalized service and products to worldwide game players.
CDKeys, provides the latest PC Games, CD Keys, Xbox Live and PSN Cards at rock bottom prices, so goodbye GameStop!!

Check out
GVGMall and CDKeys


Happy gaming!

Creative Assets, Creative People

I love surrounding myself with creative people. Those who get off the energy of one another, and also sharing each others talents to help one another. When I first started this blog, or actually, my first blog back in 2010, I was lonely. I was looking for an outlet for myself to share my thoughts and ideas on a digital platform.

See, before instagram, Pinterest, tumblr and other online blog spaces, when you saw something you liked, you right-clicked, and saved the image to your desktop. I had a HUGE file on my desktop of ideas, I wanted to work off of. Besides having a journal, and a notepad, I needed a more enhanced, progressive space to share my work, and spread the word.

Thank goodness for the people on Envato.

Envato is a marketplace for top digital assets and creatives offering digital online services to help you enhance your digital platform. Everything from creative designers, providing themes for your wordpress. Perhaps you need a logo for your business online, on Envato, you’ll be able to find a graphic designer. Anything you need, Envato will help you out!!

Happy networking!


We Just Run

There are seasons in life, where you focus on 1 thing, and that 1 thing consumes everything about you. With me, its running. I typically do a good job with keeping my body active, as I go to the gym, lift weights, and do all my health and body corrections (Foam rolling, and occasional massages). But when it comes to a phase of running…..I go all in.

I’m no full marathon runner, but I’d to be. One goal of mine, is to complete a full marathon (26.2 Miles FYI), at 4.30Hrs. I believe I can do it.  But I have to work hard, train hard, and RUN.

Here’s one of my go to running gear sites.


They provide everything from running shoes, trainers, and any apparel for the typical running! Check’em out! I gotta run!

Next up: Training for my holiday marathons…



Happy Shopping!


Pre-Teen Apparel

With a 10 year old, who’s entering middle school soon, I am in well preparation for the changes that will be coming along. One thing I remember during the 6th grade was I was caring more about my appearance. My son has a pretty simple cook. Gray fitted pants, high-top vans, and a graphic tee. My son will never go to school in basketball shorts (God Almighty, Hallelujah!!!)

With my pre-teen turning the corner, I know he’ll probably what to add to his current wardrobe. I love being my the personal stylist to my children, but they are entitled to their own style. So I stumbled upon HotKeyGaming.

From hoodies, hats, and even phone cases, this site has apparel for the simple minimalistic gamer, who loves graphic tees, but just toned down, where it’s not too crazy.


If you have some young boys, who are in need for some time graphic tees. HotKeyGaming is the place to shop!



Watches for Him

The husbands birthday is coming up. And other than, gift baskets, something DIY’d, or a cute handprint craft made from the kids, I wanted to take it a notch. I’m now working, and can actually buy my husband a gift without using his own money…. (YAS!!!)

After years of being a stay-at-home-mom, I’ve always been a bit reserved with the gifts i get for my husband. This year, things are different. Mama is finally, making great leaps, and bounds, contributing to the household, in a financial way, and I’m so proud to be able to!! (See previous posts on me going back to work full time…)

So…What to give, what to give?!?! A blazer form Nordstrom? A top of the line, traveling laptop backpack form TUMI?! I’m so excited to pick and choose a high quality gift for him.

I wanted something elegant, sophisticated, masculine, and also timeless……

I ended up coming across a few watch brands that provide everything from luxorious feel end watches, active watches. modern classics featuring a minimalist silhouettes, and ALL are refined by the influence of functionalism & modernism.Designed carefully to maintain its beauty effortlessly. All these watches are timeless for every wrist, for every generation.

Armare Watches | eWatches | | DMC Watch | WEwood


I literally squealed when I stumbled upon these brands!!!!

Price point is around $300-$500, which makes sense for luxury end watches. What’s nice is, my husband cares less for brandname, just as long as he’s getting the high quality item,  and token of appreciation from my heart (and hard earned money) this gift is totally worth it!


They all have a women watch collection too!

Happy Shopping!


P.S: Don’t forget, Father’s Day is around the corner!


Lipsticks That Work for Me!

I’ve been a sucker for Asian Beauty products. One, it’s affordable. Two, the quality suites my taste as I have simple make-up essentials that don’t need me to be in front of the mirror way to long. Especially lipsticks!! As a working mom, with two boys with crazy schedules, I like to run out the door looking polished, and clean and little done up.

Check out Kailijumei Beauty!!

Kailijumei Beauty provides these awesome simple beauty lipsticks that change to your temperature color!! Seriously! The best product, on the face of the planet!

Happy Shopping!

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