My First Half Marathon

The holiday’s have finally passed, the new year has begun, goals have been set and 2016 has definitely been treating myself and my family very well. I’ve been building myself for success within the past year, starting with my Journey to 30. It started with getting back into shape, with my yo-yo weight, and finally stabilizing it, and putting me on a path of a healthy lifestyle. I focused much summer-winter 2015 on runs easing myself into 5Ks, 10Ks, and kicking 2015 in the butt with my very first half marathons!!

After being able to put myself on a healthy track and rhythm of fitness and running, many parts of my life such as social circles, parenting, and my relationship with my long time boyfriend improved. It’s something about that healthy start of working out, shocking your body, being discipline and giving your body the right nutrients is amazing. Sleep, rest, workout repeat….No joke, but that same commitment, and drive helped me later on naturally, and happened organically.

Setting goals with an action plan, and completing them is the biggest reward ever. You don’t have to have it figured out in the beginning. Just move forward, and I promise you things will fall into place!! As healthy goals started to settle, I was able to add more to my action-to-do list. Commitments towards health was nailed, family, and blogging, along with YouTube commitments (when I get that opportunity) got a lot easier to mange all on top of each other. I was definitely on a got path of being healthy and happy.


I last ended my 2015 Journey To 30 HERE. With two half marathons. My first was a few days right after Thanksgiving. 13.3 miles, flat, trails, in my local neighborhood.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 12.15.52 PM

Read more of my mental prep of my Thanksgiving Runs HERE.

Before my first half marathon, I literally thought what better way to top it off, with a 10K on Thanksgiving Day.

“I can handle it.” EHHHH………….Yeah, and no.

That wasn’t the case 24 hours later.

Nitro Turkey, Point Pinole Regional Park



Read more on my 10K Nitro Turkey HERE.

Photo Credit: Brazen Racing


Sunrise at Quarry Lakes Regional Park, Fremont, CA

November 28, 2015 was my first Half Marathon. 13.3 miles. I can do this. I think. My legs were tight, my hamstrings were shot, my IT bands were screaming no. Major soreness overload, foam rolling was needed, and a sports therapist would’ve suggested me that morning to rest. I knew I wasn’t ready, coming from a 10K just a day and half before. “Why am I here? Why did I do the 10K? I’m so much in pain!”

These were the thoughts I had in my head waiting at the Quarry Turkey corral waiting for my half marathon to begin. I woke up, got ready, gave myself ample time to warm up, hydrate, stretch (as much as I could,) and take action. Just finish. I already knew there would be no way to hit the 2 hour mark. This is just the beginning of my journey. I’m not going to nail it. I plan on running many, many, many, many, many more half marathons within my lifetime. This is only number 1.

The Quarry Turkey Half Marathon was hosted again, by my favorite group of people from Brazing Racing. A local business from Pinole, who host many great races throughout the Bay Area (particularly the East Bay, Bay Area.) I’ve devoted myself to Brazen Racing the entire year of 2015, because of their smooth event planning, cause, and great locations to host runs. The Quarry Turkey was my first half marathon. I’ve had a couple 5Ks, and 10Ks under my belt, and ambitious goal to run half marathons by the end of the year.This was the beginning of a new stepping stone for myself. I didn’t know what I was getting into. Just a good ol’ 13.3 miles right? Flat ground, no inclines. Easy yeah?


Oh my dear fellow reader, I was wrong. I should’ve prepared myself a little bit more. Actually a lot more. I was walking my kids to school, jogging when the kids were at school, hiking with peers over the week, but I needed more……


I’m going to type a few foot notes for myself real quick:

Tiffany Take ACTION!!!!!!!!!! Tiffany Take ACTION!!!!!!!!!! Tiffany Take ACTION!!!!!!!!!!

Half Marathon Training Program:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

2 Miles and 20 Min SS

Increase miles every 2 weeks, by a mile.

(Within a 16 week 4 month program)

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

30 Minute SS

30 Minute CT or Run 2 Miles (with continuing mile increase)


 – REST –

SS (Strength Train & Stretch)
Do your own routine or take a yoga class.
CT (Cross Train)
Do other cardio other than running such as biking, swimming, hiking, or a cardio class.
You don’t have to skipout on exercise entirely. Take a walk, do some stretches or use a foam roller to massage your hard working legs.




The this point, I knew I was already in danger due to my tight hamstrings, and locked up IT bands. I was already telling myself to hold back on long strides, and extended leaps avoiding other runners. I knew I had to keep it slow and steady, back off when needed when pain would spike, and keep an eye on time. I had to be at mile 9 within 2 hours!!

There was a time during my run along the Alameda Creek Trail that I was cheering myself on, giving myself positive reinforcement, and also chatting.  During long distances run, all you have is your mind, and thoughts to sort through. I never really run with earbuds in my past runs, because I do enjoy the raw sound of runners, and nature crunching at your feet (especially during trail runs). I’ve mentioned before, running is so raw, and thats what I love about it. To me it isn’t the race, but about completing the race, depending on yourself only to finish. It takes a lot of sweat, energy, and mental “can-do” attitude to complete the 13.3 miles. Only you can make it happen.


Me crossing the finish line at 3 hours 2 minutes. (In pain) But I came in at 12th Place for FEMALE 25 (age group) HALF MARATHON POSITION!


The results. For a first time doing a half marathon, without crazy extensive training, I thought this was pretty good. The ultimate goal in the future is to finish at 2.5 hours. But I’ll take the 3hr mark. I do know theres plenty room of improvement. But I’d like to remind myself that this isn’t easy. A 14min mile is less than ideal. I know exactly what needs to bee done in order to improve, and I kind of had set myself for disaster as I had a 10K 2 days prior to my first half marathon.

Legs were tight, rest was needed. I was seriously crying inside.

13/1 miles at at a almost 14 min mile pace, CAN DEFINITELY IMPROVE (this is in CAPS for my future self.) Half Marathons are amazing. I’d honestly run them more than I could, AND I SHOULD. To those out there with fitness goals, weather you’re shedding the weight, finding a healthy outlet, looking for a new challenge, Half Marathons are definitely something. I’d like express to my readers, I’m really hard on myself. But if I give it my all, wake up, show up, and give a full swing at it, my job is done.  Again, this was my first Half Marathon. I can’t believe I completed it, under the pain I was in, but I finished! Who knows how well I can do at the next… (READ Upcoming post!!)

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 6.13.32 AM

I look forward to more Half Marathons and the training that will help me reach my time goal. Here’s to a Happy Thanksgiving to health and happiness!! Stay tuned, as I’ll share my next Half Marathon experience (I had to split the two posts, bc the photos are just awesome!)



Shed’s Off Like Water

Weigh In

Current Weight at 5/15/2015

In the beginning of my health transformation I was struggling with side planks, sit-ups, and could barely lift 15 pound weight over my shoulders. It was so hard for me to vision a future healthier and happier me. Starting off at 144lbs and out of breath doing side planks at 30seconds – made me want to become stronger and stronger. Sweating so hard after a 6mile run, and after a workout session with my trainer, made me feel so high. A healthy high.

After finally getting over the the 10 pound hump, my appetite has definitely curved, and exercise had became a staple in my everyday daily life. There are weeks when I hit it hard everyday. Some days, I may slip due to resting my muscles due to being sore, or by scheduled appointments, and household errands. But those days I wasn’t able to go to the park to run, I end up working out sometime later in the day from home. Mountain climbers, body builders, 2 minute warm-ups, and so on. I create room and space in my living room, and do my exercises while watching TV.

This is just a weigh-in check post, to document how I’ve been feeling lately. I want to remind myself to never give up. If you’re going through a transformation like myself, create a contract to yourself, or follow yourself taking a pictures. I’m tired of the old me, the memories of the old me, and the feeling of that me. Continue looking forward, be persistent. I want to inspire others, because I feel my story is so relatable. Before children I was 115lbs, and after carrying two children in my body, and a poor diet afterwards, its time to take charge. Food is fuel. Make it good food.



The results are in! Back in early February, I decided to take action in becoming a happier and healthier me! I made a clear goal for me to get physically fit, while registering myself in local runs. 5Ks, 10Ks, and moving up to Half Marathons. Getting fit will align my life to being happier in other aspects in life. The stars aligned, and just a few days later making this lifestyle I bummed into my old personal trainer. Since then, the rest was history.

I’ve now dropped 10lbs!!! I started high intensive workouts, as well as running Monday through Friday. I started at 142lbs, and now at 132lbs. Take a look at my before and after pictures! The left pictures are so disgusting! I feel so embarrassed that I had let go of myself once again, after a fitness year back in 2013.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll be able to see daily pictures of my fitness journey. Now, I’m no insta-famous fitness pro, but I do take joy in inspiring others to fall into the path of a healthier lifestyle. In my JourneyTo30 mission, I’ve mentioned that 2014 wasn’t a great year for me. It was such a fall-out physically, as I slowly regressed into old unhealthy habits, something completely different then how I was all in 2013. Although, in 2014 I lost a few friends, and gained weight; I also gained wonderful new relationships with others that has literally brought me joy and pure happiness. With new friendships, comes an open mind, I’ve changed my mindset out of old ways, making myself healthier mentally. Out with the old, in with the new right?


Here are my side by side, before and after pictures. The LEFT pictures are me early March of 2015, weighing in at 142lbs. The RIGHT pictures are me during the last week April weighing in at 132lbs.

Now, I am NO WHERE near my ultimate goal weight, but definitely feel a difference! Sit-ups are not as complicated to do, and my core has undoubtedly before stronger. Friends I’ve seen can tell the difference (which is the best feeling, when people notice the weight-loss).

So what are my goals after this half of my fitness journey? To push myself HARDER than the first time. And surpass the first 10lbs lost, in a smaller timeframe. This I can definitely do. And I’m willing to show you, share with you, and possibly help you plant the seed in your head to get focused and start a healthy lifestyle.


Having a healthier lifestyle, a consistant strict diet, and infusing daily exercise with running everyday as make me feel better and healthier , in all aspects of my life. I wake up with ease every morning, my patience with my children has gotten better without the help of caffeine,  and multitasking isn’t as messy to this mommy. Before, I wasn’t able to alot of these things correctly. Or, I was only able to focus on one vs. the other. Since the whole fitness change, it’s changed everything in my life for the better.

Stay tuned fore more on my health and fitness Journey to 30. I can’t wait just to see how things change over time, even just within a few days.


Run The Lake

Every morning I’ve programmed myself to run the lake near my house. I live literally 5minutes away from the fantastic central park right in the heart of Fremont. Like I’ve mentioned before, I live right at the edge of the Silicon Valley, a suburb residential area, within commuting distance to major cities here in the Bay Area, both San Jose & San Francisco -which I love, love love!!! So being right in the center of many cities makes living in Fremont so great!

Each morning, after dropping my older son to school, I head straight towards central park. Lake Elizabeth, located in Fremont, California, is a man made 83-acre lake. When at average capacity, water rises to a depth of about seven feet, and is exactly 2 miles all around. With many fields, and play structures around the park, with neighboring city buildings like the police department, animal shelter, and also main library. I seriously fall in love with Fremont every morning as I run the lake.


Tristan is his jogging stroller, enjoying the lake view.

Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller with Front Fixed Wheel

My jogging stroller is probably seeing its finest days right now. I purchased it, just about 3 years ago on Craigslist from a couple who was relocating their family to Brazil. They sold me to be brand new for only $75 (Original: $185) . After using it a couple times on trails, while Tristan was only a year old, I gave up my healthly lifestyle by getting lazy. (Boo.) Now, older, wiser, and with a 4 year old 33lb pre-schooler, I am making up for the lost time!! Pushing the jogging stroller with Tristan is do difficult to do! No lies! I love the wonderful capability of having it hold my stuff, and all the features including:

  • Essential jogging features: front fixed wheel, air filled tires, safety tether, reflectors, super grip and adjustable handle
  • iBaby sound system plays music for both parent and baby
  • Features include: speed and distance odometer, hand brake, large storage basket, parent tray with 2 cup holders and compartment music player or other essential items
  • Multi-position reclining seat with 5-point safety harness accommodates child to 45 lbs
  • Stroller stands upright when folded and you can roll the stroller folded

I cannot express how happy I’ve been lately with my new lifestyle. Everything in my life all has a balance, from the kids school schedule, to me in the kitchen, and eating right, all thanks to running into my trainer at our local Safeway. Bye bye sugary boba drinks and milk teas! I don’t need you!!!

Happy Training! Getting fit, and being happy while doing it!!



5K To Wedding Day: PLUS Surprises


Today was my first 5K run of the year! The drive from my home to the regional park in Livermore was amazing. I had my morning dutch chocolate nutrimeal, received my morning before-run motivational texts from friends and family, and enjoyed the 50 Shades Of Grey Soundtrack on Spotify driving through beautiful vineyards.

Before the run, I did have a little bit of the butterflies from the park gate, to finding a parking spot, to walking up to the start line. I’ve been training for this, and know I can mentally and physically I can do this. My goal was to complete the 3mile race under 40mins. The last time I did a 5K, I was able to complete it within 34mins. So giving myself the extra 5-6mins was a great safety. Before start time, I took myself to a nearby picnic table and did some core warm-ups. 2 minute step-ups, lateral step-ups (both sides), then step-to balance and lateral step-to balance. Those are just a few warm up drills I do with my trainer, and on my own to keep my knees and ankles strong. All to prevent me from knee injury.

Since I’ve started back with my trainer, one of my biggest fears is getting injured, ESPECIALLY a knee injury. “If,” (knock on wood) I did go through a knee injury, that would put me months on sitting down, that leads to gaining weight, which leads me to the fear of not being loosing weight (again), and scared from another knee injury. And that is a complete no, no in my book. Having to “loose weight” again is a CLEAR-CUT no in my journey. Going through this entire fresh knew look on life, and staying fit, healthy and strong is a must, that I want to carry through my late 30s and on. In my head I’m like “I’m Asian, I get mistaken as a youngin’ all the time. Let’s keep it that way!!!!”  I know that sounds crazy, but growing old, sucks. And I don’t want it to be. I want to stay healthy and be healthy. For myself and for my family.


(Photos By BrazenRacing)

Fast forward to the race, the race was amazing! While running I got to enjoy the green hills of De Valle Regional park in Livermore. Livermore is the eastern edge of the San Francisco Bay Area, with a fantastic regional park, filled with green hills, great hiking trials, and a beautiful lake view. The weather was perfect during the race, cold, and brisk of the early morning, easy breathing weather, with warm sun shining down! Above, is a photo of the 5K start. Can you spot me? I’m wearing all black, which I always wear because while working out I like to celebrate my fats funeral. Heh, I know, but really though.

As I reached the tail end of my 5K, I charged towards the finish line, and headed straight to the water table. I was given my medal and huffed and puffed towards my car. Yes. My car. I didn’t stop to enjoy watching others cross the finish line, I drank up my water, and walked directly towards my car. Today was such a jammed packed day, of not only my 5K, but each of my boys had baseball games, and later on in the evening my friends wedding! Once returning home, and texting my family, I was able to see the very last part of my youngest son’s game. The team huddle where the coach announces who receives the game ball. And guess who got it?! My son did!!!! What an amazing morning!!! If I hadn’t gone straight to my car after my race, I wouldn’t be able to catch that moment of my son receiving the game ball! So proud of my little guy. Really.

Shortly after seeing my son experience his first game ball, he enjoyed his after game meal at the snack shack. While talking to my mom as she recapped the tball game, an older gentleman interrupted us saying that my son was on the front cover of the local bulletin paper. Shocked, I wasn’t sure if it was true, I told him I wasn’t aware that my son’s picture was on the paper. The older gentleman was certain, and kept saying he’s on it, “a great straight shot of him.” I’ll have to look into this later..

MonicaWedding (Photo By David Rosario, The Photoriot)


After an afternoon of rest and celebrating a morning of milestones with my family, it was time to attend my dear friends wedding Monica & James. To let you know a little bit about this couple; Derrick and I were introduced to M&J by a mutual friend, David (who also did photography for their wedding day.) David introduced us in 2012 and we first met them as a couple at Derrick’s 26th birthday which we had hosted a house party at our old home. Beer pong tables under patio string lights, sangria, and a chocolate fondue is all I remember from that party. Good times. Time passed, and over the course of parties, hiking Half Dome, double date nights with J&M, antique fair shopping, and farmers market meet-ups this couple hit a home run with Derrick and myself. They are such an incredible couple to be around. They compliment Derrick and I as a couple, which similar – wait, like almost identical interests!! The balance and dynamics of the four of us together is simply amazing. So being invited to their wedding day truly meant something to me. I love James & Monica so very much, and I cannot say that about many people.

The evening wedding was hosted at an art collective outdoor patio warehouse in Berkeley, totally James & Monica. The details were cool and funky, and vintage. I actually provided the bridal party sign, all DIY, painted and thrifted my moi. I’ll post a tutorial on that soon. The wedding was so emotional. And I mean emotional. Take a look at the photo above captured by my friend David, The Photoriot. Simply amazing.

To Monica & James, you two have defined what true love really is. I send many positive thoughts with love and care to you two everyday. I love you guys! Cheers to the next chapter of your relationship.


5K Prep

This weekend marks the date of the start of my new running lifestyle! Earlier in February, I signed myself up for two 5K runs this Spring. The first one is this weekend, and the next one will be in May. I strategically planned them a month and a half way form them, so I can mentally and physically prep, and as well as enjoying family weekends and Spring Break which is coming up.

Take a look at my Journey To 30 Monthly Log Here.

This weekends run is the Badger Cove Half 5k/10k Marathon, hosted by BrazenRacing. It’ll be held at the picturesque Del Valle Regional Park in Livermore! From waterfront views under oak groves to panoramic vistas, these courses have a lot to offer, which I’m very excited about!!! I’m extremely excited for this race because its all part of my health and fitness journey, and also I’m doing this run alone. No girlfriend, or wing man, nothing but me, myself and I.

I’ve consistently have been seeing my personal trainer, and have been running every morning. The other morning, I ran at 7AM on a Sunday morning. It was magnificent. The was long, but throughout the entire day I felt energized, awake, and very productive. And we all know, “a Sunday well spent, brings a week of content!”

This weekend, I also have plans to attend a Berkeley wedding of my dear friend. Hosted at an art collective, I’m very eager to see the out come of the two weeks shes been working hard for. Yes, my homegirl has been planning her wedding in just 2 weeks. No, its not a shot-gun wedding! Anyhow, this weekend is going to bring such joy in my life with the start of a new running lifestyle, and to witness my dear friends special day!

Happy Thursday!


Monday Motivation

I woke-up this morning with the desire to register for a couple local marathon runs. Just about a year ago I entered my first 5K Run with my god sister Rez (the one that just got married this past weekend). At the time I was in wonderful shape. I traveled to Thailand, and a month later I hiked up Half Dome. In 2013 my New Years Resolution was all about health and fitness. I took that year with just dedicating all my time and energy to transfiguring my current post baby body. My body adjusts well to an active lifestyle (like it should), but unfortunately I ignored it during the time of having children. Excuses and depression, got to me so I hired a personal trainer that I met 2-3 times a week. He went grocery shopping and helped me in the kitchen prepping low glycemic meals. A total transformation and lifestyle change within 3 months.

Summer 2014, I had started to lose the fitness lifestyle. I was slipping. There were no motivators. No upcoming travel plans, or major hikes. No fitness goals whatsoever. I’ve been aware the past year of the weight gain, and have been struggling to drop the weight once again. This time, no investing in a personal trainer. I’ve hired help at desperate need, but this time, we’re saving money. With the knowledge my trainer has given me, I have to dig deep and find it within myself to achieve the same fitness goals as before.

Half Dome

September 2013

Climbing up the cables on Half Dome, Yosemite National Park.
Processed with Moldiv

Which leads me to registering for a couple marathon runs. While going to the gym, and (kind of) dieting I feel like I have to put my fitness to the test. I registered myself to two local runs in my area. The first is in March, and the other in May. Each run, just about a month apart which gives me time to train. Both these runs are 5K, a good ol’ 3 miles. Its nothing to extreme, but a good start to the year. I plan on increasing the distance as I get more comfortable.

So here’s to the start again to a new healthy lifestyle that I plan on keeping up for the rest of my life. I’ve done it before, and I believe I can do it again. I will prove to myself that transformation + discipline can accomplish any inspiration I set my sites on.

I’m approaching 30….So consider this my journey to 30. Here we go!

Check out my past weight loss hashtag on Instgram


(Years ago, I used to be in Polynesian/Tahitian dance troop and my body was bangin’!!)


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