New Year. New Mind Set.

So if you’ve been following me for while, you’re probably confused with the sudden blog redesign. Last year, I started Tiffany’s Tidings on a different blogging platform,  but just last month moved to a new one. Long story short, I would have to transfer every old post manually. Not having the time and patience for that, I’ve continued to keep pushing…

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Spend The Summer

Over 4 years ago, I- like everyone else had a blog. I started it over the summer, note: ‘Spend The Summer.’ and continued it over the course of a year and half. I blogged current crafts, shows I was obsessing about,  movies, celebrity crushes, and ‘OOTD’Halloween outfit inspiration (that term was not created yet, as well as Pinterest & instagram btw). The…

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Thanksgiving Kids Cups

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and while seeing friends and family, I have to make sure my children are we behaved in each household we visit. Having a 7 & 4 year old behave only consists of a couple few things. An electronic tablet or snacks……… Here I present to you, harvest trail mix cups. These individual sized cups I purchase at…

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