Makeovers & Repurpose

Many of my creative ambitions are bigger than my budget, and lack of avaialble space in my home. But I’ve turned my limiting circumstance to an enjoyable activity. DIY Makeovers, Craigslist purchased creations, to thrifted transformations! Here is where I take my Pinterest inspired and desired projects, and make them come to life with my personal spin! Being a stay at home mom, I adore creating and upcycling something low budget and turning it into something new and enjoyable for everyone! Especially my family! Check out all my collection of DIY Makeovers and repurposed projects!


IKEA DUKTIG: Craigslist Purchase Transformation

Everyone. With the new year here I’m creatively charged, and the juices are flowing. The first week of 2015, I’ve focused the week on Craiglist Ikea Hack. If you’re an Ikea lover like I am, you probably have heard of Ikea Hackers. Ikea Hackers is a site about modifications on and repurposing of Ikea products. Hacks, because…

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Pottery Barn Inspired DIY Chalk Globe

With the new year here and new resolutions made, one of the many cravings I thirst for this year is traveling. Even if its a road trip up to the Pacific Northwest, a trip to Chicago, New York, or flying out to Europe to visit family in France (My boyfriends sister lives in Bordeaux). To keep the inspiration and desire to travel going…

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Chore Chart

My 7 year old has now shown the interest in earning money. He’s quickly understanding the value of hard work. He’s started helping me pair socks together, take out the garbage and recycling, put away game consoles controllers, charge mobile devices/tablets, feed the parakeets, tidy his room and also the playroom. (Just to name a couple.) But now, his service isn’t free…

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Craigslist Bamboo Desk

Everyone, my craigslist game is on! The family and I just got back from a week long vacation visiting the San Francisco Bay Area. After day 5, I was already craving to go home back to Sac just to settle down and gain back a normal routine. And guys, when we arrived..I made no plans to waste time and let my creative itch rest. The Sunday evening we arrived home, I hit Craigslist….

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