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The simplest things seem to be the most fun for my boys. Getting them outside to run around and explore – whether at the park or the zoo, or in our own backyard –  it’s so fun to watch them interact and play, and be boys together. It also doesn’t hurt that it burns off that rambunctious energy.

I have two boys now 8 & 4. With two boys 3 months apart, and being “young,” parents we are definitely a unique family, which makes for great stories and real life lessons. Blogging my life & family will hopefully help me to see each experience with new eyes. Even on the hardest, most tiring of days, I will try to look for something to be grateful for, and to turn it around and share honestly and thankfully what I am experiencing. This will also give me a tangible way to record the excitement that is our daily life for the boys to enjoy in the future.


Most days are easy. Since day one. Since they are much older both boys now in school, I have a lot more time to myself! With that being said, I’ve started a YouTube Channel!!!  Follow me as I try to get into the swing of things of how I prioritize my time spent without the kids, general household duties, and everything else being a stay at home mom, along with hotting my personal goals fitness wise and YouTube/Blog life!!!!!

It took a me many tries to get a stable routine being a stay at home mom. My days were not always consistent, until earlier this year when I took my fitness goals seriously. Being healthy led me to become more organized, patient, and just very clear headed with everything else. I noticed my relationships with others improved, financial struggles didn’t hurt so bad, and all my daily/life goals were aligned before me at my grasp to take, and seize right before me!!!

With kids, natural occurring routines tend to change day by day. As a stay at home mom, its hard to find time for yourself, but that’s the path my boyfriend and I decided to take. The divide and conquer approach is what we use. And to be quite honest it works so well for us. Because I am the head household keeper/organizer/cook/ scheduler/ driver/ class mom/ school volunteer, and main house go-getter, it is why my boyfriend has become so successful in what he does in his career. He’s able to fully put his all in work, and never come home and worry about the basic needs of kitchen help/ organization/ kids routines. Granted,this routine may  work for us, and maybe not for others out there. But I hope this blog can help others who find themselves in similar lifestyles, or can possibly take portions of my lifestyle/organization to apply to your daily life. My main goal here is to possibly inspire someone out there.

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