As we look at our favorite parenting blogs and search the Internet for the best parenting blogs, we’re often amazed at the great parenting advice we find. We’ve all read them as parents, and they offer a lot of good advice. But there are some things that the parenting books miss. Saying goodbye to sleep, a clean car and date nights, among others, are some of the things parenting books don’t get into. Why? Could it be because potential parents wouldn’t then want to have children? We’ll never know.

Here is a collection of topics I’ve come to realize and find helpful as I raise my children. I’m no pro, no guru of parenting. But it’s help me, my children, and my household.

Parenting Feels

I’m one of those young moms. I had my first son when I was 21, and my second son at 24. If you haven’t done the math yet, I’m now 30 years old. Today, my 6 year old completed Kindergarten, and my oldest son is moving on to the fifth grade. The end of school year has finally arrived…

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Family Card Games

Lately, the family and I have been into family card games. UNO has been our main, as the boys carry it around in the car incase mommy and daddy want to enjoy an afternoon coffee in Midtown, and the boys have something to play with together…

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Life Lessons with Little League

Spring is basically here, and our children have moved from winter sports to spring sports. What usually is within the months of end of February to early June, these sports usually consist of soccer, basketball, and the ever post popular spring time sport, baseball…

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From Stroller To Scooter

I’m happy I’m done with the stroller stage of parenting. It was great while it lasted, the wonderful perks of having a safety seat for your infant/toddler to peacefully nap, and also the wonderful amount of storage for your phone, bottle, and drinks. But let’s face it. The struggle was real when baby wasn’t in the mood to stroll through the mall or downtown…

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Art Beast + City Exploring

This past afternoon the kids and I were casually walking around Midtown, and a little bit of Downtown Sacramento. As we learn familiarize ourselves with the city, we came across this fantastic art studio called Art Beast located on K St….

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My Yumbox

I’m a huge supporter of entrepreneurs. Especially those who are stay at home moms using their creative skill and talent and making a name for themselves!!! And I’m taking about small Etsy/Homemaker/Handcrafter kind pf business. I love those creative entrepreneurs! Over the holiday break I ordered custom hand lettered stickers from Krystal Hays of Pen To Paper. I had just ordered two Yumbox’s for my boys school lunches…

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Volunteering Gig

As parents, most of our plates are not only full but overflowing; our schedules are so tight they’re cutting off blood flow and our to-do lists are endless. The last thing any of us truly wants to do is commit to another project, group, or organization. But the one area of volunteering shouldn’t be ignored. The ongoing social, academic and emotional success of our kids relies heavily on the amazing network of parents and guardians. I hope the above tips can help you find a place within your lifestyle to help out at your child’s school.

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Happier Mornings

Too boot out the crazy season, crazy mornings are evidently to happen. Rushing my children to get, change, eat breakfast, up brush their teeth, pack homework its an insane tornado every morning. Develop new behaviors and practices for yourself. Here are a few secrets to happier mornings…

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Back To School: Memory Keepsake Photo (Featuring: DIY Chalkboard Globe)

The day has finally came!!! I’ve been waiting all summer for this!!! It’s the first day of school, and both boys are going to school!!! That’s right, this stay-at-home mom has been patiently waiting 4years for this day to come!! No more mommy & me tiny tot classes no more!! I am now released of my duties, and no longer have a child tied to my hip for at lease 4 hours during the daytime!! Why am I so excited? Because…

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