Journey To 30

Journey To 30

I started my health journey in finding myself within the last years of my twenties at the age of 28. The start of 2015 is when I created this small corner of my blog, where I log many of my mile-stones in achieving a healthier and better lifestyle. I’ve encountered mental strides of bumps on the road, and also encountered positive waves of happiness. Not only that, but reconnecting with my personal trainer this year was another plus in getting the weight off (again!) 20lbs down folks!!

Of course, life keeps throwing you curve balls, and you still have to keep going. So with with big 3-0 approaching, I plan to crush it in thirties! June 5th, 2016 marks my 30th. Emotionally, physically, and financially, I plan to find a way to balance it all. Everyday since the start of my new journey earlier this year, I’ve leveled up each day, giving myself a standard. One thing I can tell you I’ve been keeping up, is consistency and will power. I’m not here to regress into bad habits. I want my journey to 30 to be worth it, every mile I run, every financial hardship, every day I see my children grow, I plan to grow along with them.

Watch me as evolve into the woman I want to me, and want my children, and future husband to see…

28 was not a great year for me. I am generally a very joyful and carefree person. However, there were many frequent patches of confusion and searching in my mid twenties (28). As things go – my world perspective has been altered. At times I was motivated, focused, and pushed through whatever came at me. But there were certain months of uncertainty. My wonderful boyfriend (high school sweetheart & father of my two children) has seen and these recurring patterns of mine, and has stepped in many times to help. God bless him for his patience and for putting up with my behavior and moods during those times. But majority of those times his help can only do so much, and my troubles were just too deep within myself, only I could fix.

February 2015

I’ve decided to start a portion on my blog of my Journey to 30;  late twenties mother of two, living in the suburban area of the outskirts of the Silicon Valley. My twenties were dedicated to the early stages of parenthood, and raising kids. While my friends were enjoying college, and drinking, I was at school and working in order to pay daycare.

February 2015, I’ve started a new lifestyle of health related goals, not only for weight loss, but keeping myself happy in all aspects of life. Attracting what makes me happy, and blocking out all the rest.


I am well aware of how lucky I am to be s stay-at-home mother. I’ve always been mindful of that. After the struggle of dropping out of Art school, and working full-time, I suddenly found myself becoming a full-time stay-at-home mom, living in a 5 bedroom house, paying $1,000 for rent (which is a steal in the Bay Area) all by the age of 25. My boyfriend worked his ass off in college, at some points of thinking of dropping out, but managed to complete school. Within 3 years after graduating college he was working at Google. We’re able to take vacations, have birthday parties, and supply our children whatever they needed. I am able to volunteer at my sons school, take my 4 year old son to play dates, and am able to witness all his firsts.

Now, daddy working from home we are both home in search of more greatness to reach success being able work from home, and watch our children grow. Staying home has fulfilled me more than anything else could. It’s the most rewarding ‘career’ you could ever have. I’m irreplaceable to my children, and I’m making an ongoing personal investment that will outlive myself.


At certain years of my mid-twenties, I was able to reconnect with myself though sticking with 1 goal at a time. One year was health and fitness. Another year was creating new friendships and relationships. Trying to find myself, my friends, and my passions all at the same time can be difficult. But as I’m coming near my 30s, I feel all those things I want to accomplish should be easily handled and managed well.

Since I now have a plan of what I want to do with my year, and how I want my internal thoughts/energy to change. I believe in energy and what you put out into the world is the energy you will receive back.  This corner of my blog will document my ups, downs, of dealing with my internal conflicts with myself, and achieving my goals.

So here we go… My Journey to 30.

5 Ways To Feel Younger

Let’s face it, growing up is hard. Finding the perfect career, finding the love of your life, growing a family, raising children, buying a house, saving for vacations, the list goes on. Life really wears us down. I mean, I work part time, but also handle many stay-at-home mom duties, the rest of the day. My children’s lives take over my own personal goals, which to this day, I still have trouble…

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Half Marathon Realness

I’ve been saving a blog post for my experiences with my first half marathons. I wanted it to be inspiring, and very real. I was so fixated on being inspirational, but also had to balance my mental toughness to share. Weird? I don’t know why I put that pressure on myself for my blog posts. But after talking to my high school sweetheart, Derrick. He told me to just simply share your experience. Don’t lie. Be truthful. Be real…

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My First Half Marathon

The holiday’s have finally passed, the new year has begun, goals have been set and 2016 has definitely been treating myself and my family very well. I’ve been building myself for success within the past year, starting with my Journey to 30. It started with getting back into shape, with my yo-yo weight, and finally stabilizing it, and putting me on a path of a healthy lifestyle. I focused much summer-winter 2015 on runs easing myself into 5Ks, 10Ks, and kicking 2015 in the butt with my very first half…

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Nitro Turkey

This past Thanksgiving, I celebrated my morning being Thankful to have two legs, feet, and the strength to push myself to run 6.2 miles. If you’ve been following my JourneyTo30, running has been a major part of journey to be healthy and happy. Races have been what have been keeping myself accountable to my weight loss and health. Originally, I had planned just to do a Half Marathon during the Thanksgiving weekend…

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Thanksgiving Runs

While some may be preparing themselves for Thanksgiving, my main focus this week are my two upcoming Thanksgiving races!! Earlier this year I signed up for a back to back Thanksgiving runs –The Nitro Turkey, and Quarry Turkey hosted by Brazen Racing. As I’ve sticking with my new years resolution of becoming a healthier and happier me, I like to put my new evolved body to the test. Pushing it in something performance wise, in a community of others with similar goals. I love the atmosphere and energy races bring…

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Put In More

Every day of the year, I’ve treated each morning like it was the first of the year. Brand new day, a new set of a fresh 24 hours to make yourself a better you, than what you were yesterday. #LevelingUp

There’s a reason only 8% percent of folks who make New Years Resolutions actually achieve them. There are some alternatives that have all the pay off but one of the punishment…

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Tips For Running With A Stroller

I love running with my jogging stroller. I’m able to get a full body work out, put in my miles for the day, all at the same time of being with my son, without paying an arm and a leg for daycare a sitter, a personal trainer, or even gym membership. You just need to be motivated, a little educated on exercises, and have a good pair of running shoes, along with complimentary jogging stroller.

I purchased my jogging stroller about 4 years ago on Craigslist…

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Super Sporty Sandals

Summer means warmer weather being comfortable with this super comfy, super sporty sandal. The Nike Benassi JDI Slide is my latest obsession. I purchased these early on in June at FinishLine, and have been the only house slippers I’ve been wearing… Scratch that, I do sometimes I tend to gravitate towards my Hawaii Local slippers. This sporty versions of this summers flat slide sandals has been the best feeling in the world for me! Slipping my feet into these Nike sandals after a great run…

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Summer Breeze

I’ve been asked quite a few times, aren’t I wasting my money registering for these 5K/10K races. My answer:

It’s not a waste of money. I’m not here to show off. The medals and bibs I display in my home are to inspire my children. I want them to say, “If mommy can do it, I can do it too!”

For those who clearly do not have children, or have no desire to inspire, I get it why you would think it’s a waste of money. On my behalf, I’m proving myself my body is capable of doing something great…

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Bad Bass 10K

The results are in from yesterday’s Bad Bass 10K!! I’ve managed to be in the top 10 for my age category (Female 25-29), and 1st for my age!!! If you’ve followed my last 1oK, you’ll see my pace is EXACTLY the same. Which to me is no surprise, due to the fact that this was a trail run and had a major incline lasting 1 mile -which by the way, myself and everyone else did not run up…

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Support System

Tomorrow marks my second to last personal 10K before I start my intensive half marathon training. As mentioned in previous posts, and as a part of my Journey To30, My GOAL : Is get in the best shape my body and mind will allow me to, as well as shaping my entire life to become has healthy as possible. That includes, healthy relationships, friendships, becoming financially stable, and just happy all around.

I totally believe that loving yourself, your body, and having a clear and healthy mind will help me…

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Run Harder

3 years ago, when I first started working out for an international backpacking trip, I was going to the gym Monday through Friday. One hour on the treadmill. I pushed myself to burn 500-600 calories. No distance didn’t mater to me. I just wanted to sweat so hard, I couldn’t tell between my tears and my body moisture. My trainer at the time was focusing on weight loss and that I shed the fat, burn it, and drop it fast. And boy did I listen. Never once, did I step outside for a run…

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Hikes, Runs, and 20lbs Down

I’ve FINALLY hit the 20lb mark of my fitness journey!! I can’t believe it!! In the beginning of my fitness journey it was nearly impossible for me to see the end results. Sit-up’s were difficult, 2min planks were painful, but one thing that was for sure was I was definitely able to see the end results of my workouts. While I work out, I overlook my exercises on what I have to do. 10 minute warm ups of 2min toe taps, planks, hamstring stretches, and calve raises. I also oversee my morning route for my run. Weather, I’m doing 3miles or 6miles, I make sure I stick with that assigned route and complete it with 100%. I usually stick with my neighborhood…

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Birthday Love

Last Friday on my birthday, two of my girlfriends treated me out to a cute little British Tea room in San Francisco, called LoveJoy’s Tea Room. Located right along Church St. in Noe Valley, this is a perfect place for a girls day out! Their scones and sandwiches are delightful. Their cute little tea sandwiches and scones are neatly arranged and displayed on plated tiers, served with delicious butter and jam that add that perfect touch to your toasty fresh scone. Warm scones, tasty tea sandwiches and a bottomless pot of tea await you at LoveJoy’s…

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29 and Feeling GREAT!

The last year of my twenties is finally here. I’ve prepared myself the last couple months for this. I’ve grown from the beginning of February until now. With a huge leap of faith, having trust in myself, and will power; all has definitely gotten me through so many metal and physical challenges the last few months. From creating my little segment of my Journey To 30, I’ve decided to document the last few years of my 20s. As I’ve mentioned early on the past months, 28 wasn’t so great. From being unhappy my myself mentally and physically – I’ve decided to step out of that darkness I once was in. I want to create a woman I am proud of, and be proud of….

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Nitro Trail 10K

BLast Saturday was my first ever 10K race at Point Pinole Regional Park. Home of gunpowder and dynamite manufacturers for almost 100 years, Point Pinole became part of the East Bay Regional Park District in the 1970s. With panoramic views of the bay, wildflowers, over 100 species of bird and eucalyptus woodlands (originally planted to buffer potential explosions!), Point Pinole Regional Shoreline Park is truly the hidden gem of the East Bay. If you have never been there before, you are in for a surprise…

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Desire To Change

Everyday I make sacrifices that will align them towards my goals. I’ve made changes to my every day routines, and am willing to pour in the hard work and effort. Derrick started a new job, but works on East Coast hours; so he wakes up everyday at 5AM. I’ve now gotten in the same routine where I wake up with him. Our internal clocks our now on the same rhythm; except I don’t get paid for waking up at 5AM.

We start our mornings …

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Shed’s Off Like Water

In the beginning of my health transformation I was struggling with side planks, sit-ups, and could barely lift 15 pound weight over my shoulders. It was so hard for me to vision a future healthier and happier me. Starting off at 144lbs and out of breath doing side planks at 30seconds – made me want to become stronger and stronger. Sweating so hard after a 6mile run, and after a workout session with my trainer, made me feel so high. A healthy high…

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Spring Break Body: Featuring TheChicSite

With Spring break around the corner, pressures of having the bikini body are in the air. Target is already selling their summer swim suits, which by the way are totally adorable!) While currently working out with my personal trainer 3 times a week, and running everyday, my goals are coming closer, with losing weight, and dropping my body fat percentage! Just seeing my trainer already 4 times this month I’ve dropped 4 lbs and 10% body fat! That’s significantly faster than my first contract I had with him back…

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At Home Work Outs

Save money by creating your own personal fitness gym at home! Invest on some space-saver fitness equipment, and enjoy doing work-outs at home while catching up on your favorite TV Shows! his workout is basically my warm-up to get the blood flowing, to torch calories and tone muscles in whatever time you have (15 Minutes max!) The key is going all-out. Perform the first exercise at your max intensity for 50 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and then move to the next exercise (again, as hard and fast as you can). Later on, push yourself to reach the max of 2 minutes…

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Run The Lake

Every morning I’ve programmed myself to run the lake near my house. I live literally 5minutes away from the fantastic central park right in the heart of Fremont. Like I’ve mentioned before, I live right at the edge of the Silicon Valley, a suburb residential area, within commuting distance to major cities here in the Bay Area, both San Jose & San Francisco -which I love, love love!!! So being right in the center of many cities makes living in Fremont so great!

Each morning…

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5K To Wedding Day

Today was my first 5K run of the year! The drive from my home to the regional park in Livermore was amazing. I had my morning dutch chocolate nutrimeal, received my morning before-run motivational texts from friends and family, and enjoyed the 50 Shades Of Grey Soundtrack on Spotify driving through beautiful vineyards.

Before the run, I did have a little bit of the butterflies from the park gate, to finding a parking spot, to walking up to the start line. I’ve been training for this, and know I can mentally and physically I can do this. My goal was to complete the 3mile race under 40mins…

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5K Prep

This weekend marks the date of the start of my new running lifestyle! Earlier in February, I signed myself up for two 5K runs this Spring. The first one is this weekend, and the next one will be in May. I strategically planned them a month and a half way form them, so I can mentally and physically prep…

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Like everyone I’m on Instagram and follow my friends, creative artisans, bloggers, celebrities and fitness pros. Fitness gym accounts on Instagram, are certainly a guilty pleasure of mine. I not only use them as a motivational reminder, but also as a resource of exercises I can do at home or at the gym…

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Fitness Trainer

What started as an afternoon to a Boba/Milk Tea run, ended up as a moment of realization. Since Derrick and I are both stay at home parents, there are many opportunities for us to grab a drink during the day. Not alcoholic per se. But to grab afternoon coffee or MilkTea. A HongKong style beverage of black tea sweetened with evaporated milk. It’s pretty popular here in the Bay Area, since we live right at the border of the Silicon Valley, there are tons of great Asian Coffee Shops. After purchasing our drinks, we decided to walk around a nearby plaza to pick up some miscellaneous items. Right as we walk in a local grocery store, with our sugary drinks in our hands, we run into our old personal trainer…

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