Family Adventures

Here is where you can find my collection of documented treasured moments of my family travels. From international trips, road-trips, camping trips, or weekend staycations! I’ve posted all those memories and posts all in one category of my blog for your enjoyment, and for mine! I’ll post reviews of my favorite shops and restaurants I’ve tried, as well as some video footage of our trips!


I’m really excited to see this section is grow and expand. We plan to travel as much as we can, as far as we can, and as long as we can. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place right? So let’s explore!!!

16 Years Anniversary Getaway: Santa Cruz, California

Last weekend my husband and I enjoyed President’s Day weekend in Santa Cruz, CA to celebrate out 16 year anniversary! That’s right, highschool sweethearts, turned parents, to now husband and wife…

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14 Years Anniversary Getaway: Sonoma, California

Over the weekend, Derrick and I celebrated our 14 year anniversary in the Springs neighborhood of Sonoma. We rented out an absolutely stunning Sonoma wine county estate so close to the square. Lately, I’ve been obsessing about getting new furniture for our home from places…

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Spring Break: The Pacific Northwest

Last week, we took the kids up to the Pacific NorthWest! We had made arrangements to stay at two beautiful homes in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. We hit the open road early Friday morning around 6am, and reached our first destination in Portland, Oregon…

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Food Favorites: Portland, Oregon

Here is a review of my favorite food spots in Portland. Seriously, I’m not foodie person here in the Bay Area, I’m actually quite simple, and most of the time a clean/healthy eater. But while on vacation, and in a urban city, the rules change, just a bit…

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Midwest Visit

Exactly two summer’s ago, the family and I have a paid trip to Cincinnati, Ohio. Why Ohio? Well, the hubby at the time worked for a wonderful startup company called Ahalogy. The company offers a performance content marking solution for enterprise. They help marketers (such as bloggers like myself) connect with consumers via meaningful, data-driven content. The visit to Cincy, was originally a business trip…

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Cincinnati Zoo Experience

During our stay in the midwest, we visited the Cincinnati Zoo. Located in Avondale, the fourth largest neighborhood in Cincinnati and the home to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden the family and I made the short 10-15 drive from Oakley to Avondale. The family are zoo lovers, so, wherever we travel we make it a priority to check out the local zoo. After hearing that the Cincy zoo is one of the top 5 zoo’s in the country is was apparent that we…

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Lakeside Lounging

In past summer vacations, the family and I were really consistent in going camping. We would travel up north to the redwoods (Hombolt Redwoods), and also up to Nevada County (Scotts Flat Lake Campground) Although being around the redwoods was amazing and majestic, the family …

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Labor Day In Los Angeles

I’m going to take it back a few years ago to a Labor Day getaway weekend Derrick and I had. It was our first weekend away together with two boys at the time were the ages of 4 & 10 months. I was going through my Facebook ‘On This Day’ feature. Just about 5-6 years ago, having the opportunity to travel on a quick 3 day weekend road trip was so hard to come by…

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30 On The 30th

My better half has finally entered his thirties!!! I find it incredible that I’ve been with him for half of his life!!!! So I asked him what exactly did he want to do for his big 30. While others may want to celebrate BIG like Last Vegas, flying out somewhere exotic and having…

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