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Video Shot From my first video meeting Msdebramaye at Michael’s. (17 Days Before the wedding!)

Blog Post HERE. Video HERE.

I’m almost done with a with my Msdebramaye wedding series! I have a couple for videos to edit, but due check out my current channel which I have created a Styling Playlist for! That’s where you will be able to see all the decorative pieces I’ve used at #DelmundoVowRenewal. All from my personal inventory, highly rustic influenced, and some part of my household decor! Click the image or link to see more!

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I’m so excited to share the next upcoming videos! To be honest, the first couple of YouTube videos were uncomfortable for me to make. But, I’m trusting in my skills, and my creative energy I have to communicate and share my creativeness with all of you! Please do stay tuned for the upcoming Msdebramaye wedding day series!!

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Rustic Decor

I love decorating. Interior decorating, staging, styling a party, decorating my patio, to the extremes of organizing my garage in a decorative manner. Now, I love all styles of art, and themes of special occasions, but one theme and interest I gravitate towards is the rustic style.

What is rustic style:

(this can be applied to interior decorating and event styling):

Simplicity, rustic style highlights natural beauty and a rugged, resilient spirit.

-Rough Logs


-Bare planks

-Organic textures and shapes


-Natural warmth

Rustic style feels honest and pure. Simple, and natural. Because they celebrate the art of repurposing, they provide a wonderful showcase for creativity. In a world where so much is virtual, rustic style is boldly, and raw.

If you love rustic…. You were happiest playing in the mud as a kid. Pigtails, treehouse lounging, and camping were your thing! You can’t bring yourself to throw away packing crates or burlap sacks. You sleep in your mans old flannel shirts.


Here’s a lovely decorative piece I’ve incorporated in MsDebraMaye’s Wedding Vow Renewal:

Textures: Metal & Organic Twine

Added mix: Fresh Babies Breath

Processed Moldiv

Rustic weddings are heartwarming, sweet, diverse, creative and so much more.. Just like vintage style weddings, rustic weddings are filled with textures, natural organics. Not only that, there are so many different varieties of some fabulous rustic weddings including:

Glamorous, vintage, handmade, DIY, retro, beach, shabby chic and many more.

Some more key elements that were integrated in the rustic theme were glamorous, vintage, handmade, and DIY. All key elements were definitely shown in the handmade ring bearer’s pillow I made. At first, I thought, oh! Easy! Burlap! But Debra Maye requested for a silk like ivory material. Here’s what I was able to purchased from my local crafts store in the left over scraps/ remnant basket. Checking out fabric from the remnant selection is one of the key places to check out for any crafter!

noun: a small remaining quantity of something.

I am absolutely no seamstress, but I was able to get buy. It wasn’t perfect, but my stitching skills are somewhat there. I was able to find some fabulous elegant bridal lace, as well as pairing it was a beautiful silk flower and ribbon to hold the couples rings. This was my first time undergoing a ring bearer pillow. Not bad right?

Follow me on my YouTube channel to see more of the finished pieces I was able to do for Msdebramaye’s wedding! I’ll be posting firsthand footage of her special day from, this mornings set-up, to vlog footage right before walking down the aisle!


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Naturally Styling

My last post was about a failed business I once was apart of. Needless to say, things took its own course, and I found better opportunities that work for me, my creativity, and my family. The business and partnership may have failed, but my natural ability to style events is this there. I’ve mentioned in a previous post I’ve collaborated with YouTuber, MsDebraMaye. (Read more about how we connected HERE.)

In just two days MsDebraMaye will finally be having her church wedding (#delmundovowrenewal). I’ve already started the floral arrangements, miscellaneous decorative props, and have addressed other styling needs. She’s requested for:

-Ring Bearer’s Pillow,

-2 Flower Girl Goodie Baskets (for two adorable twins),

-Guest Seating Arrangement Display

-Chalk Signage

-Day Of Coordinating/Design

 Besides that hefty list of to-dos I still have get to put it all together at the venue the night before, along with chapel dress rehearsal

with the bridal party!Processed with Moldiv

Now, you may be wondering, why don’t I serve as my own business by myself since people do go to me for these things. It’s actually complicated to explain. I genuinely love styling, but it’s something I don’t entirely want to breathe. I do have a garage full of rustic and vintage like pieces for any imaginable party out there, but it’s not fully me. I appreciate styling, but I’m working on something more……

(It’s that a great cliff hanger?) Stay tuned.

I stand at a point of my life, were I just want to focus on creative collaborating, and pushing my own original content. I’ll serve to those who do understand my worth, and know where I’m coming from. I’m very selective with those who approach me, and sometimes don’t even mention anything unless asked about it. #StayHumble I don’t market myself with all my crafty things on my personal Facebook page, or Instagram accounts for a reason. That’s why I have my own blog. It’s my personal corner of the internet which I own, and can create and share.

I’m well aware not everyone is into what I do.This is a natural journey for me. Come watch:



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Hobby vs. Business

I’ve always been told that I’ve had a creative eye for things. All my life, people have said that to me. I’ve always been a visual learner, and as a child I frequently had a sketchbook or journal to document my thoughts, ideas, and doodles. Into my late teens I knew art was something I felt very passionate about. Art was my favorite elective in high school and I took every possible course until Studio Art my senior year, which was only a hand selected amount of students chosen by the instructor. I also took college courses in drawing, illustration, and painting. It was definitely apart of me that came so very naturally.

Creative Outlet

I needed to always express myself. I transitioned into art school and was nearly complete with my Interior Design Program –due to my first pregnancy. My then destiny of interior decorating was put at a halt. Since then, I’ve dabbled my way as a striving artist finding an outlets to be creative, and also to make a living doing what I love.

A lust for event styling erupted, as I was in Mexico for a family members destination wedding. I had spent hours upon hours with the hired wedding planner originally from San Francisco. She told be how she started her business from the ground up, and how she became one of the top boutique style wedding planners of the San Francisco Bay Area. (Read more HERE)

After much thought and creative collaborating, with a family member.  Amour Ame was born. It first started as a small accessory company for womens fascinators and bridal accessories. Later, the brides would come back for more asking for maternity sashes, and baby accessories. As their lives as well as my own, naturally transitioned into motherhood. Our customer turn around was pretty amazing. The same women wanted more, and would refer us to their friends! The more demand, the more we wanted to tackle. We started an online Etsy shop, Big Cartel, and also was a regular vendor to many pop-up shops and local craft fairs. We also evolved into event styling. We thought, “Along with special occasion accessories, why not grow into styling these actual events?!”

Learning The Hard Way

It was a great idea. But there was a lot we didn’t know about the business. People would tend to confuse event styling from event planning. Many times, it was extremely hard to price your worth, and clients (many friends and family) would want ‘that discount.’ Time flexibility was another factor. Yet, I’m a stay at home and very flexible during the week to create and craft, the weekends were hurtful to my family. Family time was taken away from them as I had to attend a event to style.

Business goals, and making profit from all that I was engaging into started to become not worth it. The passion completely disappeared, and I noticed it from the get go after the transition into event styling. My mistake was I kept going along with it due to my partnership. The hobby related expenses were losses from my income, and it wasn’t worth it. It took a couple more events that I noticed to finally want out.

Mistakes I made, and will never make again?

Never mix family and business. Relationships always come first, except when the business comes first. AND thats when it got sticky. My partner already had an income from a career she worked hard for, and attended school for. Myself on the other hand, was a new entrepreneur, so safety-net. So the goals and lifestyles were already off balanced. Every action impacts your business, you must lower the hammer and let them go.

One quote I read was:

 “I love you, but I don’t need you in my life.”

Which is absolutely true, and hard to face sometimes. You can fan the flames of distrust, but you can also just put the fire out. I noticed it was a hobby and the goals as a realistic business were fading. The intensions were true but we both were not working as hard as we should be. Whatever it may be, running a business is hard. It’s sometimes money you can’t get back, after investing, and not only that time and effort you can’t get back. Bottom line, trust in your instincts, and follow your passion. Not anyone else’s.


Have you gone through a business break-up? Transitioned into a hobby into a living? Let’s chat! Comment below! I’d love to hear your stories, and what you’ve gone through.



Wedding Bells

After month of preparation, planning, and coordinating, the day is here for my good friend Eureza. Since we were babies we’ve known each other, and attended elementary school together. I’m so happy that her special day has finally arrived! I checked into the hotel where the bridal party stays and gets ready for the joyous occasion later in the evening. It was around 7 I arrived with other bridesmaids trailing behind me.

I checked in, and arranged another bridesmaid to take the bride out of the room so I can start my bridesmaid slumber party. This task was quite difficult to get the bride out. She was tired, in her jammies, glasses and all. But somehow we managed after ganging up on her telling her we need a couple of things from the grocery store. Once she left, I was able to start decorating!!

Here’s a few pics you can enjoy seeing, including all the things I’ve gathered up from this weeks Target runs and crafts.

Bridemaid Slumberparty

The night was wonderful, sweet, simple, and relaxing. The bride was touched by the lovely decor and set up we all had displayed for her. Taboo, snacks, and the movie Bridesmaids was all there for her enjoyment. The glitter gold frames were such a hit as well! Each bridesmaid went home with their very own 5×7 picture of a memory from the bachelorette party.

Keepsake FramesThe keepsake frames were also a nice decorative personal touch to add to the hotel room, and came in great to video footage when the videographer and photographer came the following morning.Wedding Morning

Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale….

Happy wedding day Eureza!! I love you plenty!!


Night Before The Wedding

This week I’ve been prepping my family and I for this huge spectacular event for my dear long time friend, and god-sister Rez. As a family, we’re planning to stay the night at the hotel, for a good easy, comfortable transition after a night of partying. Her wedding is this Saturday, and I’ve been prepping for the night before bridesmaid slumber party. I’m sure she’s had it up to here with last minute guests adding in, and some dropping. Not only that, her fiancé’s family are from Vietnam, and there are many who are traveling in. Note: Is is about to be a 400+ guest wedding.

My dear friend Rez is also a DIY bride, who’s handling 40+ manzanita branches, with crystals to transfer from Manteca to San Ramon in U-Haul truck. Good bless her soul on trying to transfer those centerpieces! That’s just one of the many struggles of this upcoming wedding!

Bridesmaid Slumber Party Prep

With the Friday night approaching, I’m trying to achieve a fun relaxing night for her to make all the wedding stress leave her. Starting with decorating our hotel room, and sharing some bridesmaid gifts, and a custom personal made, last bride-to-be gift.

Target Spritz

Tying in with her bachelorette tea party, I thought having spring floral would be a nice elegant modern touch to the night before the wedding. I purchased these Target Spritz floral decorations, from paper plates, napkins, tissue pom pom garland, balloons, and gift wrap, which I plan to use as a backdrop in the hotel room for our slumber party.

Many of the items were $3.99. Totally affordable, and certainly cute for the night before the wedding hotel slumber party. As thrifty person I am, I try my best to buy low-priced, inexpensive items. So after purchasing these items, I sent out bridesmaid email for each bridesmaid to provide hotel snacks and desserts! The girls have responded, and we’re surely ready to go!! The other MOH, the brides sister will also be helping with fun photo booth style pics, bridesmaid movies, and games!

Maid Of Honor Gift: Captured Moments

In addition to this upcoming bridesmaid slumber party, I’ve made each bridesmaid a special gift. A gift from the Maid Of Honor. A thank you gift to the ladies, for dealing with my endless amounts of wordy wedding emails, planning, coordinating, GoogleDoc sharing, and just non-stop reminders about wedding festivities!!! This is such a cheap affordable gift to make, that will get a rave of thanks you’s from your bridesmaids.

What You’ll Need:

  • Gold Frames (5×7) I purchased mine from the DollarTree
  •  Krylon Gold Glitter Blast
  • Old Newspaper/Recycled Cardboard
  • Costco Photos
    Gold Frames

You can do this craft of any color you like. I choose to compliment the gold from the Target gold/floral Spritz decorations. I also printed my photos from Costco, not only because its convenient, but one of the cheapest photo labs in my area, that as great online pick-up services.


  1. Remove the backing of the picture frame and glass, having just the frame exposed.
  2. Place the frame on top of some old news paper or card board on the ground.
  3. Spray your gold glitter onto the frame. Lightly spray each frame, with a couple coats of glitter.
  4. Set to dry.
  5. Once dry, place your photos into the frame.

The photos were taken just last weekend during her English afternoon bachelorette tea party!! I simply uploaded the photos, and picked them up later in the week. The spray painted frames only took a couple minutes as well! So, here for you current MOH/Bridesmaids, take this idea and share with your bridal party!

Viola! A thank you wedding keepsake for your bridesmaids, maid from your maid of honor!!

Photo Keepsake

6 Gold Frames (DollarTree): $1 Each

Costco Photos (Costco PhotoCenter):$0.39 per each 5×7 print

Krylon Gold Glitter Blast Spray Paint (Michael’s Craft Store): $7.99 (40% Coupon: $4.79)

Total spent: $15


Maid Of Honor Responsibilities

With only a few more days until my god-sisters wedding, I must go through my MOH list of to-do’s. Luckily, my god-sister the bride-to-be, has planned her wedding so far in advance many of the things I thought a maid of honor was suppose to do, has been already taken cared of.

In the past being a maid of honor, I’ve assisted the bride to every wedding related shopping, from the dress, bridesmaid dresses, accessories, to even a few alteration appointments and also her make-up trail appointment and engagement photoshoot! I’ve even stayed up the night before the wedding with the wedding planner, doing floral arrangements till the wee-hours of the wedding day! Seriously! Shouldn’t I be relaxing with the rest of the bridesmaids at the hotel?! That’s some MOH dedication right there.

From the Maid of Honor down to the Ring Bearer, there are laundry lists of responsibilities associated with each role. If you’re new to the whole wedding Maid of Honor or bridesmaid thing, here a list that you can follow. Various duties for all the lovely ladies that were hand selected by your special bride-to-be friend/sister/cousin/co-worker.

Maid of Honor

The maid of honor has one of the most important (and demanding) jobs out of the bridal party. Not only does she need to be responsible, she must be very close to the bride as well and be able to keep her cool, calm, and collected throughout the entire process. Duties include the following:

  • Assists the bride with all wedding related shopping.
  • Helps organize hair and makeup for the bridesmaids
  • Plans and hosts the bridal shower and bachelorette party
  • Witnesses and sign the Marriage Certificate
  • Attends the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Carries an emergency kit for the bride on the day of the wedding (although if you have a planner or day-of coordinator, they usually hold onto this)
  • Holds the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony
  • Stays by the bride’s side at all times and oversee the bridesmaids
  • Holds onto the groom’s ring during the ceremony
  • Helps make favors and address invitations
  • Gives a speech and toast during the wedding reception
  • Acts as air traffic control for the bride, wedding planner, and family
  • Responsible for paying for her own travel, attire, and accessories
  • Gives the bride both a shower gift and wedding gift
  • Helps out however and whenever she can
  • Encourages guests to get on the dance floor during the reception


Bridesmaids should be a dependable group of ladies consisting of the bride’s closest friends and/or family (sisters, cousins, etc.). Traditionally, if the groom has any sisters, they are included in the wedding as bridesmaids. Duties include the following:

  • Assists Maid of Honor however they can
  • Helps Maid of Honor plan and pay for the bridal shower and bachelorette party
  • Greets guests at the reception and encourage mingling
  • Purchases their own attire, transportation, and accessories
  • Attends the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Assists the Maid of Honor in helping everyone get on the dance floor.
The following duties can be found on Lauren Conrad’s Blog: Wedding Bells: The Duties