Spring Scents

I’m a huge fan Bath & Body Works. Today I went for a quick visit to pick up some new fresh scents for spring. I’ve been burning up my winter candles, and have been quite tired of pine needles. Crossing fingers that they would be having their 2 for $20 sale on 3 wick candles, I was utterly surprised about thier new line of spring fragrances. Mesmerized with their scents and cute bright vibrant labels, I was caught in a scenting trance of smelling each candle scent.

Their signature 3 wick candles are my kryptonite. I try my best to avoid them, and not spend too much, but I burn through them so quickly, I keep coming back to BBW for more! One time I had an entire stock of them in my cleaning cabinet, ready for use! This time around, I wait until my candles are burnt up, and have reached glass bottom.


After sniffing through each spring candle, I settled for the 3 wick Rainforest Gardenia. I have always loved gardenia, and I’m so glad I picked up this candle, I really love it. It is a true floral scent that really reminds me of Spring and smells amazing when burning. It also makes my house smell like I’m in a rainforest full of exotic flowers! Rainforest Gardenia isn’t any Aloha Waikiki, but it smells clean with just a hint of soapy, and with a little sweet/floral mix in there, too. It’s definitely a warm-weather scent, perfect for Spring!

I paired the candle with an old metal tulip sleeve I purchased a couple years ago. If you’re a BBW fan, I’m sure you have a 3wick sized metal sleeve collection. If not, I high suggest getting some. Totally worth the $7.50. The candle sleeves, are just a nice decorative way disguising your candles label.

After the candles, I made my way towards the anti- bacterial table. Sucking me in, with their 5 for $5 deal, I stocked up on your favorite mini sanitizer squeezers. These pocketbac sanitizers are all over my house, car, and in every single spring bag and basket in my home! Grabbing my favorite sanitizer scents, and a new pocketbac holder, I purchased Beautiful Day, Mad About You, Raspberry Pink Peony, Dancing Waters, and a classic favorite Sweet Pea.

SanitizersGreen Tassel

After gathering my fancy 5 sanitizers, I needed a quick fashion fix, to style up my pocketbacs! I purchased this fun green tassel charm clip with a woven strap. Like all the pocketbac holders, it can attach to your backpack, purse and more so you can keep your favorite sanitizer close at hand! One great tip for these BBWs pocketbacs is utilizing them as great gifts or favors! Add these miniture scent squeezers to a bridal basket, or as a wedding favor! Any girl who loves scented items could not turn down a fun scented gift! Try it next time!

BBW’s collection of sanitizers all carry wonderful hints of soft florals from peonies, wild daisies, to lightly scented sun-kissed apple. The scents also linger for awhile, which is nice. Spreading love, not germs these pocketbacs are truly my favorite products from BBW. What’s your favorite fragrance for spring? It is fresh floral peonies? Gardenia? Lemon? Lavender? Sparkling Limeade? The list of Bath & Body Work scents can go on. Comment below, and share your favorite fragrance!


Quirky Kitchen Haul

Over the holiday season Derrick gave me a box of Quirky products. One of the most absolute favorited gifts he’s ever given me. It was a box with assorted kitchen/home office devices and do-dads. Quirky products are invented and influenced by real people like you! They submit an idea, get involved and soon enough your product is created and ready to be sold world wide!

Quirky makes products invented and influenced by real people like you. Submit an idea, get involved, and soon enough ready for people to shop it! Since his Quirky, I’ve been a huge fan of the brand! I see it everywhere from novelty stores, to HomeGoods/Marshall’s.  My latest Quirky purchase was this Cubo cutting board, with prep storage from Marshalls.


Quirky Cubo



Bamboo, plastic (food safe)


10.9” L x 10.9” W x 1.75” H (276.9mm x 276.9mm x 44.5mm)

With a bamboo cutting surface, and compact to space save, it wasn’t hard to say no this product. Definitely a one stop chop cutting board, easy for me to slide into a container, and store leftovers! The first thing I thought when I saw this product, was “That would be great for camping!!!!!” Not only that, imagine how functional it would be for tailgating, or, if you’re like me a mom on the go, meal prep in the car!

(Left to right, Vine Stop, Stem Metal & CitriTwist, and Portion)

Here are some more Quirky kitchen items I have. To the left is the Vine Stop. A stabilizing wine bottle stopper, that allows you to store your open bottles horizontally. Inserting the Vine Stop into any uncorked bottle to add an anchor that’ll keep the container in place. To the right of the Vine Stop is the Stem Metal & CitriTwist. It features a classic citrus spritzer, that extracts every last drop of juice without making a mess. The last product is our household favorite!!! Portion measuring spoons, is a set of two nylon food safe material when cooking. You use measuring spoons to dole out your ingredients, then another spoon to stir them all up. Portion spoons allow you to measure, mix, and serve with the same utensil, then hang from a hook, reducing kitchen drawer clutter.

Seriously, aren’t these products fabulous? Cooking frequently, and always being in the kitchen these tools make being the kitchen a lot more of a happier place! Bravo to the inventors of these products!!!! Bravo!!!

Do you have any favorite Quirky products? Which is your favorite?! Comment below!


Fitness Trainer

What started as an afternoon to a Boba/Milk Tea run, ended up as a moment of realization. Since Derrick and I are both stay at home parents, there are many opportunities for us to grab a drink during the day. Not alcoholic per se. But to grab afternoon coffee or MilkTea. A HongKong style beverage of black tea sweetened with evaporated milk. It’s pretty popular here in the Bay Area, since we live right at the border of the Silicon Valley, there are tons of great Asian Coffee Shops. After purchasing our drinks, we decided to walk around a nearby plaza to pick up some miscellaneous items. Right as we walk in a local grocery store, with our sugary drinks in our hands, we run into our old personal trainer.

The last time we hired our personal trainer was a year and a half ago Spring of 2013. We hired him in fitness and health preparation for a backpacking trip to Thailand, and shortly after we return hiking up Half Dome at Yosemite National Park. With the correct guidance of a personal trainer,  he was able to not only get me down 20lbs under 3 months, but also boost my confidence, educate me in nutritional meals, gain a healthy consistent lifestyle, and also rehab old sports injuries that helped strengthen those untouched muscles.

We caught up with our trainer, reminisced over our last performance on were we left off, and laughed about we’re physically where we were now. Completely embarrassed, (also because we had a high sugary drink at hand), and also having gained a couple pounds, I knew this was a sign. We ended the conversation with scheduling a meet up on a new contact. When, tomorrow.

So here we go, #JourneyTo30. I thought I was able to do this alone, but with the motivation of a personal trainer, and holding down consistency, I’m determined to lose the weight sooner than ever. Having a role model, gaining major encouragement, and having someone to push me to sweat and cry at the same time is what I need.

Let’s make my fat cry shall we?


DIY Chore Chart


(DIY Wooden Plank Chore Chart)

My 7 year old has now shown the interest in earning money. He’s quickly understanding the value of hard work. He’s started helping me pair socks together, take out the garbage and recycling, put away game consoles controllers, charge mobile devices/tablets, feed the parakeets, tidy his room and also the playroom. (Just to name a couple.) But now, his service isn’t free. He’s interested in money. What is he saving for? Nothing in particular, but the chance to shop for something at Toys”R”Us or GameStop on his own. What a good boy.

With all the chores he’s able to do, I swiftly needed to create some chore chart. But not any average chore chart you would see being held by a magnet on the fridge, but something custom. Rustic, fun and creative. Something, where I already had many of the supplies here at home. Of course I needed some PINspiration, and I came across The Winthrop Chronicles and her DIY Chore Chart. From there, I knew exactly what I needed.

I knew had some wooden planks I’ve purchased at the antique fair last spring. I purchased a few of them and never once got around to using them. Tucked away under the surface of my craftsman table.

(Off Tangent) Life Experience: 

Many of my antique fair purchases were impulse buys. Completely unnecessary. And a waste of money. That is why I no longer go to them anymore.  I’ve failed to ask myself a few questions before purchasing anything at the antique fair:

  1. Will I realistically use it often?
  2. If Instagram didn’t exist, would I still want it?
  3. Am I buying it because (The Glitter Guide‘s, Taylor Sterling) had it?

    And most importantly,
  4. Is this an impulse buy? (In most cases, yes. They all were.)

Back to my garage. It’s currently a warehouse filled with random antique artifacts. I thought I needed them, but in reality, I don’t. After gathering everything I had from my craft supplies, I headed straight to the hardware store for other tools I needed for the craft.

Plumbing Clamp (Different size plumbing clamps at the hardware store)

What You’ll Need:

  1. Wooden Plank Piece (Antique Fair Buy $5, which I’ve been hoarding.)
  2. Paint (Simple, white acrylic paint)
  3. Paper Clamp (Bulldog Clip)
  4. Scrapbook Paper
  5. 8oz. Mason Jar(s) depending how many children you have.
  6. Pipe Clamps (Plumbing section of your hardware store)
  7. Nails
  8. Hammer
  9. Hot Glue Gun
  10. Computer/Printer
  11. Paper Cutter/Scissors



  1. Purchase a plumbing clamp that fits the size of your mason jar.
  2. Adjust the clamp before nailing. (This shouldn’t be a problem if you do forget to adjust the clamp. But just incase.)
  3. Nail the clamp in the desired spot on the wooden plank.
  4. Attach your mason jar to the nailed clamp and begin hot gluing your bull dog clip.
    Note: Be sure you know where you want to position your text. Make ample room for that!

Nailed Clamp
(Nailed clamp)

5.   Begin painting your text. ‘Chore Chart’ or whatever you plan to title you craft, as well as personalizing your child’s name.

6.   Create document on your computer of the weeks chores. This gives you the freedom to swap out the chores whenever. I’ll be sticking with these chores for awhile, until my boys mature more.

7.   Print and cut out your chore document, and clip on to the paper clamp!

8.   Display your chore chart in your house for your children to see, and refer to everyday!

ChoreChartAnd there you have it! A DIY chore chart!! Be sure to pay your children at the end of the week, if that’s the system you’re working with! You can also just fill the mason jars with lollipops, candy, threats, gift cards, or coins! I love how my boys are growing into young responsible young men willing to help mommy out around the house! It’s honestly bittersweet! No more baby/toddler age, but now ready to become a strong responsible young child!

There are so many advantages to giving kids chores to do around the house. While it can often be easier to just do the household chores yourself, having extra hands to do the simple stuff, makes the day a lot easier to handle. Do you have a system for your children’s chores? Tell me about it! Comment below! I’d love to hear about it!


Sweet Kimonos

Last fall, I went on a thrifting shopping-spree of searching for only kimonos. A lot of the times I walk into a thrift store I walk in with one main focus. This keeps me to concentrate on purchasing on one main product. I dig through the racks only in search of one kind of garment. Fall Kimonos.

When you think of a kimono, I’m sure the first thing you think of is the traditional Japanese garment. All last year, social media and fashion blogs turned this spring summer cover up into a uniform. After last fall’s shopping kimono hunt, I honestly never got around to wearing it due to weather conditions, and change of season. Now, mid-February here in California it’s been finally warming up into Spring! I’ve taken out my collection of thrifted and gifted secondhand kimonos in preparation for my Spring uniform!


From left to right:

Forever21 Cherry Blossom Kimono ($7, Savers), H&M Black Kimono ($7, Savers), Target Butterfly (Old purchase), Red Velvet Kimono ($10, Cotton On)


 (Left) Secondhand Cotton On Kimono, (Right) Secondhand Anthropologie Floral Fringe Kimono

If you type in ‘kimono,’ on Pinterest, you’ll see loads of fashionista boho inspired outfits. From cutoffs, Selena bustier, to floral print kimono. With spring now approaching, I honestly cannot wait to wear this long, sheer, light-weight cardigan-type pieces of clothing! They may be last year’s spring/summer trend, but IDGAF!! I thrifted these babies!!!

These kimonos are perfect for the warmer weather because they’re light and airy, but still cover up if you’re chilly or you just want to cover up your shoulders. They come in all sorts of beautiful patterns, and can be worn with everything! As a mommy, when I only have five minutes to get dressed in the morning, that means I’ll be reaching for the kimonos!! Simply throw a kimono layer over any outfit and you’ll be out the door in a flash!!

My go-to outfit:

Simple oversize cami, and roughed up boyfriend jeans. Add the kimono, and viola!

I’ll be thrifting later on this week, hopefully I’ll be able to add more to my collection! Keep it cool, kimono lovers!


Anniversary Getaway

Sonoma Welcome

Over the weekend, Derrick and I celebrated our 14 year anniversary in the Springs neighborhood of Sonoma. We rented out an absolutely stunning  Sonoma wine county estate so close to the square. Lately, I’ve been obsessing about getting new furniture for our home from places like Z Gallerie and Restoration Hardware, because of all the shows I’ve been watching on HGTV like Fixer Upper. But Derrick always brings be back to earth after saying what’s wrong with my current system of Craigslisting items or searching for fine unique pieces from Antique faires and flea markets at bargain prices. (He has a point.) But, he does understand why I obsess over fine chic stylish home decor. So, what better way than living in a home already completely furnished for a weekend!

Our anniversary date is the day after Valentine’s so typically, we always combine the two and make a nice romanic weekend out of it. We’ve always have done weekend getaways to fine/artistic and stylish places, such as an art gallery boutique hotel in the French District of San Francisco. Located in the French Quarter and crossroads of Union Square, the Financial District, and right at the Chinatown Gate – Hotel De Arts in San Francisco, has an amazing selection of rooms, with simple, modern clean hotel furnishings. (We stayed in the Sam Flores room, in 2009)

Another year, we stayed at the Inn At DelMonte Beach in Monterey, now Hotel 1110 (in 2012). We were able to experience “Euro-Californian vibes,” that highlighted art, design, textile, fixtures, and other vintage accents (something I’m totally all about!) With a free artisan cocktails, and roof-top ocean views, the experience we had at DelMonte/Hotel 1110 was pretty unforgettable. We also had a romantic rooftop couple massage over sunset!


The Sonoma house was located in a quiet neighborhood nestled between downtown Sonoma and popular Sonoma wineries. It’s a few miles from Sonoma square (fabulous restaurants like Girl and The Fig and El Dorado Kitchen) and a short bike ride to wineries, including Hamel Family Winery, Valley of the Moon and B.R. Cohn.  The owners also had two new beach cruiser bikes are provided for our riding pleasure!

In the Springs, Fetters Hot Springs (is where we were stayed) had funky, ethnic, rundown and building up architecture. The Springs has what passes for affordable living with a spicy Hispanic flavor, taco trucks ply the cheapest and tastiest fast food you can find up and down the highway. With countless cafes, thrift shops, movie theatres, it felt just like my hometown of Hayward, but with a classic sophisticated twist!

Upon arrival, Derrick and I took a quick tour around the house, and just relaxed in the amazing living room containing a replica Eames lounge chair. Derrick didn’t understand the deal about this recognizable mid-century classic. Until he sat on it. For the weekend, it was officially “his,” chair.  Every time we were home from a day of shopping and cruising around Sonoma, I found him on the sophisticated stylish, and luxurious comforting lounge chair.


The newly remodeled 2 bedroom (both queen beds)/2 bath, modern/rustic style Sonoma home with mountain view, had a Master  en suite bathroom and a top-of the-line Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe mattress. It was so comfy, nearly as good as our best mattress from home. It was hard to get up every morning to start our day! Our weekend was focused on relaxing, with no special romantic dinners, or evening strolls. Just to be away from all the home stress, kids, work, and just enjoy each others company, celebrating our 14 years of love.


We enjoyed a Saturday morning Valentine’s brunch at the Fremont Diner, just along Highway 121, in the Carneros district between Sonoma and Napa. Reimagined down-home Southern comfort dishes, drawing crowds. We arrived just in time before the lunch rush. We sat in the shared patio seating on roadside diner picnic tables, which was delightfully awkward?! Depending on your comfort level, you can chose to sit inside, or in the outdoor “shared,” seating. Due to the foot traffic of the place, we decided which of the two choices was faster to get seated!

Altogether, our weekend was surely needed. We both have been working really hard, and needed time to focus on us as a couple. Having two nights away from everyone, including our children was a great plan to rejuvenate, recharge, and refresh. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s weekend! I look forward to another mommy/daddy weekend.


Blowing Kisses (Bubble Valentine)

Valentine’s is here just in a few days, an as baseball season kicks in, trying to find the time to make a DIY valentine card is quite difficult to find. Last year I made some fun Cupid’s Poop for my son’s 1st grade class. Since time is tight now-a-days, I have to create and fun and easy treat to prepare. Here’s a quick and easy valentine’s day treat to share with your child’s classmates. Take the time to add some personality, and fun to your valentine’s day “card.” This is fun treat to blow kisses towards your valentine. Plus, it contain’s no sugar!

What you’ll need:

  1. Bubbles (Bubble Wands/Favors)
    (I purchased mine from Target for about $3. These fun robot themed bubbles can add a great modern twist to your average Valentine color scheme.)
  2. Silver Round Metal Rim Gift Key Tags. Aqua, 1 9/16inch diameter
    (My older son  came with me in Michael’s, and picked the tags out himself!)
  3. Teal Bakers Twine (or ribbon! Whatever color that cou)
    ($1.99 at Michael’s, we found ours right at the check out line.)
  4. Scissors
  5. Pen

Bubble Valentine's

  1. Pre-write with your child the “To,” “From,” and “Happy Valentine’s Day” with your child is he already know’s how to write. Sadly, we were pressed for time, so mommy had to just do it. (It happens. But mommy, works more efficiently as well.)
  2. Eyeball however long you’d like your twine or ribbon to be, and tie a nice bow around your bubble lid.
  3. Secure gift tag to the favor.
  4. Pass our your Valentine’s!Class Valentine'sHere’s my finish product. Don’t mind one of the tags. I had a brain fart, and I was waiting for my coffee to brew.
    Simple, and easy right?Check out more of my Valentine’s craft inspiration here on my Pinterest page!
    I hope you and loved ones have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I sure know I am!
    (It’s our anniversary weekend! Eeek!! 14years!!)

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Transitioning Into Baseball Season (Pt.1)

Having a family of two boys can be very tiring. This is the first year both my boys will be registered in little league together. Meaning, double the cleats, gloves, 3/4 colored undershirts/baseball long sleeves, snack days, and the overlapping practices and games. While signing my youngest son up, I knew somewhere in the back of my mind I was shooting myself in the foot. Overlapping practices and games. What was wrong with me? Why did I fall into the trap? I saw all the red flags over the past few years speaking to other baseball moms, and also overhearing moms at the gym locker room.

“Morning Jan, how are you?”

“Oh, it’s Tuesday. Dinner in the car, karate after school then straight to football.”

Is this the phase of motherhood I have now entered? One one ever tell’s you about this when you’re pregnant! You just have to figure it out all out. Baseball has always been in my life because my partner loves it. He plays fantasy baseball every year so I don’t here the end of it! But I didn’t realise it would take ever my life even more! So today marks the first day of little league. I’ve already been contacted by both of my son’s coaches, and they’ve provided the practice schedules. And low and behold, both the boy’s practice’s overlap. Two different parks? Yes.

I’ve been mentally preparing myself for this moment. With a few Pinterest inspirations, and speaking to other moms of boys, I’ve gathered enough information to help me survive the baseball season with two boys. From discounted baseball attire, scheduling system, to ready to go/easy prep dinner meals for the car. If you’re a mother of more than one child trying to multitask and survive any sports season, I’m sure you’ll be able to find this guide quite helpful.


(Baseball Mom Organization Photo By OneDollarCottage.com)

Baseball Equipment

In preparation to the baseball season, the boys are required a uniform that have many accessories. The league typically provides the jersey and hat, but everything else is provided by the player. That includes: cleats, cup, 3/4 colored baseball undershirt, team color socks and belt. Over the past years I’ve come to realize not all sporting good stores around my town will have everything I need. Often, one sporting goods store will run out of a certain team color I need, then I’m stuck Yelping and driving around the next retail store. Sometimes a few cities away.

To avoid any trouble this year, and in attempt to save money on baseball equipment I’ve utilized a couple of my favorite spots:

  1. Thriftstores
    Although this could be a hit or miss, there is always that chance of scoring a pair of baseball cleats, helmet and baseball bat bag all for under $10!
  2. Secondhand Consignment Shop
    Usually, my local children’s consignment shop sends out periodic emails to sellers or email subscribers on their current sales. Since it’s baseball season, they’ll generally keep the public notified with secondhand sports attire.
  3. Craigslist
    My favorite go to shopping platform. Just like Amazon, I search up exactly what I’m looking for, with the chance of negotiating.
  4. Local Facebook Mommy Groups
    Take advantage of FB Mommy groups!! Post a comment stating ISO (meaning, In Search Of: __whatever item you’re looking for_) Local mom’s in your area have joined this group to get rid of their children’s stuff! Think of it, like a Craigslist platform, hosted on Facebook.
  5. Sports Warehouse Shops
    My holy grail this year!! A mother on my sons basketball team referred me to our local sports warehouse. I searched it up on Yelp, and went straight to the place! These sports warehouse have a huge selection of gear, with good sales and prices that are slightly below your average ball shop.

Blue Wagon

Blue Folding Wagon – Sams Club

One handy tool for any sports mom, is this folding/collapsible wagon. My cousin purchased it for me at her local Sams Club for $60. It’s undoubtedly one of the most useful things I’ve ever had, after a stroller!! It’s durable polyester fabric and steel frame can hold up to 150lbs. Great for holding sports gear, cooler, camping gear, and beach gear! I’ve used it a couple of times at Costco too! If you don’t have one. Get one!!

Practice Clothes

Practice Attire

Below are some boys Hanes sweats I found on clearance at WalMart for $3 each! I purchases 2 pairs for each of my boys. What’s great about them are they’re full cotton, warm inside, have the elastic on the hips and ankles, and not only that, they provide pockets. (Which is a really important feature for my kids.) A total of $12 for 4 pairs!

I also purchased a crewneck long sleeve for $5 for those chilly evening practices!


If it weren’t for Google Calendar, and a whiteboard my life would be completely upside down. Not only do I have our family schedule logged digitally, and also in sync with daddy – I also need it written on a white board for me to see. In addition, I also have two notebook journal calendars. Soo hmm, counting my fingers, I have my weekly schedule kept in 4 different places. To some, it may be a little obsessive, but it whats keeps me sharp! Putting in the extra time jotting it down in multiple places helps set the plan/activity in stone. Not only that – I have my iPhone alerts.

Now as for dinner meal prep, and homework; I’ll continue with that later on as the season settles. All of this may be a lot to take in! It certainly was a lot for me! I’m still currently shopping for more baseball equipment! Good luck sports mommies! Breathe in, breathe out! Oh! And if you’re a Team Mom, God bless you! You do a lot for the team, and the team won’t be able to function without you and the coach!


Valentine’s Day For Him

Valentine's Gift Ideas: For Him


Last week I posted a Valentine’s guide for her. I shared a few ideas to celebrate the special day, gift idea items as well as evening plans. The gifts were centralized around her and as a couple, but here I’d like to share a few giftable ideas for the guy.  Now, it all depends what he’s into. Whatever it is, get accessories for it! Above is a few common guy things I’m sure the boyfriend or husband would appreciate.
What’s He Into?
From a music lover, you can get him an old vinyl record he’s been wanting, or of a classic artist. If he’s not completely into old school music, you can’t go wrong with with portable speakers like Beats Pill, or a JAMBOX. If your man is a cook, possibly a brand new cooking knife, bakeware, or new piece of cutlery. While in the realm of electronics,  an external portable battery charger or auxiliary cord is always handy, in addition a lifeproof iPhone case.
In the end, guys are pretty easy to gift for. Don’t over think it. If you’re having a bit of trouble, check out ModCloth’s Geeky Goods or Quirky Finds.
Happy Valentine’s Shopping lovebirds!!

Back To Thrifting

Being an avid thrift store shopper, I have to put limits on my purchases. Although, I love checking thrift stores or any secondhand shop before some purchases, thrifting can become addicting. With a month into the new year, of I finally got the wonderful chance to thrift shop. I had some pocket of time to kill and browse a thrift shop near my parents house, and saw that they were having a 20% off home good items. Perfect, it was my kind’ve day!

I came across a plate that I’ve seen many times at popular novelty shops and knew I must get my hands on it. It was this Fred & Friends Food Face plate that was priced at a $1. This unique ceramic plate will let your child play with his food and exercise his creativity at the same time! From mashed potatoes and peas, the possibilities are endless! Fred & Friends Food Face plate is a mid-sized, high quality, and food-safe ceramic. Such a fun, and distinctive table piece.

Processed with Moldiv


The plate was in perfect condition, except for the small paint chip on the face plate of the characters nose. But for a discounted price of $0.75 I, and my children wouldn’t mind at all!!

You can take a look at other fun and unique Fred & Friends here.Fred & Friends

Fred & Friends: Food Face Plate

Original Retail Price: $13

Thrifted for: $0.75


I hope I could find more great novelty items at thrift stores! I’ll keep a look out!

Happy Thrifting!


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