About Me

Name:  Tiffany Angel

Currently living in: Born and raised in the San Francisco, Bay Area. February 2016, my family and I picked up all our stuff, and relocated up North to Sunny Sacramento!

Me in a nutshell: I can never be pinned down with one project. Or by any rules, limiting my creativity. It’s the Gemini in me. I need to experience the world on my own. Change and freedom are extremely important to me. Call me a dreamer. Maybe that’s why, my hubby encourages me to stay home, and follow my creative path (whatever that may be…. Here, and consistently feeding my creative soul, and healthy being. ) 

Favorite Hobby: Shopping on a budget!!! I’m an avid thrifter and Craigslist shopper. You’ll be surprised how much stuff I’ve purchased from thriftstores, flea markets, and garage sales.

Favorite Quote:“Someday I won’t be able to do this. The right time is now.” –Casey Neistat (YouTuber, Film Maker)

Favorite Color: However the sun hits the color green out in mother nature.

Biggest Craft Fail: Spray painted chairs without covering the concrete ground. The color of the spray paint was black, and left ugly footprints in my backyard.

If I found $100: Head to the thrift store, or antique fair. Spend only $50, then the rest will be for supplies to refurbish it.


Welcome to Tiffany’s Tidings! My name is Tiffany, and I created this blog where I will share and document all the news of my do it yourself projects, organizational tips, home decorating on a budget, thrifty facelifts, and flea market finds! Much of this blog will showcase projects I have tackled on my own that you may find PINteresting. So please put on your loose-fitted relaxed knit sweater on (its ok if there’s holes in them!), warm up a chai tea, and ease yourself into relaxation as I hope you will take delight in all the DIY and mommy fun!

I’ve been a stay at home mom or 5 years! I have 2 adorable boys who keep drive me crazy, but keep me whole at the same time.  My hobbies, interests,  include DIY projects, being an avid Craigslist shopper. I’m also an irregular MeetUp member to many groups in the Bay Area and Sacramento area. On a typical weekday, you can find me and my family at a park, strolling around charming downtown areas, flea & farmers markets, or at a quaint coffee shop. Since the boys are getting older, our weekends have mainly been sports focused, depending on the current sports season.. (Basketball or baseball!)

I’ve  dating my boyfriend for 15 years. He’s my high school sweetheart & father of my children. We live together, and act as any married couple, but not official. Why you ask? Perhaps you should keep visiting my blog and I’ll keep you posted on any future prenuptial plans. For right now, just call us the modern day couple.

This blog will not only feature creative diy design projects, but family fun, and personal improvement (health, fitness…just to name a few..) I’ll also be collaborating with other creatives!!! This is my life & style blog, so I intend to document many things from my daily life!

Feel free to leave comments, I ‘d love to hear your feedback!


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