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I was HomeDepot over the weekend to purchase a few indoor houseplants, until I realized how amazing it would be to add some beautiful flowers in my backyard. From there I was obsessing about flowers anything….. Floral design, to floral print. This post, I’d like to re-share floral fun festivity I had hosted as a maid-of honor to my dear God Sister Rez.

Floral prints are always in style. If you’re an eclectic head such as myself, you obsess about any floral print, from dark tones to spring bright pastels. Exactly two years ago, I had hosted a Bridesmaid Slumber Party, to honor my God Sister, and long time family friend Rez. With an easy going spirit, and her calm, relaxed style, she was a bride, no other bridesmaid could complain about. I wanted to treat the night before her wedding with fun spring time florals, and at the time Target was all about the black and white, floral print.

Bridal Frame

Click the link to read more about the fun Gold theme details I added to the slumber party.

Black and white stripes, polka dot prints, topped with hot pink, and gold. This was such an excellent color combo, hot, fun, and playful.

A few snacks, Taboo, bottled water, (the girls were not much drinkers) it was so casual, and fun. The perfect combination of her friends and her personality.

With Valentine’s around the corner, what style do you plan to design with? Glitter and gold? Hot pink and black? Polka-dot hearts? Leave your ideas below! I’d love to know what you plan to go with?? Maybe something floral and fun??

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