Oak Park and the New Triangle District

A few weekends ago the family and I took a trip to Oak Park in Sacramento. I wanted to do a little bit of exploring, as well as Christmas shopping, and hopefully stumbling upon a coffee shop. Oak Park is informally bounded by (US Route 50) to the North, Stockton Blvd. to the East (CA 99). It is situated within the city limits and provides easy access to the ever growing/changing Downtown Sacramento. The streets intersect with avenues and there is one main street that runs through all of Oak Park, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

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Oak Park, has recently opened up Display California. Set in a 850 square ft storefront in Oak Park’s newly developed Triangle District, DISPLAY is a revolving pop up concept that connects retail with community to create amazing experiences again and again.

A West Coast Inspired Pop Up Shop Curated By Unseen Heroes.

Display California

(Oak Park)

3444 Broadway

Sacramento, CA 95817

You can see more about Display California on IG HERE.

This revolving pop-up shop means every four to eight weeks, DISPLAY will completely change to create another retail experience – from installation and store design to merchandise and daily happenings – all with the intentions of exposing the possibilities that can happen when we all build together.

Reimagine retail… I seriously love this.

See that right there?! Display’s mission is about bringing in the community! This pop-up shop isn’t the biggest space, but it has a goal, and with their revolving concept, it brings in the community to keep coming in, and supporting local artists!


I love love love love love Sacramento.

You know when they say it’s the little things in life? Well, this is it. This newly developed triangle district brings in art, and culture to the community. A small community within a big city, I absolutely love it!

Stay tuned as I explore more within Sacramento. Every weekend I aim to take my family out and about within the Sacramento area and discover more local shops, local businesses, eateries, and much much more!

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