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Christmas is around the corner, and gift giving is at it’s high. Unless you make six figures or more, and money isn’t an issue, gift giving is probably easy for you. For others, like myself, you have to become crafty, and frugal with your money when it comes to gift giving. Especially for those acquaintances we have in our lives. From a co-worker, karate instructor, to a neighbor. You don’t always need to feel pressured to purchase something over $20. Call me frugal, but I can’t really justify buying everyone I know in my life something over $20 dollars.

Although there is a fine alternative of cooking/baking something sweet and delicious, that can also be a wonderful route. BUT I’m no baker, and this isn’t a food blog either. Here my friends is one of the easiest gift ideas you can give to those many many acquaintances in your life! I introduce to you the holiday airplant ornament!

We’ve all seen the glass globe terrarium balls sold at craft stores, or nursery outlets. If you haven’t you can purchase them at World Market (for $4.99), and Amazon (Set of 3, for $12.00) 

The ones below shown, I actually purchased at WalMart, found in their nursery garden center for $4.98, including the air plant! That’s right folks! This glass air plant terrarium globe was a little less than $5! It includes the glass globe, air plant, twine, and holiday colored moss.

Imagine, if you have purchased the glass globes, air plants, and moss all together, you’d be spending clearly over $25.

What you WOULD pay for:


JoAnn Fabric ($8.99)

WalMart ($4.97)

Instead, $4.98 per ornament. Can I get a “heeyo?”

Now, you’re probably wondering how would this be a DIY gift? Well…I added a few things.

  1. A mini pinecone
  2. Silver bell

BOOM. #DIY #WalMartHACK #EasyHolidayGift

Happy Holidays everyone. Let’s make the holiday’s brighter by making gift giving easier.


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