Night Owls

I want to continue this week with more Halloween themed craft art. Especially tear art. Like my previous post, tear art is so easy, simple, and budget friendly! Which is all oh so perfect for parents, and teachers alike! Here’s what you’ll need for the Pinterest Inspired Owl crafts I thought were oh so adorable!!


Picking up small objects (such as tearing small pieces from construction paper)use the small muscles of the fingers, and wrists –All perfect for you little one learning how to write, holding crayons, or beginner cutters.

Supplies Needed:

-Colored Construction Paper

(Colors: Black, White, Orange, Yellow, and Blue)

-Paper Plates

-Paper Toilet Rolls


-Scissors (For a few small  circle pieces)

As mentioned in my Pumpkin Plate Post, these supplies are fairly inexpensive. Check out your local Dollar Tree or WalMart for supplies! I’ve seen glue, paper plates, and colored construction at both locations under $3, even less!!

I’ll start with this fun Midnight Owlet craft. Inspired by Art With Mr. Giannetto from YoungSchoolArt, these little owlets placed on blue construction paper made me swoon with joy!

Tear Art | Midight Owlet

PINTEREST Inspired By:

Art With Mr. Giannetto (YoungSchoolArt)


  1. Taking your brown colored construction paper, tear out pieces about 1-2 inch cubes.
  2. Create the body of your owl. What makes the owl stand out is the eyes (which we will get to later on).
  3. Make some well defined ears popping out on the left and right parts of the owls head.
  4. Tear, glue, set to dry.
  5. As we wait for the owls body to dry, take your scissors and cut out two long (2.5-3 inch) orange strip legs.
  6. Cut out four 1inch strips for the toes of owl.
  7. Still using the orange, and scissors, cut out a 2-3inch triangle. This will create the bill (beak).

And viola! Here you have quick and easy construction paper Night owls!! Add them to your classroom, or to your home!

Enjoy with your little ones or your students!!


Check out more cute festive Night Owl Crafts done my some amazing classes. Be sure to visit their sites to check out more creative crafts and festive fun!!!

Tear Art | Night Owls

PINTEREST Inspired By:

Carissa116 (5th Grader @Point Pleasant Elementary)

Great for ages 2nd to 4th grade (4-9)

 Toilet Paper Rolls | Owls (Paper tear edition)

PINTEREST Inspired By:

Deschdanja (Handmadekultur)

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