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“I’m cool dad, that’ my thang. I’m hip, I surf the web, I text.

LOL: Laugh out loud.

OMG: Oh My God,

WTF: Why the face.”

-Phil Dunphy, Modern Family

Ty Burrell

I have a huge huge huge celebrity crush on actor Ty Burrell. From seeing him in Modern Family, constantly on tv. Rerun after rerun, I laugh at his character Phil Dunphy during the 20min show, but still crush over him after the show has ended. It’s quite known amongst my own hubby and my friends I tend to crush real hard on male celebrities, of my current favorite show, or obsessed movie. Example…When Glee was around, I had a major crush on Darren Criss, at the time played Blaine Anderson. I also have a major crush on Robert Downey Jr. That crush tends to be a favorite of mine. Kind’ve like the George Clooney to the older generation.

All these guys all have something similar. Dark hair, intense facial assets, being witty and charming. I swoon over all of it. I would melt in their arms if I ever ran into any of these Hollywood celebs. In celebration of Father’s Day, I’d like to honor this post to the cool hip dads out there, with also some cool Father’s Day Gift items these cool hip dads would possibly like. be sure to check out my other Father’s Day Gift inspiration post linked below!!

Bike Phone Holder For Any Smartphone or Bicycle ($59)

Etsy Shop:  The BeeBe Company

Bike Phone Holder

The leather smartphone holder simplifies listening to music or using maps on a bike. It’s light weight, extremely quick to wrap onto or remove from a bike’s top tube or handlebars.


Home Is Where Dad Is Mug ($18)

Etsy Shop: smallglow

Home Mug

11-15oz. mug, perfect for dad’s morning cup of joe.

Number Shirt for Dad ($21)

Etsy Shop: bkykid

Number Shirt

Give dad a small back rub on this race number-shaped road with your cars. Give Dad a mini motor massage! A super fun Father’s Day gift!!


Leather Valet Trey ($22)

Etsy Shop: ThePathlessTraveled

Valet Trey

Corral dads phone, wallet, keys, change, charger – everything – with this handsome leather valet. These classic pieces are equally at home on an entry table, bookshelf, desk or dresser – anywhere dad can toss his loose bits and bobs.



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Have a great Father’s Day weekend to you all!!!!


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