Urban Outfitters Taco Inspired Piñata

I’ve been shopping at Urban Outfitters quite often lately. It’s the only place I don’t mind buying away from a Thrift store. obviously, I always check their clearance section first, before going full price.  It’s bad enough there’s one located in my area which is in the heart of my mommy morning errand route.

In celebration of Cinco De Mayo and the summer season, Urban Outfitters has these mini piñatas perfect for the month of May. At $10 dollars a pop, I obviously refuse to pay such an amount for a cute, yet tempting impulse buy product. I took it upon myself to recreate this mini taco in celebration for today!

Ever get that creative itch when seeing something at the store, knowing you can make that same exact product? Well, this was it. This was my itch. Super easy to make, no cost, and yet so EASY!!!

Above, is my piñata taco, and right below is Urban Outfitters “mini” taco. I also made a mini one with extra scraps!!!

Yes scraps!!!

Hola little amigo taco & Señor Taco.


Check out Urban Outfitters Mini Taco Piñata

Supplies Needed:

  • Cardboard/ Cardboard Box (I used a pizza box!)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Scotch Tape
  • Colored Tissue Paper (Green, Lime, Yellow, Red, Orange, White)
  • Ribbon or Twine

Cut Out


  1. Taking your cardboard box, sketch out one side of a taco shell, adding 1 inch towards the bottom.
  2. Cut, and trace to create the second half of the taco shell.
  3. Fold 1 inch bottom part of both taco shells.
    This creates your taco shell bottom base.
  4. Glue and add pressure. I also added tape to reinforce it.
  5. Cut a strip of cardboard, that acts like a slide insert for your taco shell.
  6. Tape along the inside shell wall. (Check below pic)

Taco ShellFrom here, you should have the foundation of your taco shell, and you’re ready to start adding color using tissue paper. I bought my tissue paper from TJMaxx in their stationary section for about $3.99. I usually buy sets of colored tissue paper, because I love having it on hand for crafts, and also a go to for any last minute gifts bags.


Taco Shell

  1. Using yellow tissue paper, cut strips and fold.
  2. Start cutting small 1/4 inch cuts.
  3. Place your strips at the bottom of your taco shell and work up.
    NOTE: The more strips your layer, the fuller the piñata will look.
  4. Glue, cut, place down, and repeat.
  5. Using tissue paper, makes it really easy to work with. Nothing is perfect on a piñata.
  6. Once you complete the outsides of the taco shell, you can easy fill in the “slide” part of the inside table shell with yellow tissue paper, not cutting.

Taco Filling Recipe 

Making any taco, you start with the bottom layer first and build up. Same concept, except we’re building up the cardboard slide insert of the taco.


Ground Beef
  • Using your darkest color brown or burgundy red, crumble little pieces and glue. I used about 4-5 pieces.
Sour Cream
  • Using white tissue paper, crumple a smaller amount of pieces and glue down.
  • Lettuce can be approached in different ways, I crumpled some, and also cut a few pieces like I did with the the outside of the taco shell.

Processed with Moldiv

Shredded Cheese
  • Taking any shade of orange you have cut little 1inch strips of shredded cheese.
  • Gently glue and place above your lettuce.
  • Gab your red tissue paper and cut small squares and sprinkle them above the cheese, and possibly tuck some within the lettuce.

If you really enjoy playing with miniature toys, doing the taco toppings creates that same pleasurable feeling. I don’t know what it is, but it was really fun making the toppings.

And there you have it! EASY taco piñatas. Well, not really piñata, because I did not cut a hole, or fill it with any candy, but the concept is there visually. The kids came home on Ciñco de Mayo excited about these fun little tacos. I plan to make more and possibly make a small mini taco garland! Perfect for summer BBQs!

Kids Tacos

Enjoy your tacos!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!



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