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I’ve been saving a blog post for my experiences with my first half marathons. I wanted it to be inspiring, and very real. I was so fixated on being inspirational, but also had to balance my mental toughness to share. Weird? I don’t know why I put that pressure on myself for my blog posts. But after talking to my high school sweetheart, Derrick. He told me to just simply share your experience. Don’t lie. Be truthful. Be real.

So here it is folks. As you know I’ve been running thoughout 2015, while training with a personal trainer, getting down to a healthy weight, and stablizing a runners schedule. I’ve done 5Ks, 10Ks, and ended 2015 tapping into Half Marathons. Half Marathons are hard. It’s double the distance for a 10K. Pure intence training is definiety needed for Half Marathoners. My goal was to at least try a Half out, complete it, and cross that finish line. I did. But it was definietly tough. Mentally, and phyiscally.

Photos provided by the wonderful volunteer photographers of Brazen Racing




This was my second Half Marathon I scheduled purposely short after Christmas Day. It was the ‘Almost New Years Eve Half’ hosted by my favorite Bay Area running community Brazing Racing. I’ve been running with them all year long, and will continue to do so with my children.

I love what Brazen Racing has created. Hosting races across the Bay Area in Northern California, catering to any running type. Fast or slow, the community of fellows runners is hands down very welcoming. Their mission of getting every possible person active and enjoying the outdoors. That spoke to me. Before my ‘JourneyTo 30‘ I was such in dark place, not knowing my calling, not having an outlet, a positive active recreational sport to enjoy. Something freeing. For my soul.

Check out more about Brazing Racing HERE.




There was a point in my training, where I was getting bored of the 5Ks and 10Ks. I wasn’t the fastest. But that wasn’t my goal. The finishing numbers when I did try my best, was good enough for me as I typically would be top 10 within my age group. My trainer at the time highly suggested doing Half Marathons. So I signed up for 2 towards the end of 2015.

My first Half Marathon was a struggle. Read more about my experience HERE.


I’d like to call myself still a beginner runner. Well, at least for Half Marathons.  Something to know, about this beginning journey is I’m doing all this by myself. Yes, I did have a personal trainer, but that was all for the good foundation of weight loss trimming, and toning my figure.

Overall, all my running has been done by myself. Running dates, happened very few times. It was usually, a casual morning jog around the lake with a girlfriend turned coffee date. I never had really anyone to push me, but myself. And that was a challenge. I told myself I could do it. 13.2 miles is nothing. Keep a steady pace. Train hard. Run everyday.

I’m not here to make excuses, about my not to par running schedule and training system. It’s only my, myself, and I to get my butt across the finish line. And that’s part of my JourneyTo30.


The struggles of pushing yourself, getting up, and telling yourself you have to run. Something I’ve been telling myself is, “Even a bad run is better than no run at all.” I’m not here to compare peoples situations, but only myself on days I’m super lazy. There are crazy days where I am super motivated to run, other days, I don’t even feed my soul by running.

Throughout the autumn season, I felt like I was always motivated. But one thing I did fail at was learning to be disciplined. In order to achieve your goals in the gym, running, loosing weight, toning up, bulking up, learning a new language, a new skill, whatever that goal is…It’s all about disciplined. You can never be always motivated. It’s all about disciplining yourself, and having consistency.


To many many runners, it’s not about the medal. It’s about the experience and journey. The medal is just a token and memorabilia of the event. To anyone out there, following my JourneyTo30, let’s stay on track. Starting something new is easy, but staying consistent is what differentiates successful from the average.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 7.39.09 PM

It’s a process. It’s a process. It’s a process.

Change takes time.

I plan to crush is in 2016.

Goal set for Half Marathons 2.5 hours.



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