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Christmas 2013 we started the Elf on the Shelf family tradition. I scored a damaged box from my local Hallmark store for $14!! The regular box of the Elf on the Shelf, includes the doll, the book, and nice storage box that seals both items. The product usually runs for $29.95 at Target and other retailers. #HolidaySCORE!

 Each year the boys haven gotten older, and have a better understanding of the Elf and the Shelf. The first daddy and I just hid Jangles (thats our Elf’s name), just around the house. Super simple, and honestly got a little boring. Last year, we started staging Jangles in little parts of the house in up to no good acts. We styled him in piles of toys, hiding him in a fort of Jenga blocks, and also styled him as Spider-Man, using fishing wire! That was fun!


Our Elf on the shelf last year, fooling around as Spider-Man! | December 2014

2 years and going with the Elf on The Shelf tradition, I’d like to change things up yearly, as the boys and myself do get a little bored with hiding Jangles around the house. When I reflect on the previous years on jokes, and giggles with our elf, I’d like to just style our elf in a way the kids can enjoy to their current likes…. Our Spider-Man elf, was one of our most favorite positions we placed our elf. This year, we plan on continuing on with the same theme.

Elf On The Shelf 2015 Focus:

Super Heros

(Fictional Favorite Characters)

There are tons of super heros. Not just the Avengers. I plenty aware of my boys favorite super-heros, as well as their favorite cartoons, and also anime! Yes! This past summer, we introduced anime to our boys!!! All December long, I plan to style our Elf On The Shelf, in super-hero positions and masks! This will be quite fun for everyone around the house! Let’s hope I don’t get lazy and forever every night to move him!


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